Thursday, December 30, 2010

1973 Albert Bigley BATMAN Drawing! "To The Batpoles!" Batman Shakes His Money-Maker! Bronze Age Madness!

Another big one from my checkered past! This scribbling (complete with my huge signature) features mighty Batman shimmying down the Batpole, as if he's moonlighting as a cast member of "Showgirls!" Drawn by me (when I still lived in Jersey) at age 8, and based on the then-ubiquitous BATMAN TV show afternoon reruns (hence the clear and obvious label for the Batpole), this is certainly one oddball image! Click to enlarge!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Albert Bigley 1976 FANTASTIC FOUR "Playing Card!?" Marvel Comics! Human Torch!

Another blast from my past! Here is the pencil art to some sorta FANTASTIC FOUR "Super-Heroes" game I (age 11) had made up one Saturday afternoon. Thankfully, no other cards exist from this project, one that probably sprang from the handy availability of these odd shirt cardboard pieces. "Invisibe Girl?!" Sheesh! Click to enlarge!

Friday, December 24, 2010

MORE 1974 Albert Bigley SPIDER-MAN Comics! Green Goblin Remembers! Marvel Comics?

Found! Two more senses-shattering pages from my own 1974 Spidey epic! Drawn by me (age 9), this is the start of a tense tale of suspense, as Spider-Man faces his most fearsome foe of all! Gasp in awe, as I attempt to ape the writing style of "Merry" Gerry Conway (then-current SM writer), and the terrific art of Ross Andru (artist on the book at that time)! They had little to worry about. Be sure to click here to take in the rest of this sensational saga! Click to enlarge images!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Return of the Hulk (Paintings)! 1979 Albert Bigley Original Art! Marvel Comics?!

FOUND! The "missing" Hulk painting by me (age 14), from 1979! Created the summer before starting high school, here is ol' Jade Jaws doing his community bit by helping endangered kids across a busy school intersection! But wait-some rude hot rodder thinks he can barrel thru at unsafe speeds, in a car that looks more like a melted and warped shoe-box than a Chevy! Our hero readies himself to deliver a firm message on traffic and pedestrian safety! I based this on the then-ubiquitous magazine paintings by Bob Larkin (click here for more), and wanted to force myself to have to paint more "real' subjects such as kids, cars, trees, etc., as an exercise. This may have been my first stab at acrylic painting, too, so go easy on me, real frantic one! Click to enlarge, if you're that sort of type!

Friday, December 10, 2010

1977 Davy Jones Portrait by Albert Bigley! The Monkees!?

Hoo Boy! Who says I never tried my hand at caricature or portraits back then? Here is my (age 12) attempt to depict the diminutive darling, Davy Jones, from 1977! Swiped directly from the '76 cheapie cash-in MONKEES RCA 2-LP set cover (one of only a handful of LPs I owned then), here is the "Manchester Cowboy" as he's never been seen before! And hopefully, never will again! Click images to enlarge, Daydream Believer!

Monday, November 29, 2010

The 1974 SPIDER-MAN/GREEN GOBLIN Saga! Original Comic Art by Albert Bigley!

Harry Osborn is the new Green Goblin?! Sure, I was inspired by the then-current SPIDER-MAN storyline (today, they call them "story arcs") running in Marvel Comics in 1974, but here are 4 pages from my OWN (age 9) original take on the ever-present Spidey/Goblin entanglement! Even at that young age, I had many of the "Marvel method" tropes down. Spidey's patter. The pacing and cliff-hangers. The over-dramatic story titles. The details, such as Spidey running out of web fluid. Heh. I had fun, in this dry run for my future as a comics artist! Click to enlarge!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Early Painted Art of Albert Bigley! Hulk! Captain America! Marvel Comics!

At long last! I was finally able to photograph these over-sized (around 2 by 3 feet) masterpieces for the panting public to view! That first Hulk "origin" image was painted by me in late 1978, with tempera paints, based on and inspired by the ubiquitous HULK magazine covers painted by Ken Barr, Bob Larkin, and others! Done simply on drug store poster board (then fully framed under glass yet!), I spent weeks studying shading, cast light, rim lighting, even Bill Bixby's caricature from a recent issue of MAD! Don't laugh too much now--this won not only first place in my 8th grade school-wide art show, but GRAND PRIZE as well! Heh. Click each image to enlarge!

Below is the follow-up painting. Based on a 60s TALES TO ASTONISH tale  (I saw the MARVEL SUPERHEROES cartoon adaptation rerun, not the original comic at the time), I included all the players from that comic! The Leader, Watcher (lifted from the cover of SON OF ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS). A big improvement over the debut painting (same media, all bought from the local Revco. I can still smell that pungent egg-based tempera paint!), this baby won awards and acclaim at the local "Arts in the Park" 1979 spring event! It was a small town.

I've skipped ahead here, as I could not locate a few paintings, but this Captain America image was done in early 1980, using acrylics this time, still, alas, on cheap poster board (my discovering canvas was right around the corner)! Based on then-recent CAPTAIN AMERICA comics, I recall struggling to get more "pop" and realism into that mountain range in the background. Didn't work. You can even see the slathered-on layers used in this one, as I made constant "improvements" over and over...Never entered in any contests, but seen widely in my 9th grade "Art 1" class, this piece still made the rounds!

It's fun to look back at my early attempts to be like the painted cover superstars of the day, but now I marvel at the amount of time I could put into these pieces, and still make good grades in school, draw other things, read, enjoy hobbies, experiment with other art mediums, etc...None of it ever felt like work or making time for each discipline...Now it seems hard to multi task for only TWO projects running concurrently!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Albert Bigley 1976 "Neal Adams" Batman Artwork! DC Comics!?

Inspired by Neal Adams and his artwork done for the Power Records line of superhero LPS, here is my (age 11) illustration of B&R, in the best Neal-like style I could muster, mister! Not too bad for an illo that was not a direct lift from existing art! Click to enlarge!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Batman Original Pastel Art! Special Guest Artist: Don Bigley! DC Comics!

You heard right! Not only did I get my Mom involved in my comics hi-jinks, but my own father, Don Bigley, illustrated this master pastel image of the Caped Crusader! Done in 1976, I was there as my Pop threw done the colored chalk sticks to impress an 11-year-old me! He understood how to capture mood and drama, but reversed Batman's famed chest insignia, as he also did on the Aurora Batman model kit he assembled for me years earlier! Dad had some interest and training in art, and it really shows! Click to enlarge this rare piece of Batman memorabilia!

Monday, November 1, 2010

1976 Batman and Robin Original Comic Art! Albert Bigley! DC Comics! Riddler!

Based on the Ernie Chan-drawn DC comics of the day, here is my drawing (done at age 11) of the Dynamic Duo in action! We see them creating business for local chiropractors, all the while stopping the evil machinations of the Riddler and his henchmen! I was going for a "ripped out of a comic book" overall "pop-art" look for this one...Click to enlarge!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Robin Meets Man-Bat and--Albert Bigley?! 1976 BATMAN Art! DC Comics?!

Below is a faux cover I drew (at age 11) for the then-new BATMAN book-and-record production of "Robin Meets Man-Bat!" The actual cover is seen below right, and was created by the great Neal Adams! To see even more about my youthful obsession with this little superhero tale, click here! Click images below to enlarge!

Friday, October 22, 2010

1974 Albert Bigley CAPTAIN AMERICA Art?! Power Records Live Again!

Inspired by the then-recent release of the Power Records version of CAPTAIN AMERICA #168, here is MY 1974 version of the same power-packed cover! Even at age 9, I always dug the character design for not only Cap, but his hip partner, the Falcon, too, as well as the evil Phoenix (even contemplating a Phoenix Halloween costume for that year-but went out in a home-made Cap outfit instead)! The original cover (right) sports great art by the vastly underrated Sal Buscema! Click images to enlarge!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SPIDEY SUPER STORIES Cover Art by Albert Bigley?! Electric Company! Marvel Comics!

Right! Another fabulous blast from my past! Here is my 1974 (age 9) drawing of the cover from Marvel's SPIDEY SUPER STORIES #6 (on right-as drawn by the incomparable John Romita)! Notice that I completely omitted Iceman from the layout, as he was one of the then-unpopular X-Men! Yeech! Click the images below to enlarge!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy 50th Anniversary to THE FLINTSTONES! Happy 37th Anniversary to This Drawing!

Yep! Another mid-70s FLINTSTONES drawing, created by my own 9-year old self! Even tho I was strictly a "superhero guy," I did make stabs at drawing the more cartoony character crowd, and Freddy here seemed to be an easy target for me! Click to enlarge!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1976 Albert Bigley CONAN THE BARBARIAN Art! Marvel Comics!?

Another oddball image from my youth! This time it's the ever-cranky Conan, the Barbarian! I can't tell if I used Barry Smith's or John Romita's version (see last two images) for this, but it certainly didn't come anywhere near the work of those two comic art masters! Sheesh! Click to enlarge!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Albert Bigley 1978 STAR WARS Art! Luke! Leia! Han! Chewbacca! Marvel Comics?

Although I was never into STAR WARS, I was interested in the design and look of the suddenly ubiquitous characters that were cropping up everywhere in 1977, on books covers, ads, and merchandise.  A neighbor gave me the 3-pack reprint collection of the best-selling first Marvel Comics issues one Christmas, and I cribbed this image from the cover of one of those comics! Ya gotta love the Dorothy Hamill hair on Mark (Dorothy) Hamill, the awkward Chewbacca, and odd cropping...Click to enlarge, and may the Force be with you!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Batman Enters The Slums! "It's Wrong to Deal With--THEM!" 1976 DC Comics Art!

This is my version, drawn at age 11 in '76, of the first few pages of 1971's classic BRAVE AND THE BOLD # 94! Already a Nick Cardy art fan, I lOVED this all-Cardy issue, and wanted to draw it panel for panel! Alas, I ran out of steam around page 1 1/2, but not before I got to depict Batman and a flustered Commissioner Gordon discussing the "slums," and "dealing with THEM!" Unintentionaly wrong and funny. I think. Click to enlarge!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Albert Bigley THOR Original Art? Shirley Bigley Scripts! Bill Bixby Gets Zapped!

This HAS to be the oddest piece of art from my own archives I've ever run. Inspired by NOT BRAND ECHH, Marvel Comic's parody and humor magazine, I drew this little beauty, but left the word balloons blank, handing over the Stan Lee-like scripting chores to my Mom, Shirley! She took the ball and ran with it, giving Stan Lee a run for his money! You now get a 1980 titanic tale featuring Lou Ferrigno, Bil Bixby (then the stars, of course, of the TV series INCREDIBLE HULK), Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the Mighty Thor! Huh? Click to enlarge, if ya must!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Spidey vs Doc Ock! 1976 Albert Bigley Comic Art! Ouch!

Who could resist a great illustration of Spider-Man going into blazing battle against the evil and cunning Doctor Octopus? Well, instead of that, here is a terrible drawing of same! Drawn by me in '76, age 11, ol' Webhead seems to have no problem with sacking Doc right in his already-ugly puss, from a mile high! At east the good Doctor had the foresight to cover his embarrassed face during the melodramatic melee! Click to enlarge!

Friday, August 6, 2010

1976 INCREDIBLE HULK Albert Bigley Comic Art! "Incredible Sulk?!" Marvel Comics?

It's time for funny! Here is my 1976 parody of the then-new HULK iron-on from the Mead paper and school supply folks! I thought it woulda been SO humorous to spoof (WACKY PACKAGES-style) the logo, pose, and packaging, and, for an 11-year-old, maybe it was! You laughing yet? Click to enlarge all images, laff-lovers!

Monday, July 19, 2010

1976 BATMAN Albert Bigley 1940s DC Comics Art! Huh?!

Trying to depict the "Golden Age" 1940s Batman and Robin, here is my 1976 pencil drawing of the Dynamic Duo in action! I think I (age 11) saw and used a still from the 40's BATMAN movie serials, thus the baggy mask and capes. Nothing can explain those legs, tho. Click to enlarge!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Albert Bigley 1976 BATMAN "Anniversary" Cover! Original Art! DC Comics!

Here is an original (tho based on the cover of 1968's DETECTIVE COMICS #379) cover design I did at age 11, featuring a glory-hogging Batman taking part in a city-wide parade in his honor! Let's see Superman top THAT, huh? Notice the famous Batmobile aboard the same float, as well as the tiny figure of the evil Riddler top right (the arrow helps), ready to create a dark cloud over this joyous day of love!

Friday, July 9, 2010

1976 Mego Mighty THOR Art! Albert Bigley Does it Again! Not Really.

Inspired by Mego's mighty Thor action figure in 1976, here is my fantastic "portrait," drawn directly from said action doll! Not bad for an 11-year old kid, huh? And, it WAS a form of still-life drawing practice! Click to enlarge and enjoy!

Monday, June 21, 2010

1980 Albert Bigley CAPTAIN AMERICA Art! Marvel Comics?!

Ah, another classic from my past. Created at age 15, this is the final tear-jerking, senses-shattering pencil-and-ink page from my adaptation of some mid-60s CAP "Tales of Suspense" comics. I was fixated then on straight-edges, Flair pens purchased from the local Revco, and George Perez's art. You can read all about it here, but for now, be contented with simply gazing upon this sparkling treasure from the storied past of 1980. Click to enlarge!

Above, left: The final page to my 1980 adaptation of this famous tale, and (right) the actual 1966 John Romita-drawn version (which I had no access to, at the time)! My comic was based on an audio tape-recorded rerun episode of the MARVEL SUPERHEROES cartoon take on this tale!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Batgirl! Albert Bigley vs Carmine Infantino! 1977 Comic(al) Art!

After another long (and merciful) drought, here is another of my splendid childhood superhero drawings. This time, it's that sexy, flame-haired crime-buster, Batgirl! Or, an odd, short, big-headed lady in a Batgirl costume. For your fun and amusement, I've included the original 1967 Carmine Infantino art that inspired this drawing by the 11-year old me. Click to enlarge if ya must.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1976 Albert Bigley Color Marvel Superheroes Pastel Art! Spidey! Cap! Hulk! Smudge!

Thought you were safe, huh? After weeks of not running any of my old childhood artwork, you got feeling secure again, no? Well, no more. Take a gander at this mid-70s pastel "art" of Marvel Comics' biggest characters. Attempts at shading, tone, and depth, all topped off with a black outline. A real conversation piece. Click to enlarge.

Monday, April 5, 2010

IRON MAN Book and Record?! 1976 Albert Bigley Original Art! Marvel Comics!?

Heh. In line with my previous post about my attempts to create my own Power Records comics, here is the cover (as far as I got) for my own IRON MAN Power "book and record set!" I fully lifted the art to the cover of IRON MAN 86, then added the Power Records logo and trade trimmings! All that was left was to record the book's interior on my handy Sears audio tape recorder...which I never got around to. Again, my eyes were bigger than my ability then! Click to enlarge!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Batman! Robin Meets Man-Bat? 1976 Albert Bigley Comic Art! HEAR the Power Records Audio!

A special treat for you! Inspired by the great Neal Adams-drawn BATMAN "book and record" set seen here (from the Power Records folks), I took it upon myself to draw the tale as my own comic book, using only the record's audio as my guide! Of course, I was 11 years old, so get set to laugh...Click below to enlarge said effort, and click the audio bar to hear the accompanying narration, you lucky comics fan! As per much of these kinda labor-intensive projects I tried to tackle at that age, a page and a half was as far as I got...

Friday, April 2, 2010

SHAZAM! 1974 Albert Bigley Original Art! Jackson Bostwick Lives! Sorta.

Ah, who didn't love TV's 1974 SHAZAM! Saturday morning live-action show? Chock full of everything but action, it still was kinda interesting, no? Saddled with a low budget and parental group restrictions, the only exciting moments came when good ol' Captain Marvel came on the scene to perform a super-feat, then give a dumbed-down moral to the kids watching. DC Comics published one oversized SHAZAM! tabloid edition with ol' Cap himself, Jackson Bostwick, on the cover. I (age 9) musta felt inspired, so here is my own portrait of Mr. Bostwick! Click to enlarge and appreciate!!