Monday, February 25, 2013

The Vulture! Custom Mego Action Figure! John Romita Art! Marvel!

Here is my attempt at creating a custom "Mego" action figure of the great Spider-Man foe, the Vulture! The Mego gang only provided frantic fans with Spidey enemies The Lizard and Green Goblin in the mid-70s, but what if they had shot out more Spidey bad guys? Click each image below to enlarge!

Above: Believe it or not, I started with a bald “Thor” head, added
putty for larger nose, ears, brow, and facial details, made 

a plaster cast of that modified head, then painted!

Above: A custom green suit (from "Dr. Mego") got some ink and pastel treatments to
create a gradated “feathered” effect, then, I added some white tufts for
the crest! I eliminated the neck, in order to attach the head low
on the
  white crest, to create a hunched effect for the figure!

Above: I used green felt to carefully cut the wing shapes, affixing 
them to the back of the figure...I also used some custom 
"open" hands from “Doctor Mego,” in an effort to craft 
the proper body language for this super-villain! 

Above: I also created a custom package for displaying the
figure, using Silver Age art by John Romita, Sr.!

Above: A close-up of the custom card art by itself!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Frank Gorshin as The Riddler! Fan-Made Resin Model Kit! 1966 BATMAN TV Show!

POW! It's the great Frank Gorshin as The RIDDLER, from the far-famed BATMAN 1966 TV series! Here's the classic Batman foe, as portrayed by the wonderfully manic actor, boldly embodied in this well-sculpted, fan-made "garage kit!" This resin kit was painted up in acrylics and enamels! Click images below to enlarge!

Above: I painted the figure's costume using flat greens, with added glosses for the shoes and belt..

I purposely attached the lower arms to appear slightly
flexed outward, adding to the maniacal look of the pose!

I also added gloss touches to the hair, teeth, mouth, and eyes!
I detailed some smaller areas with marker....

All the question marks? Done with paint marker, including the tiny ones
along the sides of the costume! The mask was made
with bristol board! I loved the look of
it draped around the neck..

BONUS! Click below to enlarge this pic of the unassembled kit! Note the original pose, with arms reaching for the neck and mask!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

CAPTAIN AMERICA! 1975 Albert Bigley Comic Art! Marvel Comics?!

Just unearthed! Here is my version of that legend of World War Two, Captain America! Here is Cap, coming at ya in a dramatic action pose, complete with logo, and (very odd) background! Not bad for a 10 year old me, even tho it looks like I lost interest about half way thru the coloring process! Does this image look kinda familiar to ya? Well, it should! Click here to see just how influential this drawing has been to me, and many others! Click image below to enlarge!