Sunday, June 24, 2018

Black Bolt! The Making of a 2018 Cosplay! Inhumans! More Marvel Madness!

Not content with my past cosplay costumes of Captain America and Hawkeye, I just had to create my own version of the Inhuman's head honcho, Black Bolt! Click below to see the 5-month step-by-step creation of this live-action interpretation of this 60s sleek and speechless superhero!

Above three images: Black Bolt, as envisioned
by comic art masters Jack Kirby (BB's
co-creator), and John Romita, Sr.!

Above images: Rough designs for the suit and "wing" attachments!

Above: Meeting with a wonderful local seamstress to begin designing
the gloves and "wings" of the costume, and how they'll attach! We used my
design (seen below) as a guide!

Above: Another rough design, adding overlapping shoulder
attachments (to hide where the wings would attach,
later abandoned), gloves, etc...

Above: My first design, ready to be sent to
the costume printers! My worry was that the
added "Kirby Krackle" would be seen as
a bubble effect...

Above: My final costume design, created by me, using
both traditional drawing and Photoshop! The "krackle
effect" works much better here!

Above images: Now it's time to design the distinctive
mask "crown!" I wanted more than just the
"tuning fork glued to the forehead" look, so
time to sketch...

Above: Using Photoshop, I fleshed out the accessory,
getting an idea how it would look on the black mask...

Above: After creating paper templates for each piece, I used
foam-board to cut each piece and created a 3-D
effect by overlapping portions...Added coats of
textured paint, then more gloss silver...

Above: The finished mask-piece, with added art marker effects and details...

Above two images: Adding a bit of reflective Mylar (thanks
to a cosplay friend's generosity), the effect is

Above: The (almost) finished mask and gloves!

Above: Toying with the idea of mirrored lenses...

Above two images: Putting it all together!
Some minor mask and wing adjustments
still needed, but...

Above: Debuting at Charlotte's Heroes Con, here
is the finished product!

Above: The "Kirby Krackle" was a big hit! I also
continued the front piping onto the shoulders,
to create a broader upper body look...

Above: It's Lockjaw! He looks bigger in the comics!

Above: I thought the "white-out" lenses added
an eerie touch! I also added a bit of black and
deep blue glitter around the "antenna!"

Above: My seamstress did a great job with the wings and gloves!

Above: Pic by Mike Dickens, of Contagious Media!

UPDATE! Look below to see my latest iteration of this iconic costume! 
I added a customized jacket/pants to the mix!

Above: I designed the front and back designs (going thru 
several sketches and ideas), then carefully masked off the areas,
using air-brush tape, then applied several coats of fabric spray-paint,
creating gradations, etc... Fabric markers provided the
piping and striping!

Above: I was going for a bit of an odd, unearthly look with
the leather feel, and the high-collared jacket!