Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Batgirl and Robin! 1975 Albert Bigley Original Comic Art! DC Comics!

Heh. Dig this 1975 color illo of Batgirl and Robin,the Teen Wonder! Drawn by me, age 10, here are the famous BATMAN characters as never seen before! You can say THAT again. I was obviously cribbing the work of Mike Grell from the first issue of BATMAN FAMILY, and I'm trying not to focus on Robin's "hair helmet," and Batgirl's odd--uh--physique. I recall my Mom and Dad chuckling lightly at Batgirl's depiction once eyeballing this little gem. Click if you're a masochist!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1975 Al Bigley BATMAN Original "Cover" Art! DC Comics? Robin?

In my never-ending youthful obsession with creating pitch-perfect comic book covers (complete with price, CCA seal, etc.), here is a custom cover, done by me (age 10) around 1975, of a BATMAN scene, rife with danger, terror, and poor drawing! I obviously had seen a cover repro of BATMAN # 232, and based it on that, but I think the Neal Adams-drawn original takes the cake over my attempt! Can you spot the crucial error on MY cover? Click to enlarge!

Friday, March 26, 2010

1979 INCREDIBLE HULK Painting by Albert Bigley! Marvel Comics!?

Inspired by some of Walt Simonson's concurrent paintings in the HULK! magazine of the day, here is my own early watercolor take on ol' Greenskin! Not bad for a budding artist, age 14, huh? Yeah? Sigh. Click to enlarge.

Monday, March 22, 2010

1980 Albert Bigley CAPTAIN AMERICA Art! Marvel Comics!

Yeah. Once again dipping into my early high school days, here is the "cover" for a comic book I created in 1980, at age 15. Based on audio recordings of afternoon MARVEL SUPERHEROES cartoon reruns (in an attempt to work from loose plots, "Marvel style"), I drew, inked, and lettered a complete adaptation of a 60s CAP tale, complete with this spectacular (heh) color cover. Again, my George Perez influence is in full force, with the odd shading, patterns, etc...I also had a dose of Jim Steranko's designs in my head, due to my exposure to his Marvel Index covers, so...Click to enlarge!

Wanna get a peek of an earlier attempt (using the HULK) at the same concept? Click here!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hulk vs Sasquatch?! 1979 Albert Bigley Comic Art! Marvel Comics!

Hoo boy. Anyone recall the introduction of the character "Sasquatch" in late 70s Marvel Comics? After debuting in X-MEN as part of the "Alpha Flight" team (later to get their own book), Sasquatch was quickly recruited to become a sparring partner for ol' Greenskin, in Hulk's comic book adventures. Somehow I (age 14) got inspired, here is the wonderful result of my inspiration.

It looks as if Sas if offering Hulk a log to sit on, but good ol' Hulkster went nuts and decided to obliterate the stump, much to Sasquatch's disappointment. Click to enlarge if ya really must.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Portrait of a Young Batman! 1974 Albert Bigley Original Art! Bruce Wayne!

Here's yet another drawing of Batman's filthy rich alter ego, Bruce Wayne! Drawn by me, age 9, and inspired by regular BATMAN artist Irv Novick's take on Bruce, and his costume. I dug how Irv would depict the cowl as a kind of tight-fitting hood attached to the cape clasp...Click to enlarge!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1976 FLASH Artwork by Albert Bigley! Draw Like Infantino! Or Not!

Anyone recall the mid-70s DC oversized tabloids that had great features within, such as "How I Draw the Flash," by artist Carmine Infantino? Here is my drawing, done at age 11, inspired by the same instructional pages from the SUPERMAN vs FLASH Limited Collector's Edition!

I think Carmine did it better. Click fast to enlarge!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

1980 Albert Bigley SPIDER-MAN Painting! Doc Ock Takes Over! Good Sense Does Not!

Click the wonderful image below to enlarge this 1980 Albert Bigley SPIDER-MAN watercolor painting, and double your Sunday Spidey pleasure! Or not. I was just getting my feet wet (heh) with watercolors then, and attempting to create some cool effects, but the overall look is one of some very dumpy actors in badly-fitting costumes posing for a camera (good rim lighting from above Spidey, tho). But, at least there's that flawless perspective in the background you can marvel at and enjoy! Sheesh!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

1973 Albert Bigley CAPTAIN AMERICA Art! Jack Kirby Not Involved! Marvel Comics!

Take a gander at my 1973 CAPTAIN AMERICA drawing. Obviously lifted from a Jack Kirby splash page drawing from a then-recent issue of MARVEL TRIPLE ACTION (even tho it only starred two characters)! I made a half-hearted attempt to color it, but either I or my marker quit early! Bizarre! Click to enlarge, and salute!

Friday, March 5, 2010

My 500th Post! What a Way to Celebrate! 1980 Albert Bigley Art! Captain America and Bill Bixby?!

An old high school pal (thanks, FaceBook!) sent me these in-class drawings I did, circa 1980. Captain America,  Scarlet Witch, and--Bill Bixby?!
Yep. I used to love to caricature Bill, due to the then-recent HULK TV show spoof in MAD magazine drawn by Angelo Torres! Click to enlarge and start the celebrating!