Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Batman! Lord of the Rings? 1976 Albert Bigley Art! Joker! Two-Face! DC Comics?!

Yet another big one from my artistic past! Enamored with a then-novel multi-part story in the BRAVE AND THE BOLD team-up title in mid-1976, I just had to reproduce one of the stellar Jim Aparo-drawn covers from that riotous run! But, an 11-year old me just didn't have the skills of a seasoned industry vet like Aparo then, so this is what ya got! Batman rides a decidedly 2-D paper horse! Green Arrow is threatened by a mere knife on a pole (since I didn't leave room for his would-be executioner)!  And, I tipped the "gimmick" of the story by showing that it was the tiny titan himself, the Atom, who was secretly maneuvering the ring (hung from a limb held by Two-Face?!) so as to allow the Caped Crusader a clear shot at wining GA's freedom! Urk! Click image below to enlarge!

Dontcha just love how the Atom has his minuscule feet hooked 
under the inner part of the ring? Such realism!

Monday, June 11, 2012

All The Way With BOB & RAY! 1976 "Rorshack" Spoof! Who Needs Kojak?

Ah, the 70s. One colorful issue of the young person-oriented BANANAS (school book-club-ordered) magazine yielded articles and pics on THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN, Burt Reynolds (complete with giant color fold-out poster), recycling, the 1950s SUPERMAN TV show, and--Bob & Ray?! Yep! In those days of varied subject reading material, these mags were a real collection of humor, comics, pop culture, crafts, and just plain fun! And what could be more fun than reading a wonderful transcript of Bob & Ray's own KOJAK cop show take-off, RORSHACK? Well, hearing that gut-busting spoof would be preferable, but just imagine the dry, nasally voices of B&R as you read this, and away you go! Click to enlarge, look, laugh, and love, and remember to hang by your thumbs!