Saturday, March 17, 2012

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!? 1976 Albert Bigley Comic Art! Marvel Comics?!

Yowza! I found just the thing to wet your appetite for this summer's big-screen AVENGERS movie! Here is my swingin' 1976 illustration of the mighty assemblers in mind-bursting battle action! The gang's all here! Not only Captain America, but Iron Man, and those sensational and sexy (?) super-heroines, Hellcat and (a very large) Scarlet Witch! What do ya want from an 11-year-old me?! Sheesh! At least I was quite forward-thinking, adding the high-flying Falcon a full three years before he'd be officially added to the team! Click to enlarge!

Monday, March 5, 2012

ComicAL Action Heroes! 1976 Albert Bigley Artwork! Batman? DC Comics?!

Ah, yes, here we have more 1976 illustrations, in which I drew inspiration from another set of toys from the venerable Mego corporation! This time it's the gawd-awful, super-awkward "Comic Action Heroes!" CAH was a sad line of barely-painted, stiffly posed (what are their hands doing there, anyway?) "action" figures! Mego produced these alongside with their original 8-inch line of figures, as a way to hedge the ever-spiralling plastic and petroleum costs in the the mid-70s, but the line didn't exactly set the waiting world ablaze! But, it does seem I (age 11) was somewhat excited enough by them to draw a line-up of these three DC stalwarts! Click to enlarge, figure fans!

I probably used images from the COMIC ACTION HEROES catalog (came with the figures) for this scene!