Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nick Fury! Custom SHIELD Mego Action Figure! Marvel Comics!

Yet another one of my custom Mego figures, this one made sometime around 2005, as a gift for a Fury-loving pal! Here's the famed SHIELD ramrod, Nick Fury himself! I tried to approximate how the Mego mavens woulda produced a Fury figure, with one eye (heh) toward the Jim Steranko art of the late-60s SHIELD comic, complete with hints of tech hardware and such, but keeping the actual detailing very simple! Click below to enlarge pics, and enjoy!

Starting with a custom sculpted head (complete with soggy stogie), I added a
blue "zip suit," with my own Mego-like printed detailing! A few added found
accessories, like belts, holsters and hose, and Nick seems to have festooned
himself with tons of hardware!

Above: I also created this psychedelic custom card, featuring
actual Jim Steranko artwork, and Mego graphic icons!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The "Lone Rager" Rides Again! "Blaammm!" 1975 Albert Bigley Art!

That's right! Here's yet another blast from my past! For about 13 minutes, I sorta dug the Lone Ranger character, due to his similarities to superheroes (he wore a mask, right?), and his mini-comeback during the mid-70s (heralded with a line of toys, models, and action figures). Below is my 1975 attempt at an action-packed pencil drawing of the masked lawman, complete with sound effects, logo ('the Lone RAGER?!") and "detailed" background! Hey! I was ten years old, OK? Click to enlarge, and keep your silver bullets untarnished!

Can ya tell I had a hard time getting his hat just right? I also apparently spent
 a ton of time struggling with his nose, hands, and, uhm, crotch.