Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Batgirl and Robin! 1975 Albert Bigley Original Comic Art! DC Comics!

Heh. Dig this 1975 color illo of Batgirl and Robin,the Teen Wonder! Drawn by me, age 10, here are the famous BATMAN characters as never seen before! You can say THAT again. I was obviously cribbing the work of Mike Grell from the first issue of BATMAN FAMILY, and I'm trying not to focus on Robin's "hair helmet," and Batgirl's odd--uh--physique. I recall my Mom and Dad chuckling lightly at Batgirl's depiction once eyeballing this little gem. Click if you're a masochist!

1970 MARVELMANIA Magazine! Jack Kirby! Marvel Posters Ad!

Talk about rare! Here are two pages from a 1970 MARVELMANIA magazine! Dig Jack "King" Kirby's pencil rough cover of the Inhuman's Back Bolt! Then, as you pick yourself up offa the floor, take a gander at this photo-fueled ad for the fabulous Marvel Posters being hawked then! Even Doc Doom has to get in on THAT action! Click to enlarge!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Marie Severin Marvel Comics Sketchcards! Dr. Strange! Nick Fury!

Face Front! Click below to enlarge this pulse-poundin' page of panoramic pencil-pushing! Recent Marvel Comics/Rittenhouse Archives "sketchcards" by one of the Silver and Bronze Age's greatest artists, "Mirthful" Marie Severin, spotlighting some great Marvel superheroes and foes! More ya want, frantic one?

1975 Al Bigley BATMAN Original "Cover" Art! DC Comics? Robin?

In my never-ending youthful obsession with creating pitch-perfect comic book covers (complete with price, CCA seal, etc.), here is a custom cover, done by me (age 10) around 1975, of a BATMAN scene, rife with danger, terror, and poor drawing! I obviously had seen a cover repro of BATMAN # 232, and based it on that, but I think the Neal Adams-drawn original takes the cake over my attempt! Can you spot the crucial error on MY cover? Click to enlarge!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Silver Age JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA Original Cover Art! DC Comics!

Wow! Here is the original art for JUSTICE LEAGUE #14, from 1962! Pencilled and inked by Silver Age mainstay Murphy Anderson, this early cover features all the great DC Comics "second stringers," such as Green Arrow, Aquaman, Atom, and Martian Manhunter! Impeccable artwork! Click to enlarge!

1974 John Romita Sr. Original Comic Art! SPIDEY SUPER STORIES 3! Marvel!

One reason (the ONLY reason, to be truthful) I was buying SPIDEY SUPER STORIES as a way-too-old fan (I was NINE, for cryin' out loud!), was the incredible covers by John Romita Sr.! Still the main cover artist (and occasional interior artist) on the main AMAZING SPIDER-MAN comic, John did no lesser quality work for this sister mag, made for very young and new readers, hand-in-hand with PBS TV's ELECTRIC COMPANY. John also illustrated some very interesting back covers for this title, too! And, yes, that's Morgan Freeman as "Easy Reader." Click to enlarge, Spidey fans!

BONUS! Guess which cover I'm drawing in the '74 pic below (that's also the blog header image)!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Remembering Dick Giordano.

Dick Giordano, a comics industry legend, passed away yesterday. Dick was an admired penciller, inker, editor, mentor, and all around great artist and gentleman.

I could list his achievements, or all of my favorite works of his, or a bio, or a checklist, but a million other sites will surely detail such things.

So, why not search this site for a testament to my admiration of him, his work, and his influence.

As Dick liked to say, "Thank you and good afternoon."

1979 SPIDER-MAN Sunday Strip Action! Doctor Octopus Moves In! Right?

Here is today's fantabulous Sunday SPIDEY strip! Is that really Doc Ock making Spider-Man's life miserable? And what does Doctor Doom mean in all this? Click to enlarge and decipher!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

1985 Marshall Rogers BATMAN Comic Store Poster! DC Comics!

Here is a rare goodie from the not-so-distant past! The 1985 comic store ad poster for the SHADOW OF THE BATMAN reprint series! This series re-ran the late 70s Steve Englehart/Marshall Rogers/Terry Austin Batman tales from their groundbreaking run on DETECTIVE COMICS then. Always loved the simple design and execution of this image. Very powerful! Click to enlarge!

1979 Earl Norem HULK Magazine Cover Art Painting! Marvel Comics!

Another great Earl "The Pearl" Norem original! Click below to enlarge his 1979 pencil lay-out rough for the cover of HULK! 16! Earl remains quite faithful to his rough sketch in his finished painting of the Marvel Comics rampaging juggernaut!

Friday, March 26, 2010

1979 INCREDIBLE HULK Painting by Albert Bigley! Marvel Comics!?

Inspired by some of Walt Simonson's concurrent paintings in the HULK! magazine of the day, here is my own early watercolor take on ol' Greenskin! Not bad for a budding artist, age 14, huh? Yeah? Sigh. Click to enlarge.

Gil Kane! FLASH 197 Original 1970 Comic Cover Art! DC Comics! Silver Age!

What can I possibly add? Just click, enlarge, and enjoy!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Monkees! "A Kiss From Davy Jones!" 1977 Article! AAawwwwww!

Heh! One lucky gal gets a lip-smacker from Monkee Davy Jones in this 16 MAGAZINE clipping! I used to live right outside Willingboro, NJ (and near "Great Adventure")from '70 to '75! Click to enlarge!

The Art of George Tuska! Marvel Comics Sketchcards! Iron Man! Spidey!

Yow! Here is a selection of rare one-of-a-kind sketchcards by George Tuska, one of the Silver Age's premier comic artists! Take a look at George's pencil renditions of his most famous characters, such as Iron Man, the Avengers, as well as Spider-Man, the Thing, and all the others! These are hand-drawn pencil sketched cards, placed in trading card packs to entice buyers, and sketchcards by Tuska are some of the most sought-after ones of all! Click to enlarge!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

John Romita Sr. "Thor Girls" Original Art! Marvel Comics!

Direct from 1989's THOR #400, here is a rare John Romita, Sr. masterpiece! Spotlighting the many gals from the Thunder God's comic, John (inking Ron Frenz's pencils) depicts long-suffering Jane Foster, Sif, Hela, and even the evil Enchantress! Impeccable work! Stamp your hammer-er-click to enlarge!

The Mighty World of--Jim Starlin?! Bronze Age Marvel Art! Spider-Man!

Here are two early 70s Marvel covers by a young newcomer named Jim Starlin! Done for the overseas UK Marvel reprint line, here is Starlin art before his later epic WARLOCK and CAPTAIN MARVEL work! Click each to enlarge!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1986 Monkees 20th Anniversary Industry Ad! Davy Jones! Michael Nesmith!

Click below to enlarge this rare 1986 ad for the many MONKEES products offered at the time. '86 marked the return of the group, due to MTV reruns of their 60s show, ALL the original albums charting, and a successful tour (the biggest of the year)!

More Marvel Stamps! Spider-Man! Incredible Hulk! 1976 Marvel Comics Merch!

Finally finishing up spotlighting these well-done 1976 Marvel stamp sets, this time with the Spidey set and the (less than mint-condition) Hulk set! Click here to read more about these colorful embossed gems from the Bronze Age! Click to enlarge images below!

Monday, March 22, 2010

1980 Albert Bigley CAPTAIN AMERICA Art! Marvel Comics!

Yeah. Once again dipping into my early high school days, here is the "cover" for a comic book I created in 1980, at age 15. Based on audio recordings of afternoon MARVEL SUPERHEROES cartoon reruns (in an attempt to work from loose plots, "Marvel style"), I drew, inked, and lettered a complete adaptation of a 60s CAP tale, complete with this spectacular (heh) color cover. Again, my George Perez influence is in full force, with the odd shading, patterns, etc...I also had a dose of Jim Steranko's designs in my head, due to my exposure to his Marvel Index covers, so...Click to enlarge!

Wanna get a peek of an earlier attempt (using the HULK) at the same concept? Click here!

INCREDIBLE HULK 119 Original Comic Art! Marvel Comics! Herb Trimpe!

Herb Trimpe strikes again! Take a gander at this fabulous 1969 HULK cover by Happy Herb himself! Herb enjoyed a long stretch (around seven years) illustrating the HULK comic, and one look at this cover will tell ya why! Click to enlarge and enjoy!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Super Sunday 70s SPIDER-MAN Strip! Doctor Doom Unmasked! Marvel Comics!

Another fabulous Stan Lee/John Romita Sr. 70s SPIDER-MAN Sunday strip! Click to enlarge!

1976 Neal Adams JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA Calendar Art! DC Comics!

Here is a great Neal Adams illo of the entire mid-70s JUSTICE LEAGUE cast, marching into the bicentennial year! With inks by Dick Giordano, this was used for the 1976 Super DC Calendar, along with 11 other pieces by Neal and Dick! Click to enlarge!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hulk vs Sasquatch?! 1979 Albert Bigley Comic Art! Marvel Comics!

Hoo boy. Anyone recall the introduction of the character "Sasquatch" in late 70s Marvel Comics? After debuting in X-MEN as part of the "Alpha Flight" team (later to get their own book), Sasquatch was quickly recruited to become a sparring partner for ol' Greenskin, in Hulk's comic book adventures. Somehow I (age 14) got inspired, here is the wonderful result of my inspiration.

It looks as if Sas if offering Hulk a log to sit on, but good ol' Hulkster went nuts and decided to obliterate the stump, much to Sasquatch's disappointment. Click to enlarge if ya really must.

"Do You Look Like Captain America?" 1977 FOOM Items! Marvel Comics!

According to this FOOM clipping, as early as 1977, Marvel was using actors to appear as their characters at fairs, amusement parks, and store openings. Read more about the real-life Spideys and Hulks here! Also, HOWARD THE DUCK mania continued to sweep the nation, one year after his ill-fated presidential bid went south! Ouch. Click to enlarge.

Friday, March 19, 2010

All Hail Sal Buscema! You Heard Me.

Quick! Tell me what artist created the color portrait below!

Give up? It's by Sal Buscema.
Many comic fans think that the artist who draws in a "cartoony" style has it easy. That THAT style is the way to go for speed. Not so. Any artist known for his detailed realistic work (just ask Neal Adams about this), HAD to learn to draw the basics. You can't draw ARCHIE (like Neal did once) and do the kind of work Sal did UNTIL you've learned the figure up and down, as well as realistic rendering. No hiding behind "technique" when drawing like Sal did.

A new (and very well done) book is available now, detailing the art and career of long-time comic book artist, Sal Buscema. And he deserves it. Sal got a reputation for being somewhat sloppy, or too fast with his work, but those fans who've pegged him as such forget that once upon a time, meeting deadlines mattered in comics. Sal was a professional who took such matters seriously. I think some readers also took him for granted, as his art became so ubiquitous among the line of books.
Buy the Sal book. Go here. Read about an artist.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

1970 John Romita Sr. Spider-Man and Ka-Zar Fan Sketch! Marvel Comics!

Click below to blow up this great early 70s pencil sketch (drawn on official Marvel company stationery, natch) by John Romita Sr.! Not only does he depict the swingin' Spider-Man, but also Tarzan-wannabee Ka-Zar and his trusty Sabre-tooth tiger pal, Zabu! Perfect!

Pablo Marcos 1977 INCREDIBLE HULK Original Cover Art! Marvel Comics!

One of the overlooked areas of comic art are pieces created for foreign editions, such as this art for a Hulk MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL cover! These were UK reprints of stateside material, but fronted by new cover designs by many well-known Marvel bullpenners of the day. In this case, it's 70s fave Pablo Marcos bringing his weighty skills to the task. Click to enlarge!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Earl Norem BATMAN Painting! DC Comics!

From the fine folks at Heritage Auctions, here is a fantastic BATMAN painting by Earl Norem, a wonderful painter whose work has been used for magazines and advertising! His fantasy work was largely seen in Marvel Comics (covers for CONAN, HULK, etc,), so here is a rare example of his tackling a DC Comics character! I'm not sure if this was ever used on any merchandise, but it's still a beautiful image! Click to enlarge!

The Monkees in 1977! Micky and Davy Write for 16 Magazine!

More images from the later days of the Monkees-WAY later! in 1977, 16 MAGAZINE gave a few pages each issue to Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz, due to the popularity of syndicated MONKEES reruns in afternoon slots on local TV. An interesting time..Click to enlarge and enjoy YOUR personal letter from Davy! Heh.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Portrait of a Young Batman! 1974 Albert Bigley Original Art! Bruce Wayne!

Here's yet another drawing of Batman's filthy rich alter ego, Bruce Wayne! Drawn by me, age 9, and inspired by regular BATMAN artist Irv Novick's take on Bruce, and his costume. I dug how Irv would depict the cowl as a kind of tight-fitting hood attached to the cape clasp...Click to enlarge!

George Tuska Artboard Sketches! Iron Man! Thor! Spidey! Daredevil!

Click the fabulous image below to enlarge this artboard full of character sketches by artist George Tuska! George was the 60s/70s illustrator who served long stints on comic books like IRON MAN, AVENGERS, X-MEN, and so many more!