Monday, April 20, 2020

"Classic Captain America!" The Making of a Madcap Marvel Cosplay!

Come along and take a look at my very first cosplay creation, my own version of Marvel's early super-patriot, Captain America! Click each image to enlarge and enjoy!

Above: My first real attempt at Cap, taking my cue
from THE FIRST AVENGER movie! Not a bad look,
but not quite...

Above: Added a new helmet...Still
not quite right...

Above nine images: Adding a nifty custom jacket I found online, and
utilizing a ready-made vinyl mask (by Ogawa Studios) from overseas,
I debuted this new look at Heroes Convention 2015! But--the mask
just sits too darned low!

Above: Much better! By cutting the mask in half,
horizontally, then re-attaching the halves to
create a better fit, the new helmet was now
ready to go!

Above: The finished costume consists of the helmet and shield,
with customized military pants, military belt (complete with replica Colt)

and knife, modified BMX boots, cosplay gloves (with added
workout gloves), and a few other small touches!

Above two images: Having fun with a great group for
a fine Halloween-centered charity event!

Above: Taking on Iron Man (Rocky Melvin) at a convention!
Pic by Indulge Images.

Above: In addition to other upgrades, I added a metal shield!

Above two images: Marching with a charity group in the Raleigh, North Carolina
Christmas Parade! Talk about "the Merry Marching Marvel Society!"

Above: Posing with a very special, valiant young man.

Above: My aim was not to create a cosplay accurate to
the movies or comics, but my own idea of a
real-life look for this classic Avenger, one that
seems to lean between the two versions!

Above: A look inside the metal shield! I added a nifty
card-holder to carry Cap's custom trading card, for handing out
to kids at events!

Above: The "folding card" I made to give out to curious kids!
I tried to include info on both the comics Cap, and
his many live-action incarnations, including his
infamous TV-movie version!

Above: At another fun event, mixing and matching different elements, to
create a "riot squad Cap" look!

Above: With our local charity cosplay group, Carolina Action Figures,
for a holiday Toys For Tots drive!

Above: I added carefully-carved foam wings on the
sides of the helmet, to create a nice mash-up
of the movie's painted-on deco, and the
comic book version of the mask adornments!

Above: Don't ask.

Above: Some very nice "thank you" cards
from some great kids Cap visited!

Above: Posing with the wonderful (and sorely missed) cosplayer,
Kevin Hunt (as "Doctor Doom") at a charity event!

Above: Our Carolina Action Figures group once
again drops in on a local children's hospital!

Above: Visiting a local TV news station for a segment
hyping local comic conventions! That's Shelton
Drum front and center, from the Heroes Aren't Hard
To Find comic shop, in Charlotte, NC!

Above: Some wonderful period-accurate Captain America
"vintage" trading cards, as (briefly) seen in the first AVENGERS
movie! These were made and gifted to me by a very talented fellow

Above: The helmet, in addition to being re-fitted
for better sizing, had lots of silver piping added
to the sides!

Above five images: Just one corner of my cosplay-building space...And a
look at my many Cap masks!

Above: Being scanned at a convention, in preparation
for making a statue of me as Cap!

Above four images: The wonderful finished statue! 

Pic by Ron Rossman.

Pic by Ron Rossman.

Above: Got a few costumes mixed up! Am I cap
or Ant-Man today?!?

BONUS! Click below to see Cap in action, reading one of
his classic Silver-Age Marvel tales!