Sunday, January 31, 2010

'79 SPIDER-MAN Sunday Strip! Stan Lee! John Romita Sr.! Mysterio!

Click to enlarge, frantic one!

1976 Neal Adams CONAN Record Album Cover Art! Power Records!

Another superlative Neal Adams piece of art from the mid-70s! This one is the famous Power Records CONAN tales album front! Click to enlarge!

CAPTAIN AMERICA-THE MOVIE! Sorta. 2010 Fan Film Poster!

A recent fan-made poster for the upcoming film, CAPTAIN AMERICA-THE FIRST AVENGER. Darned nice work. Click to enlarge!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here Comes ATLAS COMICS! Don't Blink! The Destructor Lives!

Anyone out there remember Atlas Comics? No? Don't feel bad.

This was a 1975 attempt to create another Marvel Comics, using even some of their creative people (no less than Stan Lee's brother, Larry Lieber, was at the helm, with former Marvel overboss Marty Goodman as the money man). Atlas mimicked the look (see the very Jack Kirby-like cover below) and quantity of titles, but not the FEEL and quality of Marvel Comics. 

It's fun, tho, to look back and marvel (heh) at the (sometimes very entertaining) books. Notice below, in the "Bullpen Bulletins-type page, how Lieber boasts of all to come from the brand. Alas, Atlas was to collapse on itself as a result of overflooding the stands with too much product too soon (something other comics start-ups fail to learn from, from then to today), and a line of copycat books that were just "ok." Click to enlarge.

Dig also that Marvel-type ad with the off-model FLINTSTONES merchandise! Funny!

1976 SUPERMAN vs SPIDER-MAN Art by Albert Bigley! DC! Marvel!?

My attempt (age 11) at re-creating the incredible cover art (by Ross Andru, Dick Giordano, and Neal Adams) of the ground-breaking 1976 oversized spectacular that was SUPERMAN VS THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! How'd I do?
Click to enlarge.

Friday, January 29, 2010

1974 Albert Bigley CAPTAIN AMERICA Cover Art! Banshee Attacks!

Once again, as part of my young mania to re-create covers of the day that captured my imagination, here is my attempt, at age 9, to simulate the fantastic cover (by Gil Kane) to CAPTAIN AMERICA 172!
Looks like I had no time for backgrounds. The Falcon image alone is worth a look. Click to enlarge!

Off-Model Halloween Madness! Casper! Popeye! Witchiepoo!

Here is a funny mid-70s ad for the famous Collegeville costume folks, who supplied many a 60s and 70s kid with their Halloween costume of choice then.
Dig the off-model renderings of Popeye, Road Runner (I think), and Bugs Bunny! 
Withchiepoo, unfortunately, looks spot-on. Click to enlarge!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Davy Jones! Bored with Girls in 1968? Monkees!

  Dig this image from 1968! A bored Davy Jones, in the throes of stardom,  finds time to yawn, even while surrounded by chicks of all types! Click to enlarge!

New DC Comics Retro SUPER POWERS Folder! Jerry Ordway Art! Batman!

Take a gander at this new folder, now in stores, It not only features 80s art by the superlative Jose Garcia Lopez, but inside Batman and Superman art by Jerry Ordway! Very nice! Click to enlarge!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1970s Neal Adam's SHAZAM Power Records LP Art! DC Comics!

Below is a great mid-70s piece of art (pencils on left, finished inks on right) of Captain Marvel (SHAZAM!), by the great Neal Adams. Done for the ubiquitous kid's LP maker of the day, Power Records (a "Peter Pan" division), this is one great (and unused?) image of ol' Cap! Click to enlarge!

Flintstones! Meet The Flintstones...Sorta. Albert Bigley 1974 Art!

Just so you don't  think all I ever drew as a lad were the mighty superheroes, here is a huge (around 11 by 17) poster I drew (in ink!) of Hanna/Barbera's cartoon star, good ol' Fred Flintstone. I used to devour the afternoon 70s reruns of the show, so...
Sigh. I guess those vignettes depict Freddie bowling, as a superhero, at the famed "Buffalo Convention (I think I meant "Water Buffalo lodge")," and in drag as somebody named "Mrs. Rockhead!?" Click to enlarge.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

King-Size Spider-Man '70 Special Surprises! Marvel Comics!

  Most comics collectors avoid reprint volumes like this one, since, of course, they already have the material seen within. Here is an example of early 70s Marvel reprints where you not only get a fabulous new cover (by the master, John Romita Sr.!), but also many odd pin-ups within! In addition to full-page repros of the covers of the original volumes, this issue gave readers oddly cobbled posters featuring Spidey art from both Romita and Steve Ditko! Click to enlarge!

More Mixed-Up Monkees Mirth and Madness! Monkee Meets Beatle!

  Some great 1967-era teen mag clippings of the Monkees on set! On tour! On vacation! Meeting the Beatles (well, Ringo, anyway)! Helping underprivileged kids! Hanging with the cast and crew of the TV show! And more! Click to enlarge!

Monday, January 25, 2010

1977 Earl Norem RAMPAGING HULK Original Cover Art! Marvel Comics!

A rare look at early pencil prelims from a great commercial art painter, Earl Norem! Click to enlarge!

Superman vs The Flash! Albert Bigley 1976 Art! DC Comics!?

I loved the fast-motion art of comics legend Carmine Infantino, and here is my attempt (at age 11) to re-create those fabulous drawings. here we see Superman zooming in for a frantic confrontation with the Flash! Sure, "Super-man" looks more like Bizzarro, but what do ya want?  Also note the fickle crowds in the background! Click to enlarge!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

1966 BATMAN TV Batmobile! Homer Simpson at the Wheel?

Here is a great cover for an upcoming issue of THE SIMPSONS comic book from Bongo Comics! Homer takes over the TV Batmobile. Sorta. Click to enlarge!

1973 Albert Bigley Spider-Man vs the Green Goblin Art! ZIPPP!!

Here is a wonderful and large illustration of the ever-amazing Spider-Man "zippp-ing" it to his arch foe, the nefarious Green Goblin! Drawn by me in the 3rd grade, and still in my "midget Spidey" mode, what's not to love? Gotta admire Spidey's pumpkin head, and Gobby's lovable mug!

Like most artists of that tender age, I was far more obsessed with details, like the costuming, than the overall composition, or things like anatomy. LOVE Goblin's initials on his bag o' tricks! That's not something you'd wanna lose. Click to enlarge!

Super Seventies SPIDER-MAN Sunday Strip! Spidey vs Mysterio!

More 1979 SPIDER-MAN madness! Spidey continues his misadventures in Hollywood, years before Tobey Maguire ever thought of donning a spider-suit! Click to enlarge!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

1967 SUPERMAN Whitman Coloring Book Original Art Painting! DC Comics!

Click below to enlarge this terrific image from the 1967 Whitman SUPERMAN coloring book cover. Here we see the art (or the final printing proof), spotlighting a great iconic image on an item that was offered well into the 70s! Does anyone know the artist for this beauty?

Above: That's super-fan Steven Thompson (left), in 1967, holding aloft his
own colored copy of the above coloring book, along with pal
Jimmy Paul Huninghake!

Al Bigley STAR TREK Art! Spock! Kirk! Shatner!

Right offa eBay, here is a 90s STAR TREK commission I did for a fan! Not TOO bad for a quick sketch of the ol' Shat (and his trusty hairpiece) and Leonard Nimoy! Click to enlarge and engage!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Amazing SPIDER-MAN 148 Gil Kane 1975 Original Cover Art! Marvel Comics!

Here we have the incredible original cover rough by comics legend Gil Kane (below left)! Done for the cover of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 148, the 1975 published version (with inks by John Romita Sr.) below right. Note the changes to Spider-man's size and position for maximum impact! Click to enlarge!

LOIS LANE 87! Unpublished Neal Adams Original Cover Art! DC Comics!

Below left is the original and unused cover to LOIS LANE 87, from 1968! Below right is the published version, both by the great Neal Adams! Why the change from inside Superman's fortress to outside? Who knows? Click to enlarge!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Al Bigley KIRBY-VISION! Fantastic Four by Jack Kirby!

Click here to go to the fabulous KIRBY-VISION website, where various artists re-imagine the work of famed comics artist Jack "King" Kirby! You'll see my own take on Jack's pencils below, for a 1976 FANTASTIC FOUR oversized Treasury Edition from Marvel! Click to enlarge!

Steve Rude Marvel Superheroes Original Marvel Comics Art! Hulk!

A fabulous image of the Marvel Superheroes by Steve "The Dude" Rude! Unbelievably fabulous! Click to enlarge and admire!

The Monkees and the 1966 DC Comics Connection? Davy Jones!

It's rare when I can bring together two of my interests, but check this one out! A possible link between Silver Age DC Comics and the Monkees? Davy Jones a Gil Kane fan? Strange but possibly true? YOU be the judge! Who needs Oliver Stone? Click to enlarge and decide!

1980s Curt Swan SUPERMAN Original DC Comics Art! Clark Kent!

A beautiful illo of the SUPERMAN cast, by long-time DC Comics artist Curt Swan (inks by John Byrne)! Done for one of the many permutations of DC's WHO'S WHO volumes from the 80s. Click to enlarge!

BONUS! Glance below to see Curt's original magnificent pencil-sketched layout, done in preparation for the above awesome art!

The above art appears courtesy of the incredible
BACK ISSUE magazine,  from the TwoMorrows folks!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fantastic Four #107 Marie Severin Cover Rough! Marvel Comics Original Art!

Wow! Here is "Mirthful" Marie Severin's raw and powerful 1970 cover rough design (left) for the finished cover (right) of FANTASTIC FOUR 107! Drawn on 70s Marvel letterhead stationery! The final cover was drawn by Big John Buscema! Click to enlarge!

1973 Albert Bigley BATMAN Art! "Mini-Batman!" DC Comics!?

Just click on it to enlarge. Sigh. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1976 Super DC Con Booklet! Superman Meets Twinkie The Kid! Hostess!

Above is an odd (and little-seen) ad/promo for DC Comics' mid-70s relationship with the Hostess Cakes folks. Most older fans recall the many "Hostess ads" that ran in both Marvel and DC comics for years then, and this page from the SUPER DC CON '76 booklet celebrates that lucrative association. Art by Vince Colletta? Click to enlarge!

Unpublished 1971 SPIDER-MAN 97 Cover! Gil Kane Original Marvel Comic Art!

Below is the unpublished (left) cover rough for SPIDER-MAN 97, from 1971! Composed by Gil Kane, this was to be the cover for the controversial "drug use" issue of the book, involving a cast member falling under the spell of some pretty heavy addictions. Perhaps the original take was seen as one that would attract TOO much attention to the comic's sensitive contents? The final published cover (by John Romita Sr.) is on the right. Click to enlarge!

BONUS! Cast your unblinking eyes below to see yet another early
 take on this controversial cover! Note how the panic-producing pills 
(and bottles) have been excluded and excised! Looks like tons of 
touch-ups by John Romita, Sr. and Frank Giacoia were involved!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jerky Jimmy Olsen Strikes Again! Superman's Pal?

Here's a great early-70s panel from an issue of JIMMY OLSEN. Neither Jimmy OR his portrait (hanging in the ridiculous Jimmy Olsen Fan-Club headquarters) seem too darned happy. Perhaps because his kiddie fan club (don't they have better things to do?) momentarily turned on him? Click to enlarge!

IRON MAN 38 Original 1971 Comic Cover Art! Sal Buscema! Marvel Comics!

Click below to enlarge these images of the original art for the cover of IRON MAN 38! Some great 1971 Marvel art by Sal Buscema!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oddball BATMAN UK Annual Cover! Batman's Day Off!

Get a load of this oddball 1968 BATMAN UK annual cover, an obvious take on the cover of DETECTIVE 375 (right). Are Batman and Robin on vacation? Part of a "Batman Appreciation Day" parade? Just a cocky kinda guy? Looking for tips? Click to enlarge!

1974 "How to Draw Robin!" The Albert Bigley Way! Try It!

As a kid, I loved any "how to draw" features. Be it in comics, comic strips, drawing instructional books, etc...Here is my attempt to instruct other eager 4th graders on the delicate and intricate matter of drawing Batman's partner in crime-fighting, Robin. You can do it! Click to enlarge.