Tuesday, July 29, 2014

ZOWIE! "Batman Day" 2014! See Bat-Collectibles! Meet Batman! Cheer Robin!

POW! Dig these powerful pics below, representing some of the sights of the fabulous "Batman Day!" All are part of a sensational celebration put on by the Union West NC Library, and organized by super-fan John Tompkins! This fun day featured two hours of Bat-related games, activities, give-aways, drawings, rare collectibles, events, movies, and so much more, all presented for the attending throngs of thrilled kids and parents! Red Robin was there! Even a very handsome (ahem) Batman made an appearance, to the delight of amazed (would ya believe fairly impressed?) Bat-fans! Click below to view!

Monday, July 28, 2014

BATMAN 1966 Bonanza! See Batman With Beauties! Read the Reviews! Hear Yvonne Craig Speak!

ZOWIE! Let's swing back to Gotham City, with more rare 1966 BATMAN pics, documents, and sounds! Click below to enlarge images, old chum!

Above: A behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the
1966 BATMAN episode, "The Joker Goes to School…"

Above: Adam West ("Batman") gives advice to Burt
Ward ("Robin"), between takes on the set of BATMAN!

Above: A 1966 article about the sudden onslaught of
BATMAN toys, model kits, clothing, and novelties!

Above: A crime-fighter's work is never done! Batman (in the personable
person of Adam West) was even pressed into service for publicity-garnering
beauty contests! When did he sleep?

Above: HOLY NEGATIVITY! A not-so-nice review of the then-new BATMAN
show, from tenacious TIME magazine! Note that Bat-producer Bill Dozier was all set to
be the clairvoyant king of a prophesied oncoming superhero TV explosion! However, 

those four-colored floodgates wouldn't open for another ten years or so...

Above: A recent pic of the Dynamic Duo themselves, Adam West and Burt Ward!

Above: Adam West, as "Batman," strikes a Bat-pose (complete
with Bat-Bullhorn) for this 1966 publicity Bat-still!

Above: Pat Barto's costume design for Batgirl, portrayed
during BATMAN's third season by Yvonne Craig

BAT-BONUS! Click below to hear Yvonne Craig discuss her "Batgirl" role, dangerous stunts, the "Batgirl Cycle," and much more, as part of a 1989 radio Bat-special!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shocking Sunday SPIDER-MAN 70s Strips! "To Battle Bigger Game!" Marvel Mayhem!

Last time, we watched a saddened Spidey, as he frantically searched for his lost lady-love! Now, just as it seems that she has left Peter's bad luck-littered life for good, another feisty female seems set to make a re-appearance! But, will the return of Mary Jane Watson include the evil Kraven? Is another one of Pete's close friends about to be endangered by a super-foe from the Wall-Crawler's past? More rare 1979 daily SPIDEY strips, from the hands of Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click below to enlarge!

Friday, July 25, 2014

COMEDY COVER CAPERS Comeback! Supergirl! Lex Luthor! Superman! DC Comics Cut-Ups!

Back again with another fun feature from 70s DC Comics! Here, those angelic editors took it upon themselves to re-edit older comics covers, creating new and funny (your mileage may vary) superhero-saturated scenes! How chuckle-inducing are they? You decide by clicking to enlarge the images below! Click here to see more chaotic Comedy Capers!

Above: Some great art from Curt Swan, Neal Adams, and Murphy Anderson!

BONUS! Click below to glare at the actual unaltered Silver Age scenes!

Monday, July 21, 2014

ZILCH! Hear Al Bigley (and Much More) on the 2014 Monkees Podcast!

Take a listen to my fun little interview on the ZILCH! Monkees podcast! I'm interviewed about my Monkees re-mixes, the celebrated "guitar logo," the famous 60s run of Dell MONKEES comic books, the TV show, and so much more! As if hearing my dulcet tones weren't enough, listen also for a wonderful commentary on an early MONKEES episode, a look at the humor of the series, even how the group got one talented gal thru college! Click here to listen!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Superb Sunday SPIDER-MAN Sunday Strips! Exit: Carole Jennings?! MarvelMania!

Last time, our hearts dropped as we watched Spidey's forlorn lady-love leave the big city, after falling victim to the murderous machinations of a madcap cult! Now, even as cute Carole makes her final move to leave Peter Parker's love-torn life forever, an unknowing Wall-Climber frantically attempts to find his gal-pal, in a doomed effort to shake information out of her would-be murderers! What will happen when the Web-Head realizes his sad sweetheart may have left his life forever? And--is this really the end of the kooky cultists? More rare 1979 Marvel newspaper strips, from the hands of Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click to enlarge!

Once again, a big tip of the web-covered hat to sensational
Steven Thompson for providing these spectacular strips!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"William's Doll!" And Marvel Comics! Spider-Man 1980 Film Sighting!

Those rascally rapscallions from RIFFTRAX (the MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER guys) have done it again! I've already covered some of their oddball educational shorts that just happened to feature Bronze Age Marvel comic books (click here), but presented below is a nutty 1980 fractured flick that co-stars a big batch of fresh-off-the-rack funny books! "William's Doll" was a short educational movie all about gender roles, and the eagle-eyed fan can easily spot the comics images sprinkled throughout! Just click below to enlarge and see!

Above: Young William sits up in his bed, as he pleads his doll-loving case
with his Grandpa! Dig that Spidey pajama top, based on the cover of

Above: The nurturing youngster has finally gotten his Grandpa and Dad to cave
in to his interests, and he later shamelessly shares his world (including
his carefully cultivated comics collection) with his new plastic pal!

Above: William rests his new friend down, near his short-stack of silly books!
What titanic titles are in that pulse-pounding pile? Just see the image below!

Above: Now you know! We see a sensational slew of 1980 Marvel
comics, such as MARVEL TALES #s 116 and 127 (a resplendent reprint
SPIDER-MAN #206! Not a bad batch!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Superlative 70s SPIDER-MAN Sunday Strip! "The Cult Assassins!" Marvel Comics!

Last time, Spidey triumphed again, as he saved his sweetie from a gang of outraged cultists! Now, cute Carole finds herself in trouble once more, as the culties continue their hate-fueled pursuit! Can the Webbed Wonder keep her safe? Does her only solution lie in leaving the city, and poor Peter Parker's life? More mile-high Marvel mayhem from Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click below to enlarge!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Riddler! Custom "Mego" Action Figure Packaging! BATMAN 1966! DC COMICS!

I've already tackled Robin, so here's my custom packaging for the new Riddler action figure, from the BATMAN 1966 line! Once again, the fine folks at Figures Toy Company have turned out a wonderful item, but their original "blah" packaging that accompanied it just had to go. So, I created my own dynamic card on which to display this colorful character! Click pics below to enlarge!

Above: The actual figure and package, as offered
to a panting public….I can do better...

Above: The custom backer card, featuring a colorful image of a manic
Frank Gorshin ("Riddler") against an eye-popping pop-art background!
Tons of color-correcting, painting, and effect-adding went into this one!

Above: The figure displayed on card and clamshell! So much better!

Above: The card and clamshell alone!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Rap With Cap! At the 2014 HEROES CONVENTION! Cosplay-Mania!

Here is a quick and fun slideshow spotlighting many of the colorful comic-centric cosplayers who bopped and stomped at the 2014 Heroes Convention, in beautiful downtown Charlotte, North Carolina! Yes, that's me as a congenial "Captain America," taking a few hours to thrill the kids (and a few adults) among the awe-struck con-goers! Lotsa fun for all! Click below to view!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

ZOWIE! Custom Burt Ward "Robin" Action Figure and Card! 1966 BATMAN Greatness!

Back again with yet another eye-popping "Mego" custom package! This time, it's for the recently-released "Robin (as portrayed by Burt Ward)" action figure, from those jolly elves at Figures Toy Company! The firm has set loose Mego-esque 8-inch action figures of not only the Boy Wonder, but also Batman, Riddler, and the jocular Joker, all in the sensational 1966 BATMAN TV-series style! I was dissatisfied with the rather bland packaging provided for the figures, so, once again, I created my own colorful custom card on which to display this terrific toy! Click below to enlarge pics!

Above: The original figure on card! I can do much better...

Above: After much work, my custom card is ready! I tried to bring in all
the 60s "pop art" elements, such as the colorful dot pattern, the famous
logos, etc…The image of Burt Ward ("Robin") needed a bunch of
work, also, to get the desired effect!

Above: The awesome action figure, mounted on the
custom card and clamshell! Looks much better!

Above: The card with clamshell alone! Now, time to get
to work on the other characters from  the line!