Friday, January 18, 2013

Batman vs. Dracula?! The Custom Aurora Kit You Never Saw! DC Comics!

Fresh from the pages of SHADOWLAND magazine, here is one fan's very creative imagining of a meeting between those two cape-wearing creatures of the night--Batman and Dracula! This feverish fan (using the moniker "Davey Horror") used both classic 60s Aurora model kits to produce a dynamic diorama that joins these two terrors in blistering battle! He was also inspired by the famed 1976 issue of DETECTIVE COMICS #455, from 1976, an incredible issue that depicted Batman meeting a voracious vampire (whom artist Mike Grell modeled on horror actor Christopher Lee)! A great job all around! Click images below to enlarge!

BONUS! Click below to see another custom Batman Aurora kit, from the same mind-blowing magazine!

This talented customizer created his own "Golden Age" Batman kit, using the
early black-and-gray costume color scheme, the plain "moon-less" bat
chest logo, and overall subdued color scheme!

BONUS BONUS! Glance below to see yet another colossal custom kit, using the same basic Aurora Batman kit! 
Of course, this diorama re-creates the famed "Batman vs the shark" scene from the
1966 BATMAN theatrical movie, with Adam West as the Caped Crime-Buster!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ring Around the Rhino! 1976 Albert Bigley Artwork! Marvel Comics?!

Another great one (?) from my archives! Here is my "fact sheet" on the famed Spider-Man foe, the Rhino! Drawn by me in 1976, at age 11, this was to be the start of a massive fact file on such sinister and sordid super-villains! But, alas, this (and a few other drawings) was as far as I got, before being distracted by other awesome (and unfinished) artistic matters that also involved cramming my artwork into an electric typewriter! The brain-teasing question still remains--for whom exactly was such a voluminous file intended? Click below to enlarge, art lovers!

Have fun counting all the typos and misspellings above! Long-time fans will note that
my synopsis of Rhino's life and times above bear no relation to his actual origins in
the comics! I had no access to his first appearance then, and made up my own story!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1966 "Adam West" Batman Action Figure! Custom Mego Toy and Packaging! DC Comics!

Sure, feverish fans everywhere are abuzz about the nerve-numbing news! Thanks to a 2012 contractual break-thru, next year we'll all see a wave of toys and figures inspired by the famed 1966 BATMAN TV show! But until we do, take a lingering look at a custom figure I made around 1998, immortalizing the lively likeness of actor Adam West as the Caped Crusader!  This 8-inch figure was made from Mego's original 70s "painted-on cowl" Batman (and suit)! Add high-gloss paint and fabric (used for gloves, cape, and trunks), a utility belt made from Foamcore, and you've got a great 1966 Batman! Click images below to enlarge!

The utility belt was detailed with fine marker, adding the appearance of pouches
and snaps! The chest insignia was made as a computer printout on sticky-backed
paper, then carefully applied!

Below: Click to enlarge these images of the custom packaging made to house this one-of-a-kind figure!

Above: My original late-90s card, using available images of "Batman" in this
dramatic pose! I added the dark background, including cityscape,
moon, and text elements via PhotoShop, then printed out.
Not bad, but not quite what I had in mind...

Above: Now this is more like it! Using a great recent painting
provided by Christopher Franchi, I was able to replace
the older figure with this crisp newer one, making for a much
bolder card graphic! I had to re-work the background for the new
image, and added all-new text elements and logos!

Below: Click to enlarge these images of the figure with his all-new custom packaging!

The figure is housed in a clear, re-closable plastic shell that mimics
the original 70s Mego "bubble card" figure displays!