Sunday, April 2, 2017

Madcap Marvel Mego (Custom) Madness! "1967 Cartoon Spidey!" Steve Rogers! Cap!

Back again with the latest load of fabulous Mego-like custom action figures (and packaging)! Click below to see (and read about) these very latest (and very greatest) bits of superhero surprises!

Above two images: Direct from the recent Diamond Select boxed set of Mego-like figures,
here is their Captain America (with some custom touches), along with military private
Steve Rogers! I added the original Mego "Cap" uniform beneath Steve's regulation
gear, along with his Golden Age shield, a customized empty helmet, and...

Above three pics: Here is Diamond's recent  Mego Spidey, with a re-painted 
custom head! Great and perfect version of the Web-Slinger that we all 
wanted in '73!

BELOW: Click to enlarge this parcel of power-packed pics of a custom Spidey figure, based on the gripping graphics from the sensational '67 cartoon series!

The talented Austin Hough provided the special screen-printed bodysuit (I added
the customized painted head) seen here paired with a custom box (acquired
from the land of eBay!

Above: I had to do it! I used the great graphics from the box, and made
my own custom display card, using those same memorable images that evoke
thoughts of the swingin' '67 series!

Above: The customized card and figure are enclosed in a clear clam-shell!

Above: My custom card, created for the unique action figure
seen above! Love those '67 cartoon graphics!

Above: What fan or collector wouldn't have loved this sensational Silver-Age figure back in the day?

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