Saturday, September 24, 2016

2016 Heroes Con Cosplay-Mania! Captain America! Bucky! Spidey! DC! Marvel!

Another year, another Heroes Con! Take a gander below to peer at a plethora of pandemonium-producing pics spotlighting the three-day event, including a copious collection of colossal cosplay-connected clicks! Click each image to enlarge!

Above: For this convention, I wanted to create
a sort of "riot squad" version of the Captain America
uniform, all in homage to the late-70s TV Cap, as 

portrayed by Reb Brown! Look below to see how
I did just that!

Above: This cool motorcycle helmet was a good starting point...

Above: Something is missing...To bring the helmet more in line with the
70s TV Cap, I wanted symmetrical wing designs affixed to each side, so it was
time to create a stencil, transfer the design, create masks, tape, paint,

Above: The finished helmet, after adding a 
customized visor, is ready to go!

Above: With added mask beneath the helmet, "riot squad Cap"
is almost ready! Just one more element is needed...

Above: I approached master shield maker, Brandon Redd, to
see if he could create a clear plexiglass shield, much like
the one used in the 1979 TV movies! He could, and this
riot shield was his starting point!

Above: All done! Clear shield in place, a few "riot cop" items 
added (baton/nightstick, cuffs, knee guards), and the look 
is complete!

Above: The Watcher appears at the show Pic by Matt Starnes!

Above: Archangel (Owen Davis) and Flash (Dean Davis) stop by! 

Above: Anyone who rocks the short-lived (and super
obscure) 1971 Hawkeye duds deserves a shout-out!

Above: It's the amiable Victor Goldberg,
as the irritable J. Jonah Jameson!

The rest of this costume is made up of my
standard "Cap" outfit, as seen here!

Above four images: Rockin' the cosplay panel (with sen-
sational Suzann Knudsen presiding as Black Orchid), and
our huge, captivated audience!

"Uhmm..I'm no doctor, but you might wanna get that looked at…"

Above: My favorite cosplayers! A wonderful family
has fun as the 60s X-Men (and foe)!

Above: Direct from Gizmonic Institute, I meet--Jolene Robinson?!

Above: Flanked by two beauties: Bettie Bombshell (check out Bettie Bombshell 
Cosplay on Facebook and Instagram), and Delilah, as "warrior Harley Quinn!"

Above: An amazing cosplay group, as the uncanny Inhumans!
See my own cosplay take on Black Bolt here!

Above: One of the funniest cosplays at the show!

Above: A terrific Colossus cosplayer!

Above: "But--I thought we were friends!"

A fun day one is over! It's a wrap!

Above: For the 2nd day of the show, I wanted to debut
my idea for a "cowboy Cap" version of the iconic image!
 Note Jack Kirby's '
76 illustration, my inspiration for
this cowpoke costume!

Above: Based on Kirby's idea, here are my rough designs!

Above two images: The customized mask and hat are ready!

Above: I wanted a wooden shield, one that looked authentic to the
Old West time period, and was lucky enough to find this round table top!
After some roughing up, painting, and "distressing," I got the "rough
and ready" look I wanted!

Above: The finished western shield! I wanted it to look as if the
character created it, from scratch, in just a few minutes...

Above: The tunic is painted and prepped...

Above: With a custom top made in conjunction with a local
seamstress (painted 
by me), custom boots and spurs, customized
hat and mask, "cowboy Cap" is 
ready for action! 

Above: At an art dealer's table, I pose with the memorable cover to 1973's
CAPTAIN AMERICA #168! One of my first CAP issues!

Above: Showdown with "Pirate Batman," as portrayed by Ronald Rossmann!
"Where are my guns? I guess I'm not as quick on the draw as I thought…"

Above five images: I'm joined by western versions of Agent Peggy
Carter (Allyson Bigley), and Bucky (John Tompkins)!

Above: John/Bucky meets comics legend Jim Steranko! A tremendous meeting of titans!

Above: Vociferous Victor Goldberg returns (with
friends), this time as the jovial Joker!

Above: Great Kingpin, Matt Murdock, and She-Hulk cosplays!
Court was in recess? 

Above: John Tompkins returns as the Phantom, famed newspaper strip hero!