Tuesday, February 15, 2022

"70s Batman" 2022 Action Figure! The Making of a Custom Figure and Card! Cosplay Craziness!

 Along with a few other of my cosplays (seen here and here), I decided to also have my "70s Batman" cosplay scanned and made into a 3D mini-statue! Click below to follow along and enlarge pics!

Above: My actual "Bronze-Age Batman" cosplay! See more here!

Above: After the scanning of me in the suit, the 
wonderful Shrunk3D folks soon cobbled
up a detailed tiny "mini-me!" Looks great,
but I wanted to darken up those black areas...

Above: Time to use putty to mask off all the non-black
surfaces, then add a few coatings of gloss black
spray paint!

Above: That's better! Much more dramatic contrast!

I added a few paint touches to my mini-statue, such
as the gloss black areas, and an orange base!

Of course, I just had to create a custom card
as a display backer for the nifty new figure!

The "action figure" added to his custom card!
Very striking and bold! 

Sunday, January 23, 2022

"1966 TV Batman" 2022 Action Figure! The Making of a Custom Card and Figure! Cosplay Hi-jinks!

 Once again, the wonderful folks at Shrunk3D have done it again! They've supplied me with a little statue of myself, suited up as "1966 TV Batman!" Follow along below, as I detail the making of this tiny titan, and how I created a custom "action figure" and card using the figure!

Above: Me as "'66 TV Batman!" See more here!

Above: After being scanned by the Shrunk3D team, I
soon received this detailed sculpture! I knew I wanted 
the blue portions to better reflect the true sheen and
depth of the cosplay outfit, so...

Using putty, I masked off the non-blue areas of the sculpt, then
came in with some metallic blue paint applications...

Now we're talking! I added a proper chest emblem, some clear 
gloss touches, and soon this one-of-a-kind "Adam West Batman"
was ready to go!

Above: What better way to display this little figure than 
with his own custom card, re-imagining it as a newly-
offered action figure?

The figure really "pops" when displayed with this dynamic card backing!

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Sensational Spidey Statue! A Superhero Gets Small! Custom Cosplay Hi-jinks!

After a few years of cosplaying as "classic comics Spider-Man" (see that here), I decided to have the character and cosplay professionally scanned and converted into a 3D statue! Click below to enlarge images and learn more!

The 3D statue, scanned and created by the folks at Shrunk 3D!

The scanning process took literally 3 seconds, as the Shrunk 3D folks
use a large array of cameras to scan you, and use that "mapping"
to later sculpt the final statue! No problem keeping a pose for that 
short amount of time!

It's a very odd sensation to look at yourself (and the  cosplay
you put so much work into) in this form. 

The final statue stands around 9 inches tall, and is very detailed!
It has the feel and look of a classic Aurora superhero model kit!

Above three images: The Spidey sculpt joins my collection!

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

"Classic Daredevil" 2022 Action Figure! The Making of a Custom Card and Figure! Marvel!

Another customized figure/card set, this time using my new DAREDEVIL cosplay (see that here)! Click below to enlarge images, as you follow along!

Above: Like with my Ant-Man custom card (seen here), a dramatic
pose (for the card front)  is cobbled together in Photoshop, using various pics
of me as DD! I tried to get that sense of exaggerated comics perspective and
foreshortening! Some "posterization" effects were added, along
with other adjustments and alterations...

Above: The finished card, with all the graphic elements in place!

Above images: Daredevil prepares to be scanned for his own
little mini-me statue! The fine folks at Shrunk3D used their Kirby-esque
equipment to create an accurate action figure of me as DD!

Above: The final printed sculpt! All this mini-figure needed
was some paint applications from me!

Above: The finished figure, with paint and
minor customizations added!

Above images: The DD figure on his custom card! Works great!

Above: Sharp-eyed comics fans will recognize my pose as
an homage to this famed 60s plastic Marx DD figure!