Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1976 Albert Bigley CONAN THE BARBARIAN Art! Marvel Comics!?

Another oddball image from my youth! This time it's the ever-cranky Conan, the Barbarian! I can't tell if I used Barry Smith's or John Romita's version (see last two images) for this, but it certainly didn't come anywhere near the work of those two comic art masters! Sheesh! Click to enlarge!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Albert Bigley 1978 STAR WARS Art! Luke! Leia! Han! Chewbacca! Marvel Comics?

Although I was never into STAR WARS, I was interested in the design and look of the suddenly ubiquitous characters that were cropping up everywhere in 1977, on books covers, ads, and merchandise.  A neighbor gave me the 3-pack reprint collection of the best-selling first Marvel Comics issues one Christmas, and I cribbed this image from the cover of one of those comics! Ya gotta love the Dorothy Hamill hair on Mark (Dorothy) Hamill, the awkward Chewbacca, and odd cropping...Click to enlarge, and may the Force be with you!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Batman Enters The Slums! "It's Wrong to Deal With--THEM!" 1976 DC Comics Art!

This is my version, drawn at age 11 in '76, of the first few pages of 1971's classic BRAVE AND THE BOLD # 94! Already a Nick Cardy art fan, I lOVED this all-Cardy issue, and wanted to draw it panel for panel! Alas, I ran out of steam around page 1 1/2, but not before I got to depict Batman and a flustered Commissioner Gordon discussing the "slums," and "dealing with THEM!" Unintentionaly wrong and funny. I think. Click to enlarge!