Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Custom Mego Card Craziness! Catwoman! Rare Batgirl Figure! DC Comics!

I can't help myself. I have to create crazy custom cards for many of the action figures in my collection, be they original 70s issues, my own customs, or recent re-releases of the older gems! Click below to enlarge these indelible images of my new displays for two Mego Bat-blasts-from-the-past, Batgirl and Catwoman!

Above: That's right! It's one of the rare "screen-printed body suit" Batgirl
figures, made by Mego, briefly, in '74! The firm soon went to a different
type of outfit for the figure, making this version quite rare! I was lucky

to pick this up at a comics show, for a song!

Above: I wanted to create a custom card for the figure's display, one that reflected
the original toy graphics! So, I re-worked and re-figured the classic Carmine Infantino
art, and brought in familiar Mego card graphics and logos...

Above: Although her outfit and base figure are original issue,  I added
the custom glove fins, and a repo cape and helmet!

Above: The Batgirl custom card, featuring colossal Carmine Infantino!
The logo was whipped up by Don Heck, BG's early 70s artist!

Above: The actual 1967 DETECTIVE COMICS cover from which the
above Batgirl card image was lifted (with a ton of re-figuring)!
Art by Carmine Infantino!

Above: Here is the recent (from Figures, Inc.) re-issue of the catty Catwoman!
I wanted a card that had the feel of the  original 70s Mego offerings, so...
Once I added the other Mego logos and graphics, a terrific display was born!

Above: The custom Catwoman card, featuring re-worked Neal Adams art!

Above: Here's the actual 1969 BATMAN comic cover from
which the above capering Catwoman image was lifted!
Art by Neal Adams!

Above: Both fabulous figures, displayed!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Madcap Marvel Mego (Custom) Madness! "1967 Cartoon Spidey!" Steve Rogers! Cap!

Back again with the latest load of fabulous Mego-like custom action figures (and packaging)! Click below to see (and read about) these very latest (and very greatest) bits of superhero surprises!

Above two images: Direct from the recent Diamond Select boxed set of Mego-like figures,
here is their Captain America (with some custom touches), along with military private 

Steve Rogers! I added the original Mego "Cap" uniform beneath Steve's regulation 
gear, along with his Golden Age shield, a customized empty helmet, and...

Above three pics: Here is Diamond's recent  Mego Spidey, with a re-painted 
custom head! Great and perfect version of the Web-Slinger that we all 
wanted in '73!

BELOW: Click to enlarge this parcel of power-packed pics of a custom Spidey figure, based on the gripping graphics from the sensational '67 cartoon series!

The talented Austin Hough provided the special screen-printed bodysuit (I added
the customized painted head) seen here paired with a custom box (acquired
from the land of eBay!

Above: I had to do it! I used the great graphics (supplied by Anthony Durso) from 
the box, and made my own custom display card, using those same memorable 
images that evoke thoughts of the swingin' '67 series!

Above: The customized card and figure are enclosed in a clear clam-shell!

Above: My custom card, created for the unique action figure
seen above! Love those '67 cartoon graphics!

Above: What fan or collector wouldn't have loved this sensational Silver-Age figure back in the day?