Thursday, January 27, 2011

Batman's "Silent Night!" 1974 Christmas Tale by Albert Bigley! DC Comics?!

Just unearthed by a hard-working comics artifact finding team! They were able to procure only one page from my 1974 Batman Christmas tale, "Silent Night, Deadly Night!" I think I produced this, at age 9, for a class project, and boy, is it an oddbal item! Why is a "street peedler" dressed as Santa collecting "money for charity?" And how about that writing? Alan Moore, move over! Sure, I missed posting this late last month for the holidays, but better late than never! Click to enlarge!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

1982 "Don Bigley Meets The Hulk" Comic Strip! Albert Bigley Art! Bill Bixby? Marvel Comics?

Not sure if this was part of a trio of hand-drawn comic-strip newspaper ads for my father's tire shop, but here is my (age 17) own illustrated tale of Dad Don Bigley meeting the Incredible Hulk! Silly and inspired by Marvel's satire book NOT BRAND ECHH, this is one odd little story, coming off like a demented 70s "Hostess Fruit Pie" comics ad! I thought it was funny to depict my father as constantly being draped in heavy shadow, as if he was a mysterious figure pulling stings from behind the scenes! Click to enlarge if ya really must!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The AVENGERS! 1980 Albert Bigley Original Comic Art! Captain America! Marvel Comics?!

Sheesh! Moving forward a bit to 1980, here is my huge (around 12 by 17 inches!) family portrait of the Avengers, as drawn by me, age 15! I loved this period of the book, coming off it's incredible 70s run, and still featuring great George Perez art, and a stellar line-up of Marvel superheroes, including the Falcon! Note the small details in the background of this piece, including the Hulk (founding member) and Jarvis portraits, Cap's mug, etc.! I still had a looong way to go! Click to enlarge!