Monday, May 25, 2009

1974 Spider-Man "Covers!" Kraven Strikes Back! Albert Bigley Art!

More from my days of John Romita worship (like things are different NOW?)..Trying so hard to replicate the "feel" and excitement of the SPIDER-MAN covers of the day...

Again, I HAD to include al the indicia, logos, balloons, and tiny details..As if the cover artists hand-drew all that stuff in addition to the cover artwork...

"A Tiger's Prey for a Spider?"

Stan Lee, watch out!

Superman Wows 'em!

From an April 1977 "arts in the park" Laurinburg, NC art show, here is Superman, as copied from some Neal Adams drawing of the day! Get a load of all that detail and attention on the famous "S" emblem!

I think I won third place, but watch out! In 1979, it was first place for me in the 8th grade division, with my painting of the Hulk vs the Leader!

I still have the ribbon, so there!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well, he came to the right place...

The Erotic Art of....?

These two pencil drawings represent the only "erotic art" images I've ever competed, both done in the mid-90s for the fine folks at Sal Q Productions for their "Good Girls" art collections...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Spidey in Crayon!

Copied directly from the famous Gil Kane-helmed SPIDER-MAN 150, here is Spidey in al his full-color Crayola glory! I assume he's breaking Doc Ock's tentacles, but who knows?

Look at all those motion lines!

My 4th grade NJ art teacher, Mr. Wilkie, actually hung this up in his class, or in the school hallway.

Meant a lot.

Whose Baby Are Ya?

About 6 people will get the title of this one..

Anyway, this 1977 drawing was swiped from a BATMAN FAMILY (loved that book) comic. Maybe one of the Curt Swan drawn stories.

An early attempt to understand female anatomy, realizing it ain't just a male body with some bumps added...

Looks like I lost interest when the time came to draw the thug's lower body...And my signature...And the background details...I thought then a HINT of background was enough....Hey, you were lucky to get THAT!

Check out the size of that noggin on Batgirl! Wow!

Spidey (Not So) Super Stories!

Another attempt to create my own Romita-inspired SPIDEY SUPER STORIES cover. From around 1974, this is based on an actual SPIDEY segment from the ELECTRIC COMPANY, about an evil giant worm who ate wholes thru library books, much to the dismay of Morgan Freeman's "Easy Reader."

Again, I HAD to include al the indicia, titles, and nomenclature...Dunno why..

Bat Beheading!

Here is a wonderful illo of Batman fighting a cheap thug.

Done around 1975, and lifted from an Irv Novick-drawn BATMAN comic of the day, here is Batman almost knocking the block off some poor crook's shoulders!

Both figures look to be made out of rag-stuffed cloth, and Batman's beanbag head is sinking into his torso, but....

And, where is my ever-present signature, then sometimes larger than any other element on the page?

On second thought, this may have been lifted from one of the few 70s Walt Simonson BATMAN or DETECTIVE issues...