Sunday, April 19, 2015

POW! TV Batman and Batgirl at Discovery Place! 2015 Colossal Cosplay Contest! DC Comics!

That's right! It was cosplay-mania at this recent "Drink-and-Draw" event, staged at the wonderful kid's museum, Discovery Place, in Charlotte, North Carolina! The venue also hosted a comics-themed "open house," inviting all to attend, and encouraging fervent fans to model superhero costumes and attire! Click below to see all the photos, fun and fan-tastic frolic!

Above: Discovery Place employee and event coordinator, Kalliste Cosplay, poses
as the "TV Batgirl" (as originally portrayed on the famed 60s BATMAN series by actress 

Yvonne Craig) the drink-and-draw group! What an exacting costume!

Above: Now it's my turn to step up for the animated
artists, once again in my "TV Batman" gear!

Above: What's this? It seem we have our own personal rogue's
gallery, "cheering" us on in our art-minded efforts! You can spot

the Riddler (Amberle Linnea) and Catwoman (Tracey Buzzio)!

Above: You try holding a still pose for ten minutes or more! It's tough!
I'm used to being on the other side of this equation! But--Batgirl's arm
begins to weaken after a long pose, so...

Above: ...Batman comes to her aid! The day (and many drawings) is saved!

Above: Now, a duo pose! At least I can lean on somebody for this one!

Above: Hey! Even a superhero can get tired! 

Above: Oh no! The wily Joker (in the person of Vic Goldberg) has made the scene! This we need?

Above: As you can see, Batman went into instant
action against the newly-arrived Joker!

Above four images: Let's take a look at some of the best Bat-drawings from this
awesome event! They're all fabulous! That last one, tho…No comment. It

was not that kinda drawing class!

Above: The wowed winner of the contest is flanked by Batman and Batgirl! 

Above four images: Time for Batman to mingle with
the proud citizens at this epochal event!