Monday, June 30, 2014

Silly 60s SUPERMAN Senselessness! Clark Kent! Lois Lane! DC Comics!

Yes, I know these are comic books. Four-colored pamphlets filled with tales about flying people with x-ray eyes and super-strength, meant to provide nothing more than a few minutes of fun entertainment for children. But, sometimes these Silver Age stories stretched credibility so far, and took things into such absurd directions, it defies description and believability. Take the below jaw-dropping examples, from two classic SUPERMAN comic tales…Click each to enlarge!

Above: I've always wondered how meek Clark Kent explained his Superman-like
physique, but here's the secret to keeping it always under wraps: You create and
hide a fully realistic fake arm ahead of time, then stage an elaborate beach
scenario, in the slim chance that pesky Lois Lane decides to view you and
feel your muscles! And, how about that cheeky Lois going thru the personal
belongings of her fellow staff members?

Above: Once again, Lois believes she's discovered Clark's other identity, so
what does Clark do to return her to disbeliever status? That's right! The
super-sensitive superhero pens a pretty proposal note to Lois, in the hope
that, since Superman himself would never confess his love, she'd believe that 

the smitten Clark must not be the Man of Steel! It's one thing to use a robot 
double, or stage an elaborate hoax to fool her, but to use her admitted 
feelings as part of the scheme?! And, then there's the sexist idea that 
compassionate Clark would be in a super-pickle if Lois had accepted...! 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Smashing 70s SPIDER-MAN Sunday Strip! The Deadly Danger Continues! Marvel!

Last time, we saw a satisfied Spidey spin a web over the sinister cult leader and his mindless minions, at long last! But, even with the loathsome leader of the cult captured and out of the picture, it looks as if the danger is not over! Spider-Man's own lady love now finds herself targeted by the remaining culties, all bent on her death! Now, it's up to Peter Parker to save her! But, can he thwart future attempts to crush cute Carole? More 1979 daily strips from Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click below to enlarge!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Captain America and Thor! The "Lost" 1976 Mead School Supplies! Back to School!

I've previously covered the lovely line of Mead's 1976 Marvel-soaked school supplies here, but look at what I stumbled upon at a recent local comics convention! That's right! Meticulous Mead, in addition to their Marvel notebooks, binders, folders, and loose-leaf paper packages, also offered these dramatic drawing pads in 1976! Sporting the same covers as some of their other products, these art pads were a bit of a departure for the line (maybe Mead thought these could be useful in school art classes?), but are sure nice to see! Click below to enlarge!

Above: Altho the dealer lists these as being from 1975, the Mead
line was in stores for the 1976 back-to-school season! Check those
insane prices being asked for!

BONUS! Click below to blow up this rare in-store poster for the madcap Mead Marvel merch!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

More Sizzlin' '66 BATMAN Pics and Sounds! "Here Comes the Batmobile!"

Let's swing right into action, as we peek at more rare BATMAN 1966 artifacts and treasures! Click each image to enlarge, ol' chum!

Above four images: Torn from the sweat-stained pages of a 1966 SCIENCE & MECHANICS
issue, here is an insider's close-up view of the Batmobile!

Above: Frank Gorshin ("Riddler") goes wild, on
the set of the BATMAN pilot episode!

Above two images: I assume this was a report of an energetic East Coast personal
appearance by Adam West ("Batman") and Burt Ward ("Robin"), to hype
the summer '66 release of the BATMAN movie...

Above three images: Rare color set production art, by Leslie Thomas, for a
Catwoman death-trap, the lair of Zelda the Great, and the Batcave itself! A big 

thanks to Dave Swartz for providing scans of these artifacts! See Dave's work 
at his "Music, Matting, and Art" FaceBook page! Just click here!

Above: A cheeky internal Bat-memo, discussing actor Mickey Rooney
becoming the Penguin, and Skip Ward starring in the GREEN
HORNET show! Neither came to pass!

Above: Another 70s personal appearance by Burt Ward!
Thanks to Sam Maronie for this one!

Above: An early-80s appearance by Burt and Adam
on the syndicated JOHN DAVIDSON SHOW!

BAT-BONUS! Click below to hear another kid-friendly cut from the 1966 LP, "Batman Musical Stories!"

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Special 70s Sunday SPIDER-MAN Strips! The Final Loss of Loomis! 1979 MarvelMania!

Last time, we watched with (big) glee, as Spidey brought down the final curtain on the loopy Loomis, and his kooky cult! Now, the screwy Svengali takes his final bow, as Spider-Man reveals to the former followers the true nature of the personage they were worshipping! But, there are always repercussions after an event such as this, but what will they mean for Spidey? More 1979 newspaper strips by Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click below to enlarge!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Monkees Re-Mix! SUNNY GIRLFRIEND! Live 2014 Concert Performance!

Just click here!

More Neal Adams Comic Art Rarities! Unpublished Covers! Batman! Green Arrow! X-Men! DC!

Take a look below to glance at some more nifty Neal Adams tidbits, from the 60s and 70s! Click each to enlarge!

Above: Neal's unpublished pencil-and-ink sketch (left) that was to be the cover
of the famed BRAVE AND THE BOLD #85, from 1969! We see the published
cover on the right! Was it decided the fully-costumed (GA sports a then-
new set of dynamic duds designed by Neal) heroes needed to be

Above: Another unused (left) Neal-produced cover idea, this time for the front
of 1970's BATMAN #226! The published version appears on the right! Was the
Caped Crusader's original pose seen as too awkward?

Above: The Neal-pencilled wrap-around cover to the fan-made NEAL ADAMS
INDEX, from 1974! Not only do Green Lantern and Green Arrow appear, but so
do Batman, Black Canary, a Guardian of Oa, and the WARP characters...

Above: A cute "Green Lantern" gag illo from within the index...!

Above two images: An insightful period interview with Neal, again from the index! 

Above: Neal's original cover for 1969's X-MEN #56 (left), and the published
version (right)! What say you? Were the figures of the defeated X-Men
truly overpowering the logo's readability (even with said logo given a
thick black outline)?

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Monkees in 1968-69! HEAD! Gold Record Awards! Prize Winners! The Banana Splits?!?

Here we go again, dipping into my massive Monkees files for some more rare pics, clips, and clicks! Hit each below to enlarge and enjoy!

Above three images: As part of the famed SATURDAY EVENING POST 1966
pic session, here are the guys posed for some dramatic group shots!

Above: Davy graciously receives the gold disc award for the

Above three images: Speaking of awards, dig the super swag these lucky
lasses received from 16 MAGAZINE back in '68! Where are these valuable
props, wardrobes, and treasures today?!

Above: The Monkees in 1968, on location for their NBC-TV series!

Above: The band arrives for some amazing Australian concert
 dates in '68, taking time for pics and press conferences!

Above: The group on location in '68, filming the
oddball "war scenes" for their movie, HEAD!

Above: Are you kidding me? The Monkees are really the Banana Splits?
Say…have you ever seen the two bands in the same room together? Hmmm...

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sizzling 70s Sunday SPIDER-MAN Strip! Loomis vs. Lombard! '79 Marvel Magic!

Last time, we watched with unrestrained glee, as Spidey pulled tight on the tangled web wrapped around the evil cult leader, Loomis! The Webbed Wonder has revealed that the loathsome Loomis is really a dangerous escaped criminal, but the abundant brain-washed believers just won't be swayed! Can Spidey save his skin against a throng of livid Loomis lovers? Will the always-dependable Robbie come to his rescue? More rare 1979 daily strips from Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click below to enlarge, Web-Slingers!

Friday, June 13, 2014

"It's a Bird, It's a Plane--It's Superman!" Rare Pics and Text! 1966 DC Comics Find!

I've covered this famous 1966 play before, but here, direct form the hefty tome THE BEST PLAYS OF 1965-1966, come some little-seen pics and facts about this live-action Man of Steel spectacle! Click below to enlarge not only the (truncated) script from this comic camp-fest musical, but also pics of the production in progress, cast listings, and behind-the-scenes info! 

Above: Dig that wonderful Al Hirschfeld illustration!

David Newman and Robert Benton would later be involved
in the 70s SUPERMAN films starring Chris Reeve!

Above: Actress Linda Lavin ("Sydney") went on to bigger
fame as the title character on CBS-TV's ALICE in the 70s...

SUPER-BONUS! Click below to glare at these special pics relating to this boffo Broadway bonanza!

Above: Actor Bob Holiday ("Superman") dares to step into
the "real world" between show performances!

Above: A rare color shot from the production!

Above: NYC venue the Alvin (later renamed as the Neil
Simon Theatre) advertises the play in '66...

Above: From a 1966 SUPERMAN issue, here's a mention
of actor Bob Holiday plugging the musical on
nationwide TV!

Thanks to Steven Thompson for the above clipping!