Wednesday, July 21, 2021

"Classic Daredevil" 2021 Action Figure! The Making of a Custom Card and Figure! Marvel!

Another customized figure/card set, this time using my new DAREDEVIL cosplay (see that here)! Click below to enlarge images, as you follow along!

Above: Like with my Ant-Man custom card (seen here), a dramatic
pose is cobbled together in Photoshop, using various pics of me as DD!
I tried to get that sense of exaggerated comics perspective and
foreshortening! Some "posterization" effects were added, along
with other adjustments and alterations...

Above: The finished card, with all the graphic elements in place!

Above: Not liking the available Daredevil figure from the line, I used
their Bullyeye character to create my own DD figure, one that
looks a bit more like my own cosplay! Some careful painting
and tweaks and customizations (billy club made using a piece
of a parts tree from a model kit, holster and strap made
from folded Bristol board, chest insignia and belt
made using pics of the actual cosplay), and the figure is
ready to go!

Above: The card and figure! They work great together, visually!

Monday, July 12, 2021

"Classic Ant-Man" 2021 Action Figure! The Making of a Custom Card and Figure! Marvel!

 Continuing my line of custom-made action figure cards that make use of my own cosplay images (see others here and here), below is my new Ant-Man customized figure and card! Click all images to enlarge, as you follow along!

Above: Using a ton of different pics of me in the cosplay costume
(see it here), I cut-and-pasted limbs, heads, hands, and legs, all in an 
attempt to achieve a very foreshortened action pose! Once done, I used
a few Photoshop filters (to create a line-oriented "comic art
look"), and some further effects, all to get the figure I
envisioned for the card front!

Above: The original card (left), and my revised card (right)! 
I used Photoshop to add, move, reconstruct, or replace elements
for better composition.

Above: My finished card, printed on heavy card stock,
and ready for adding the figure!

Above: Now to revise the figure itself, to look like me!
To create his belt, I simply used Photoshop and
photos of the costume, to reconstruct the unique belt
for printing (at a very tiny size), to then place upon the

Above: The original figure (left), and my finished, customized figure (right)!
Ant-Man's blue accessories were painted black, matching costume details were added,
and belt affixed! 

Above: The finished custom card and figure, ready for display!

A great way to celebrate the amazing costume design
work of 60s comic artists Jack Kirby and Larry Lieber! 

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

"Classic Daredevil!" The Step-By-Step Making of a Sensational Silver/Bronze-Age Cosplay!

 Here is my latest addition to the roster of Silver and Bronze-Age comic cosplays (another can be seen here)! This time I tackled the classic comics look of the blind superhero swashbuckler, Daredevil! Click below to enlarge images, as you follow along on the creation of this crazy cosplay!

Above: I wanted to recreate a live version of the famous 60s
Silver Age version of Daredevil, as seen in the amazing artwork of 
Wally Wood and John Romita, Sr.! 

Above: The initial Daredevil helmet, as offered
by the very talented Comic World
Cosplay folks!

Above: Fresh from the box, the helmet looks
and works great, but I wanted to tighten
up that chin strap (with some careful
cutting and re-attaching), and add
my own lenses!

Above: The original helmet again, with its fine
cloth eye mesh. Looks great, but a wee bit hard
to see through effectively, so...

Above: Time to remove the original cloth lenses...

Above: Using red-tint auto films, I created
my own lenses and brackets...

Above: The new lenses added to the
helmet interior!

Above two images: With the tightened chin strap and
new lenses, the helmet is almost ready!

Above: I designed the bodysuit, going for a "deep scarlet with
highlights" feel, and had it printed overseas
by the ZentaiZone people...

Above: The printed bodysuit, coming out a bit light.
I submitted a 2nd version, with deeper contrast all
around, trying to achieve a dark red velvet feel...

Above: The 2nd bodysuit, with the deeper red/higher contrast feel!

Above: To help with the "dark red catching highlights" feel,
I depended on the usual slight bodysuit sheen also
contribute to that look!

Above: The semi-gloss boots and gloves were
easily found online, and I deliberately
shortened both, to match the comics look!

Above two images: The belt was made using foam sheets! To 
better match (and contrast a bit against) the suit motif, I used 
two different shades of red to continue the feel of the rest
of the costume!

Above: One of the most difficult aspects of making this cosplay
was matching the color and tint of certain accessories!
I wanted the gloves, boots, and portions of the belt/holster
to all have a similar solid shade of red, as opposed to the
varied "light-to-dark" areas of the bodysuit.

Above: I used a plastic holder for
the billy-club holster, with attached
cut pieces of foam for the belt loop!

Above: Found online, here is a simple
club/pointer, used here for the famous 
Daredevil billy club! I removed the outer
soft foam grip...

Above: The newly-naked club gets a paint
coating of gloss red...

Above: The club came with an internal telescoping
arm, and I added a stopper device (made from a modified
saline solution bottle cap), so all it takes is
popping open that stopper, then snapping the club,
to make the arm quickly telescope out!

Above: The club, holster and leg secure!

Above: A test of the entire ensemble!
It's fine, but the helmet and belt need a bit
more contrast, in order to "pop!"

Above: Adding a bit more bright red highlight
areas to the cowl, to further tie the helmet into the
color theme of the rest of the costume!

Above:  This is more like it! After adding a bit more 
bright red to the mask, and modifying
 the belt just a bit,
I'm pleased 
with the entire effect!

Above: The balaclava worn beneath the cowl
was made by a local seamstress, as were
the trunks!

Above: Of course, I was going for the look of the character
as depicted by comics artists like Wally Wood and Gene Colan!

Above: The telescoping billy club in action!
Pic by The Variant.

I love creating live versions of iconic, classic comics superheroes!
Characters such as Daredevil, Black Bolt, or Spider-Man (seen here)
were depicted in such big, bold colorful stokes, and I want to capture 
that chunky graphic boldness in my cosplay builds!

Above: Using my own DD cosplay, I created my own custom card
and action figure! See more here!