Sunday, April 12, 2020

Ant-Man! The Step-By-Step Making of a Sensational Silver-Age Cosplay!

Here's a loopy look at another fun cosplay! This time, I decided to tackle the early-60s look of Marvel's Ant-Man! Click below (to enlarge pics) and follow along as I assemble the pieces, create the designs, and bring ol' Hank Pym to life!

Above: Rough sketches that also eventually served as printer
instructions, regarding design placement!

Above: My own suit design, sent to the suit printers for final execution!

Above: Time to look for an appropriate helmet. I con-
sidered some vintage 70s helmets (like used for this cosplay),
but the fit and/or overall look was never quite right...

Above: At last! This ski helmet caught my eye
as something I could work with!

Above ten images: For the helmet "mandibles," I considered everything
from beer tap handles to foam horns! Finally, I spied the handles from these
detergent bottles, cut them into a shape that would work, followed by
sanding, and painting, and whittling, and magnet placement, and.......

Above eight images: After designing and masking off
the eye-openings, the priming and painting began!

Above four images: The original Ant-Man had a very distinctive
belt, one that includes two vials. I also wanted the black (foam)
belt to stand off against the black trunks, so a silver stripe was
added, continuing the red/black/silver color motif!

Above three images: Some small puffy paint
containers were cut and shaped and painted,
to be placed upon the belt center!

Above two images: The finished belt, with silver trim
added to distinguish it from the black trunks!

Above two images: For Ant-Man's front-and-center communications 
device, the detergent bottle cap (with a bunch of 
modifications) was prepped!

Above five images: A look at the rough helmet! It's getting there!

Above five images: The helmet with mandibles magnetically attached! It took
a ton of engineering and fitting (and re-fitting and more re-fitting) to make it happen!

Above: The complete cosplay!

Above: All the helmet accessories are magnetically snapped into place!

Above: I outlined and expanded the outer portions of the
exposed eye areas to create a more defined look!

Above: Ant-Man goes to the dogs!

Above four images: I crafted a new visor, using 
foam board and adhesive lens tinting film!


Above: I'm king of the (ant)hill!

Above three images: Using my Ant-Man cosplay, I created
a cool custom card and action figure! See more here!

Above: Adding some custom COVID masks
to the look, for convention appearances...

Above four images: Turnabout is fair play, right? A little fun, based
on my Hawkeye cosplay!

Above images: Some modified (to be a bit more comics-centric) headgear!

Above thirteen images: I had a mini-statue 
made of me as Ant-Man! I added a few
painted touches and improvements, but
it's fun having a 3D printed version of
yourself hanging around!

"Wait. There's an Ant-Man and a Spider-Man?!?"

BONUS! Learn all about the creation of this classic cosplay here: 

BONUS BONUS! Wanna see (and hear) Ant-Man in action, in an exciting 
storytime video (done in the style of the 1966 MARVEL 
SUPERHEROES cartoon)? Sure ya do! Just click below!

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Anonymous said...

Al, you've outdone yourself. Outstanding costume. That helmet turned out fantastic!
Congrats!! Say hi to the queen ant for me.