Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1966 "Adam West" Batman Action Figure! Custom Mego Toy and Packaging! DC Comics!

Sure, feverish fans everywhere are abuzz about the nerve-numbing news! Thanks to a 2012 contractual break-thru, next year we'll all see a wave of toys and figures inspired by the famed 1966 BATMAN TV show! But until we do, take a lingering look at a custom figure I made around 1998, immortalizing the lively likeness of actor Adam West as the Caped Crusader!  This 8-inch figure was made from Mego's original 70s "painted-on cowl" Batman (and suit)! Add high-gloss paint and fabric (used for gloves, cape, and trunks), a utility belt made from Foamcore, and you've got a great 1966 Batman! Click images below to enlarge!

The utility belt was detailed with fine marker, adding the appearance of pouches
and snaps! The chest insignia was made as a computer printout on sticky-backed
paper, then carefully applied!

Below: Click to enlarge these images of the custom packaging made to house this one-of-a-kind figure!

Above: My original late-90s card, using available images of "Batman" in this
dramatic pose! I added the dark background, including cityscape,
moon, and text elements via PhotoShop, then printed out.
Not bad, but not quite what I had in mind...

Above: Now this is more like it! Using a great recent painting
provided by Christopher Franchi, I was able to replace
the older figure with this crisp newer one, making for a much
bolder card graphic! I had to re-work the background for the new
image, and added all-new text elements and logos!

Below: Click to enlarge these images of the figure with his all-new custom packaging!

The figure is housed in a clear, re-closable plastic shell that mimics
the original 70s Mego "bubble card" figure displays!

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