Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1976 Albert Bigley Color Marvel Superheroes Pastel Art! Spidey! Cap! Hulk! Smudge!

Thought you were safe, huh? After weeks of not running any of my old childhood artwork, you got feeling secure again, no? Well, no more. Take a gander at this mid-70s pastel "art" of Marvel Comics' biggest characters. Attempts at shading, tone, and depth, all topped off with a black outline. A real conversation piece. Click to enlarge.

Monday, April 5, 2010

IRON MAN Book and Record?! 1976 Albert Bigley Original Art! Marvel Comics!?

Heh. In line with my previous post about my attempts to create my own Power Records comics, here is the cover (as far as I got) for my own IRON MAN Power "book and record set!" I fully lifted the art to the cover of IRON MAN 86, then added the Power Records logo and trade trimmings! All that was left was to record the book's interior on my handy Sears audio tape recorder...which I never got around to. Again, my eyes were bigger than my ability then! Click to enlarge!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Batman! Robin Meets Man-Bat? 1976 Albert Bigley Comic Art! HEAR the Power Records Audio!

A special treat for you! Inspired by the great Neal Adams-drawn BATMAN "book and record" set seen here (from the Power Records folks), I took it upon myself to draw the tale as my own comic book, using only the record's audio as my guide! Of course, I was 11 years old, so get set to laugh...Click below to enlarge said effort, and click the audio bar to hear the accompanying narration, you lucky comics fan! As per much of these kinda labor-intensive projects I tried to tackle at that age, a page and a half was as far as I got...

Friday, April 2, 2010

SHAZAM! 1974 Albert Bigley Original Art! Jackson Bostwick Lives! Sorta.

Ah, who didn't love TV's 1974 SHAZAM! Saturday morning live-action show? Chock full of everything but action, it still was kinda interesting, no? Saddled with a low budget and parental group restrictions, the only exciting moments came when good ol' Captain Marvel came on the scene to perform a super-feat, then give a dumbed-down moral to the kids watching. DC Comics published one oversized SHAZAM! tabloid edition with ol' Cap himself, Jackson Bostwick, on the cover. I (age 9) musta felt inspired, so here is my own portrait of Mr. Bostwick! Click to enlarge and appreciate!!