Sunday, March 30, 2014

Superb Sunday SPIDER-MAN 70s Strips! The Trashman Cometh! 1979 Marvel Mayhem!

Last time, we witnessed Spidey as he witnessed his pal (the intrepid Robbie Robertson) receive a horrible beat-down at the hands of some kooky cult members! The weary Web-Wrangler was able to bust up the gang, and Robbie is now safe, but what next? Can Spider-Man stop the cult before its influence spreads and harms more of his pals? Can he rescue his new lady love, who's already fallen under the secret sway of the group's alluring leader? And--Can he wear those recovered clothes again, now that they're covered with banana peels and coffee grinds? More 1979 newspaper strip rarities, from Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click below to enlarge, Faithful One!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

1977 SPIDER-MAN Game! John Romita Sr. Original Comic Art! Fantastic Four! Marvel!

How often do you see this? Here is an original color prelim for the 1977 Milton Bradley SPIDER-MAN game box! Whipped up by the sensational John Romita, Sr., here is not only the ever-amazing Spidey, but his Marvel colleagues, the Fantastic Four! Once again, Johnny's skills at composition, color and excitement come shining right thru! Thanks to Mike Burkey and his Romitaman site for this one! Click below to enlarge! 

BONUS! Click below to glare at the awesome insides of this game!

I had this game in '77, bought from the local Mann's drug store! I thought
it was so odd that the game board (above) featured not only art by modern
artists (of the day), but also classic images by Spidey co-creator, Steve Ditko!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Batman and Robin vs. The Master Mind?! 1977 Albert Bigley Art! DC Comics?!

Another rare "treat" for faithful BIG GLEE! followers (all seven of you)! Here is my (age twelve) version of a Silver/Bronze Age BATMAN cover that never was! Seems I thought Batman and Robin shoulda matched wits with a new super-foe I dreamt up, called the Master Mind! Not only does he twist Robin into his own personal murder-machine, but the Teen Wonder's weapon of choice seems to be a flaming knife! Or is that a sword of ice? A popsicle? And--Shouldn't that blurb read "Control of the Master Mind?" Click below to enlarge this 1977 masterpiece!

BONUS! Click below to gaze at the Neal Adams-created cover that was undoubtably my inspiration for Batman's panicked pose above! I had access then to a great used bookstore, one that sold Silver Age comics, and I must have snagged this 1969 issue of DETECTIVE COMICS at the time!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sensational Sunday 70s SPIDER-MAN Strip! "The Tingle's Getting Stronger!" 1979 Marvel!

Last time, we spied a suspicious Spider-Man, as he realized that the latest kooky cult in town is really a sinister organization, bent on brainwashing Spidey's latest flame! And, when they're not doing that, the creepy cultists are brutalizing the Web-Slinger's pal, jaunty journalist Robbie Robertson! How far will Loomis (the cult's looney leader) go, in order to silence his enemies? Can the worried Web-Walker save Carole, his gal-pal, and keep his clothing from smelling like week-old sandwich meat and banana peels? More mile-high Marvel magic, from Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click below to enlarge, web-heads!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2014 MONKEES CONVENTION Coverage! Micky Dolenz! Mike Nesmith! Peter Tork! And--Me!

Just back from the 2014 Monkees Convention in New Jersey! Here is my report, complete with super-rare pics of the fans, merch, events, and the Monkees themselves! A great time was had by all, so look below for a "you-are-there" account of this wild weekend! Click images to enlarge!

Above: Colossal crowds line up at registration booths to start
the show! At times, it was "standing room only" status!

Above: Tons of fans (from around the globe) came armed with 
custom-made shirts, pillows, hats, banners, and throw rugs, 
festooned with personal Monkees-themed event pics!

Above and below: Let's venture into the dealer's room, where lots 
of rare goodies were on display! Dig this cleverly-adorned booth! 
Hardcore Monkees fans will get the gag immediately! Pics below 
courtesy Natalie Panaia!

Above: Another fun fan-produced item found, aimed squarely at super-fans! 
Funny! Who created this? I ain't talking! Utter secrecy! "Secrecy, secrecy, secrecy.."

Above: Custom t-shirts were available at every turn, including these 
gems! Take a close look at the clever detail on these tees!

Above: A talented artist works on an exacting portrait of Michael Nesmith!

Above and below: Scott Murray, the proud owner of this amazing custom guitar
(complete with autographs) shows it off to waves of awed fans!

Above: Another collector displays his "Monkees Gretsch"
guitar model, also emblazoned with signatures!

Above: It's me, with Mike's son, Jonathan Nesmith, one of the
nicest (and most talented) guys you'll ever meet!

Above: There's no need to fear! Monkeeman is
here! Dig this fan's exacting costume!

Above: Another fan in a fantastic custom shirt!

Above: Fans are interviewed for a local magazine piece! Young
and old, guys and girls, black and white, they all have their own 

Monkees-related stories! Note the "Mike Nesmith" proxy (Kristy 
Hoffman) in the background!

Above: At the show, I was asked to sign tons of the covers I drew for 
MONKEE BUSINESS FANZINE, my comics, and (for some reason) the cover 
of Kristy Hoffman's copy of the 1976 MONKEES GREATEST HITS album!

Above: Got to see the Boyce & Hart documentary, THE GUYS WHO WROTE  'EM, put 
together by Rachel Lichtman (who also hosted the screening)! Great film, full of previously 
unseen pics and footage of not only B&H, but the Monkees, too!

Above: Michael Nesmith signs for the fans! Mike was presented with anything
you can plaster a signature upon! Posters, shirts, toys, CDs and LPs, guitars…
He engaged each fan in conversation, and was his usual witty self!
Above: Mike signs the 1967 HEADQUARTERS record album!

Above: Michael adds his signature to a fan's Monkeemobile die-cast! Mike and I
had to convince the fan that the real Monkeemobile was parked right downstairs!

BONUS! Click below to watch Michael sign the Monkeemobile toy!

Above: What did have Michael sign? This 1996 catalog cover, which already
sports the signatures of the other three Monkees, who signed it at a '96
"meet-and-greet" event in Charlotte, North Carolina! It's bordered by
attached pics of me and the Monkees (and their famed mode of
transportation) from various previous events...

Above and below: Did somebody mention the Monkeemobile was making
an appearance at the show? Here it is, graced by my presence!

Above and below: The Monkees appear live, to accept their award plaques
during their induction into the American Pop Music Hall of Fame! They also used
the occasion to announce a new 2014 tour! "Hey! I've got a drum, Peter has a
banjo, Mike has a--microphone…Let's go on tour!"

Above pic courtesy MONKEES CONVENTION FaceBook page!

BONUS BONUS! Click below to see the Pop Hall of Fame Induction!

BONUS BONUS! During the convention, Michael also presented his amazing "Movies of the Mind" live show, backed by a fabulous band! Click below to see (and hear) one of the most exciting portions of the set, as Mike performs some of the INFINITE RIDER cuts that fans have loved for over thirty years now! Thanks to "Spikedrice" for this and the above video clip!

Above: The Monkees are ready for the awesome onslaught of fevered fans, looking
for their chance to snap a personal pic with them! Photo by David Levin!

Above: The latest chimp off the ol' block? It's me, happy as a clam in
red sauce, caught in a clutch as the "Monkee in the middle!" Micky and
Mike warmly embraced me, as we all shook hands, while Peter broke into
his own rendition of Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al!" Micky: "I call Peter
'irresponsible.'" Wow.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Swingin' 70s SPIDER-MAN Sunday Strip! "Down With Our Enemies!" Marvel Madness!

Last time, we watched a worried Web-Slinger, weighed down by woe over his latest dire dilemma! Spider-Man must stop a cunning cult leader who now holds sway over not only Carole, Spidey's new gal-pal, but also many other unknowing dupes! Can he bust up this sinister shyster's scheme without harming innocent participants, like crusading journalist Robbie Robertson, who may now pay the price for his truth-seeking? More rare 1979 SPIDER-MAN newspaper strips from writer Stan Lee and artist John Romita, Sr.! Click below to enlarge and enjoy, arachnoids!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Even MORE Fantastic Foreign Marvel Comics Covers! Avengers! Thor! Nick Fury!

Back again with another loopy look at some rare overseas Marvel covers! Again, sensational Spanish artists took familiar US-drawn covers, and went to work re-imagining them for these reprint editions, to great results! Click here to see even more of these colossal covers! Click below to enlarge!