Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sexist BATMAN-Part 2! The Action Comes Alive as You Read! 1959 DC Comics!

That's right! Here are two more pages from that 1959 BATMAN tale, featuring even more sexist and egocentric behavior from our favorite caped crusader! Watch as Batman worries only about the end of his crime-fighting career, even as his own wife is in deadly danger! Of course, it's all her fault! Click images to enlarge!

BONUS! Click below to hear the audio dramatization of this timeless parable, as heard on the rare 1966 BATMAN Leo Records LP! 

BAT-BONUS! Click here for more of the less-than-sensitive 50s Batman!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sexist BATMAN? "Holy Double Standard!" 1959 DC Comics! Batwoman! Robin!

Dig this great page from BATMAN #122, published in 1959 by DC Comics! The great Batman is challenged by romantic interest, the Batwoman! Can you guess his answer to the competition she offers as another Bat-themed crime-fighter? Bat-cad wants her to stay at home and play housewife, while he does the heavy lifting out in the "work force!" Plus-why is it that Batman is only worried about HIS secret identity being jeopardized? What about Kathy's (and her well-being) if Batman gets unmasked in the future, and the Bat-beans are spilt? Ah, the so-called "Golden Age of comics..." All is not doom and gloom in this MAD MEN era, tho. This turns out to be one of DC's famous "Imaginary Stories," so...Click to enlarge, and dig that dated DC dialog!

BAT-BONUS! Click here to see "sexist Batman" strike again!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Coming of SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN:The Magazine! 1968 Marvel!

Stan Lee, tho always proud to publish attention-getting, ground-breaking comics, always wanted to go to parties and exclaim that he published magazines. One of his early attempts was to spin uber-popular Spider-Man off into his own magazine-sized publication in '68, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN! Doomed from the start, due to poor distribution, misunderstandings as to proper retailer display, and other nagging hobgoblins, this stellar mag has since become a real collector's item (tho the only two issues produced have been reprinted over the years in various venues)! Marvel would, of course, meet with great success in the 70s with their line of magazines, headed by the CONAN books,but in the late 60s, they just couldn't' make it go! Click below to view some of the ads and hype of the day, and feel some very real excitement at the coming of this new and different superhero presentation! Click here to read and see more about this exciting merry Marvel mag!

BONUS! Click below to see what appears to be the original color comp (or color guide for the b/w comic ads) for the unforgettable front of SPEC SPIDER-MAN #1...! 

BONUS BONUS! Cast your orbs below, to view the rear of the above color piece, where artist Johnny Romita takes an inventory of his available original art (and the pages that were in the hands of dealers)!

Thanks to collector Marvin Hoover for kindly supplying
the above two super-rare awesome art artifacts!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monkees Madness! Post-60s Update Articles! 16 Magazine! Davy Jones!

Here's a quintet of post-60s Monkees articles, pics, and updates for ya! From such sources as 16 MAGAZINE, newspapers, TV GUIDE, and others, these represent a nice cross-section of Monkees reporting from the 70s, 80s, and 90s! Click to enlarge!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Super-Special Seventies SPIDER-MAN Strip! The Dire Dangers of Disco! Stan Lee! Marvel!

Yes! Another power-packed and drama-drenched installment of the 1978 SPIDER-MAN Sunday newspaper comic strip! Peter is still dealing with the coming of disco to his corner of the Marvel Universe, and things look mighty dire, indeed! Why, just ponder the thing that is the "Spider-Hustle," and despair! Click to enlarge!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Fabulous Foreign Marvel Comics Painted Covers! Spider-Man!

Wow! After a long absence, here is a kooky quartet of 4 big SPIDER-MAN comics, as seen in the Spanish comics market! Some interesting takes on character costumes, colors, and attitudes, all very different from those we're familiar with in the American presentations of Spidey and his crazy crew! Click to enlarge!

Friday, September 24, 2010

1975 Gil Kane GHOST RIDER Original Cover Art! "Devil's Disciple!" Marvel!

Another great one by Gil "Sugar Lips" Kane, from Marvel's mid-70s supernatural explosion! Gil was Marvel's "go-to guy" for cover art by this point, and he never disappointed, providing exciting scribblings for superhero titles, horror books, and even western dramas! Click images to enlarge!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hear the Rare 1967 Tifton Records WONDER WOMAN 45 Single! DC Comics!

That's right! Another gem from the long-lost past rescued! Here (and hear) is the famed 1967 WONDER WOMAN SONG, as it appeared on the heralded SONGS AND STORIES OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE LP and separate WW single! Not exactly a spry rocker like the later mid-70s WONDER WOMAN TV theme, but an interesting artifact nonetheless! The later 1975 pressing of the JLA LP by Power Records eliminated this track, so it can only be heard on this '67 disk--until now, that is! Also dig that fab cover art by Murphy Anderson, who also helmed the other Batman, Superman, and related LP and 45 single art duties from this superhero-studded line! Click to enlarge images and to hear this little Silver Age ditty!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1976 Albert Bigley CONAN THE BARBARIAN Art! Marvel Comics!?

Another oddball image from my youth! This time it's the ever-cranky Conan, the Barbarian! I can't tell if I used Barry Smith's or John Romita's version (see last two images) for this, but it certainly didn't come anywhere near the work of those two comic art masters! Sheesh! Click to enlarge!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rare 1978 Neal Adams BATMAN Place-mat! Bronze Age DC Comics!

Click below to enlarge these swell place-mats from the late 70s! Both sport custom art by comics mega-star Neal Adams, as well as full-color graphics and a load of excitement! We get to see another take by Neal on his most well-known character, Batman! Neal spent most of the 70s providing artwork for speciality products and merchandise, from toys to records covers,  posters,  book covers and more!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Post Office From the Past! Prophetic Letters From 1968 X-MEN Comics! Marvel Comics!

Take a little peek at these two mighty missives to the X-MEN letter pages from '68! Both talk about subjects that would come to reality very soon in modern comic books! The promise of any character's death in comics being "permanent" is discussed, and any reader knows how NO such dire demises ever stuck in the world of superhero comics! Not Professor X, not Gwen Stacy, not even sweet Bucky Barnes! The next letter (below right) discusses the vague possibility of a NEW X-Men-centered comic (truly doubtful in '68, as the low-selling book was THIS close to cancellation)! Certainly, Marvel would never really give thought to a NEW MUTANTS comic title, would they? Not until 1983. Click all images to enlarge!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

'78 Spectacular SPIDER-MAN Sunday Strip! Spidey vs NY Snow! Brrrr!

Another fantabulous SPIDER-MAN strip from 1978! Spidey makes the date as only HE can! Another Stan Lee/John Romita Sr. blockbuster! Click to enlarge!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

1975 HUMAN TORCH Original Cover Art! Ron Wilson! Marvel Comics!

During the mid-70s, Marvel Comics attempted to spin off the 2nd most popular member of the Fantastic Four, into his own reprint title, called, of course, THE HUMAN TORCH! The comic consisted of reprints from early 60s issues of STRANGE TALES, but were still fun and affordable! In fact, this blog entry used liberal helpings of an HT issue! Below is the original art by riotous Ron Wilson (with inks by Frank Giacoia?) for the cover of HT #8, spotlighting the Torch's perturbed teammates! Slip on your asbestos gloves, and click below to enlarge images, Frantic One!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Albert Bigley 1978 STAR WARS Art! Luke! Leia! Han! Chewbacca! Marvel Comics?

Although I was never into STAR WARS, I was interested in the design and look of the suddenly ubiquitous characters that were cropping up everywhere in 1977, on books covers, ads, and merchandise.  A neighbor gave me the 3-pack reprint collection of the best-selling first Marvel Comics issues one Christmas, and I cribbed this image from the cover of one of those comics! Ya gotta love the Dorothy Hamill hair on Mark (Dorothy) Hamill, the awkward Chewbacca, and odd cropping...Click to enlarge, and may the Force be with you!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

1968 Comic Book Batmobile! Irv Novick vs George Barris! The Winner? DC Comics!

The BATMAN comics of the late 60s featured a unique version of the Batmobile, one that took it's design hints from the 1966 custom car from the BATMAN TV show, as designed by customizer George Barris. Wanting a car like that, but possibly also wanting to avoid any lawsuits, DC Comics had Bat-artists like Irv Novick create a unique amalgam Batmobile, incorporating many features of the TV version, but striking far enough away to avoid confusion. I always dug this Batmobile, and even though it looked as if the dawn of the 70s meant we had seen the last of it, it has a way of zooming back into the scene! In the 90s and right up to now, the car has seen new life as a model kit, die-cast car, and a high-end collectible piece! Click below to enlarge all images!
Note the front "Bat-head" look of the grill and headlights, the duo "bubble window" motif, and the overall design, all inspired by the George Barris TV Batmobile version!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DAREDEVIL 70! 1970 Marie Severin Original Cover Art! Marvel Comics!

During the early 70s, "mirthful" Marie Severin created many cover rough sketches as part of the bashful bullpen of artists and writers at Marvel Comics! Below is her cover idea for DAREDEVIL #70, featuring a defeated DD in peril! Very few could match Marie for her sense of drama and figure posing, and this is one fine example of such! Click to enlarge!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rare John Romita Sr. DAREDEVIL Custom Art! Marvel Comics!

Another terrific piece of art by the superlative John Romita Sr.! This time, it's the sightless adventurer, DAREDEVIL, in combat with his old-time foe, the Owl! Done possibly for a foreign reprint cover, here is JRSR demonstrating his peerless skills in composition, inking, anatomy, and that ol' Marvel magic! Click to enlarge!

Monday, September 13, 2010

1981 Walt Simonson SPIDER-MAN Art! Hulk! Goblin! Marvel Comics!

Here is one of the rare black and white plates from the 1981 MARVEL TEAM-UP PORTFOLIO, by Sal Q. productions! These little-seen images were created by some of the comic art greats of the day, from Walt Simonson(who illoed this one), to Frank Miller, John Byrne, and many others! Click to enlarge and dig that terrific linework!