Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Riddler! Custom "Mego" Action Figure Packaging! BATMAN 1966! DC COMICS!

I've already tackled Robin, so here's my custom packaging for the new Riddler action figure, from the BATMAN 1966 line! Once again, the fine folks at Figures Toy Company have turned out a wonderful item, but their original "blah" packaging that accompanied it just had to go. So, I created my own dynamic card on which to display this colorful character! Click pics below to enlarge!

Above: The actual figure and package, as offered
to a panting public….I can do better...

Above: The custom backer card, featuring a colorful image of a manic
Frank Gorshin ("Riddler") against an eye-popping pop-art background!
Tons of color-correcting, painting, and effect-adding went into this one!

Above: The figure displayed on card and clamshell! So much better!

Above: The card and clamshell alone!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Rap With Cap! At the 2014 HEROES CONVENTION! Cosplay-Mania!

Here is a quick and fun slideshow spotlighting many of the colorful comic-centric cosplayers who bopped and stomped at the 2014 Heroes Convention, in beautiful downtown Charlotte, North Carolina! Yes, that's me as a congenial "Captain America," taking a few hours to thrill the kids (and a few adults) among the awe-struck con-goers! Lotsa fun for all! Click below to view!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

ZOWIE! Custom Burt Ward "Robin" Action Figure and Card! 1966 BATMAN Greatness!

Back again with yet another eye-popping "Mego" custom package! This time, it's for the recently-released "Robin (as portrayed by Burt Ward)" action figure, from those jolly elves at Figures Toy Company! The firm has set loose Mego-esque 8-inch action figures of not only the Boy Wonder, but also Batman, Riddler, and the jocular Joker, all in the sensational 1966 BATMAN TV-series style! I was dissatisfied with the rather bland packaging provided for the figures, so, once again, I created my own colorful custom card on which to display this terrific toy! Click below to enlarge pics!

Above: The original figure on card! I can do much better...

Above: After much work, my custom card is ready! I tried to bring in all
the 60s "pop art" elements, such as the colorful dot pattern, the famous
logos, etc…The image of Burt Ward ("Robin") needed a bunch of
work, also, to get the desired effect!

Above: The awesome action figure, mounted on the
custom card and clamshell! Looks much better!

Above: The card with clamshell alone! Now, time to get
to work on the other characters from  the line!