Monday, January 31, 2011

1968 SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN Painting! The Pencil Rough! John Romita Sr.! Marvel Comics!

You heard right! Unearthed at long last! John Romita's original pencil guide art for the painted cover (by Harry Rosenbaum) to 1968's SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN magazine! This great piece was also used in the print ads, and in all advertising for the ill-fated (read more here) mag! But, what a fabulous work of art by the Silver Age Spider-man master artist! Click images to enlarge and enjoy!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Special Sunday 70s SPIDER-MAN Strip! Kraven's Deadly Challenge! Marvel Comics!

Once again into the fray, with a great full-color 1979 SPIDER-MAN Sunday strip installment! Kraven still has one more scheme in play, as he challenges Spidey to what may be his ultimate Waterloo! Click to enlarge, web-slingers!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

AVENGERS #50! Big, Bold John Buscema 1968 Original Cover Art! Hercules Lives! Marvel Comics!

Wow! Another original cover art find from the sensational Silver Age of comics! Here, from AVENGERS #50, is a pulse-pounding illo of Hercules pitted against an evil foe bent on the destruction of the Mighty Avengers! Can Hawkeye, Giant-Man and the Wasp come to his aid in time? Fantastic art by "Big" John Buscema, at the height of his artistic power! Be sure to note the subtle changes to the background between the drawing stage and final printing! An attempt to tame down the danger or implied violence of the original? Click to enlarge!

Friday, January 28, 2011

More Rare Pics from the 1966 BATMAN ABC-TV Series! Adam West! Yvonne Craig! DC Comics!

More fabulous and little-seen images from the heyday of the 1966 BATMAN TV show! Adam West rides in the local parade, meets young fans on the set, goes on an incognito vacation overseas (while reading some inconspicuous comic magazines) and even greets the Pope! Yvonne Craig (as Batgirl) watches herself on TV, and gets ready for filming! Click images to enlarge!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Batman's "Silent Night!" 1974 Christmas Tale by Albert Bigley! DC Comics?!

Just unearthed by a hard-working comics artifact finding team! They were able to procure only one page from my 1974 Batman Christmas tale, "Silent Night, Deadly Night!" I think I produced this, at age 9, for a class project, and boy, is it an oddbal item! Why is a "street peedler" dressed as Santa collecting "money for charity?" And how about that writing? Alan Moore, move over! Sure, I missed posting this late last month for the holidays, but better late than never! Click to enlarge!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CAPTAIN AMERICA 101! Jack Kirby Original 1968 Comic Art! Red Skull! Marvel Comics!

Wow! Thanks to the great Ferran Delgado's blog, here is the original cover art by Jack "King" Kirby (with inks by Syd Shores), for the classic CAPTAIN AMERICA #101! Cap JUST got his own mag (his 2nd comic book run, actually), and was blessed to have half of his original creative team back on his book, in the form of Kirby's power-punched pencilling! Here, Cap faces off with another Golden Age survivor, the evil Nazi, the Red Skull! Note the last-minute change to the head of the Red Skull, rendering him less frightening! Drama, power, suspense, and danger bubble over in this powerful image! It's even been used recently on some great new t-shirts! Click to enlarge!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ensign Chekov vs Davy Jones?! STAR TREK vs THE MONKEES?!

You heard right! As long-time TREK fans know, the addition of "Ensign Chekov" to the cast of the stellar Sixties show was a direct response to the popularity of THE MONKEES' own Davy Jones! Actor Walter Koenig was even forced to don a Jones-like mop-top wig, in an effort to look like the singing heart-throb, trading an English accent for a Wussian-er-Russian one! Here is a great 90s TV GUIDE piece that spotlights this strange-but-true Hollywood tale! Click to enlarge!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sensational SPIDER-MAN Super 70s Sunday Strip! Kraven's Last Gambit?

That's right! The evil jungle hunter Kraven considers his battle plan as he brings his struggle with Spidey closer to it's shattering conclusion! But--is it Peter Parker who is now in deadly danger? More 1979 SPIDER-MAN color Sunday strips by the masters: Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click to enlarge!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mystery Neal Adams BATMAN Cover! Can YOU Help Identify It? DC Comics!

Help! I can not place exactly what this fabulous full-color Neal Adams-drawn BATMAN cover was created for! A special reprint comic? A never-to-be-published giant tabloid? A Power Records book-and-record set? A poster? A toy or puzzle? A fan commission? It looks to be 70s vintage, but that's about all that can be gleaned from a careful scanning of this beautiful illo! You be the judge, and fill me in on the gory details, Real Frantic One! Click image to enlarge!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Rare 1966 BATMAN Lunchbox Artwork! Robin! DC Comics!

Yet another brain-blastin' rare find! The original art for the iconic 1966 Alladin BATMAN lunchbox! To be honest, what you see here is the re-created art for the re-release of the same lunchbox as a 1997 collectible for fans, but it's still great to see and study! Painted by long-time comics artist Bob Larkin (click here for more on his terrific work), the fun style and mood of the original paintings are completely captured! A wonderful piece of Batmania from the Silver and Modern Ages! Click to enlarge!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

1982 "Don Bigley Meets The Hulk" Comic Strip! Albert Bigley Art! Bill Bixby? Marvel Comics?

Not sure if this was part of a trio of hand-drawn comic-strip newspaper ads for my father's tire shop, but here is my (age 17) own illustrated tale of Dad Don Bigley meeting the Incredible Hulk! Silly and inspired by Marvel's satire book NOT BRAND ECHH, this is one odd little story, coming off like a demented 70s "Hostess Fruit Pie" comics ad! I thought it was funny to depict my father as constantly being draped in heavy shadow, as if he was a mysterious figure pulling stings from behind the scenes! Click to enlarge if ya really must!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

INCREDIBLE HULK 139! Original 1971 Herb Trimpe Cover Art! Marvel Comics!

Here it is! One of the most famous, most iconic covers of all time! Artist Herb Trimpe's "Many Foes Has The Hulk" cover, fronting HULK #139! A fabulous piece of work, spotlighting not only ol' Jade jaws, but also his never-ending cast of evil foes, such as the Sandman, Mandarin, and the ever-Absorbing man! Click to enlarge this power-packed piece of pulsating pencil-pushing!
Above: Herb Trimpe in a fairly recent pic! Below: Fred Hembeck's version of the above HULK cover art!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1966 Monkeemobile Article and Pics! Dean Jeffries at Work! The Monkees at Play!

A terrific Monkeemobile piece, from a 1966 HOT RODDER magazine! Creator Dean Jeffries is seen hard at work creating the wild and cool custom GTO for the MONKEES TV series, and this article has many specs for any gear-heads out there! Note the mention of a rear-hauled trailer for the car. Micky Dolenz has said that the car was to pull the trailer to gigs, then, upon the pull of a lever, become a performance stage the band could set up on! Glad that idea was dropped! A few Monkeemobiles exist today, used both for series filming, and rod show touring, so this is still a very sought-after collectible car! Click the images to enlarge!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Heroes Aren't Hard to Find! Early 80s Ads and Conventions! Marvel Comics!

A blitz of early 80s advertisements, con alerts, flyers, and rare art, all done for the HEROES AREN'T HARD TO FIND comic book store in North Carolina! Some great artwork by Paul Smith, Terry Austin. Mike Zeck, and others spotlight these super-rare items from the birthing days of the direct market! The store, and owner Shelton Drum, are still going strong, as one of the few US comic shop success stories! Click here to peek in on current HEROES doings! Click images to enlarge!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sensational Sunday 70s SPIDER-MAN Strip! Kraven the Hunter vs Carter the President? Only 1979 Marvel Comics Would Dare!

Once more into the fray with another rare 1979 SPIDER-MAN newspaper strip! Kraven tightens his death-grip in his evil scheme to eliminate Spidey once and for all, as the President stands by! Guest appearances by Tom Snyder and Amy and Billy Carter! More Stan Lee/John Romita Sr. Marvel magic! Click to enlarge!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

1985 Marvel Comics Rejection Letter! Jim Shooter Sez...

That's right. Altho very hard to believe, I once received one or two (dare I even say it?) rejection letters from comic book firms! I began sending in my (admittedly not-so-great) pencilling samples (look around this site for some of my early-80s gems) in 1985, only to receive a veritable mountain of such letters until getting the ball rolling professionally around 1988 or so (always being haunted by that feelings-cushioning phrase "not up to snuff" for years). At that time, I also very foolishly sent in my original art samples, not copies, which "Gentleman" Jim Shooter kindly returned, along with the note you see here. Say what you will about the (then) newly in-charge Shooter, but he didn't have to use his valuable time in such a manner, dealing with a possible comic pro newcomer like he did. 

I now use these letters to bolster the confidence of new artists looking to break in, demonstrating how you will face resistance, but if you simply keep at it... I hear comic firms no longer even look at new work, let alone take the time to send such rejections, so maybe we're looking at yet another relic from comicdom past! Click to enlarge!

Friday, January 14, 2011

1979 INCREDIBLE HULK Article in DYNAMITE Magazine! Lou Ferrigno! Marvel Comics!

The fantastic Lou Ferrigno takes the 70s spotlight once again in this 1979 DYNAMITE magazine article! Lou details his life, his struggle, and his role as Marvel's INCREDIBLE HULK (from the then-top rated CBS show) in this pathos-packed piece! Click images to enlarge!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rare BATMAN FOREVER Ads and Packaging! Jim Carrey as the Riddler! DC Comics!

Here are two colorful and attention-grabbing items from 1995, both tied in to that year's blockbuster film, BATMAN FOREVER! Great images and graphic design on both this Sugar (I mean CORN) Pops ad and McDonald's french fry holder, spotlighting actor Jim Carrey as the evil Riddler from what was may be the best and most memorable Batman film of the 80s and 90s (coming closest in tone to the great 70s Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams comic book epics)! Click images to enlarge!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1978 SUPERMAN Original Comic Art! Rich Buckler! DC Comics! Power Records!

Talk about a rare treat! From a late-70s book-and-record offering from the Power Records (Peter Pan) folks, here is a great SUPERMAN page by comics mainstay, Rich Buckler! Some great storytelling here, and an impressive image of the Man of Steel himself from another tie-in with the popularity of SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE! Read much more about the creation of this, and other Power Records products, from Rich himself, here! Buckler remains one of the most underrated comics artists of all time! What's YOUR opinion of his work? Click to enlarge images!

Wanna HEAR the original and exciting audio that goes with the page above? Click below!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

JIMMY OLSEN #112! Original 1968 Neal Adams Comic Art! Superman! DC Comics!

Wow! The original cover art for JIMMY OLSEN # 112? Can it be? You bet! Drawn in '68 by the incomparable Neal Adams (before famously re-defining both Batman and comic art a few years later), here is one of the most eye-catching covers of the swingin' Silver Age! Even tho issues of JO from this era were pretty odd and downright campy, Neal still manages to wring every ounce of drama and suspense from an otherwise silly scene! Click image to enlarge and enjoy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

1973 SPIDER-MAN Original Comic Art by John Romita Sr.! Ideal Playset! Marvel Comics!

Here is a great and iconic piece of SPIDER-MAN art, one that anyone who grew up in the 70s will recognize immediately! Drawn (in a rare horizontal format-and pasted up onto vellum) by master artist John Romita Sr., this masterpiece was created for the 1973 Ideal SPIDER-MAN playset, but was also used on glasses, posters, banners, "Slurpee" cups, and all manner of merchandise! Another impeccable work of comic art by a Silver and Bronze Age master! Click images to enlarge!