Saturday, July 18, 2020

"TV Incredible Hulk" Mego Action Figure Custom! Lou Ferrigno Lives!

I had lots of fun creating my own customized Mego action figure based on the 70s live-action TV version of the ever-incredible Hulk! Click each image to enlarge!

Above ten images: Using a wonderful fan-made head sculpt (found years ago on eBay),
one made to resemble Lou Ferrigno in the role of the Hulk, I applied a basic
green coat, followed by some light overhead highlights, and lower
darker shading. Next came detailing  the hair, eyes, brows and teeth!

Above: The finished complete figure! Using Mego's basic 1975
Hulk body (after it was painted and detailed to match the new head),
the look is complete!

Above: Some gloss paint was added to the eyes and teeth,
creating an even more realistic look!


Above: The figure on its own custom card! I love to create graphics
that are very bold and direct, like Mego's original packaging from
the early 70s!

Above: The custom card I created!

Above: The original 1975 Hulk figure from Mego, used
as my base figure for this customization!

Saturday, July 11, 2020

1967 TV Batgirl Action Figure! The Making of a Custom Card! DC Comics!

As with my custom 1966 "Screen-Test Batman" custom packaging (see it here), I just had to create some dynamic backing for Funko's very nice Batgirl companion figure, from the same "BATMAN '66" line! Click below to enlarge images!

Above: Upon finding a wonderful (and vertical) pic of
actress Yvonne Craig as Batgirl, I next used
Photoshop to revise and rework the image, to
match the feel of the Batman custom packaging!

Above: I also added the logos and such from
the toy line, also leaving ample amounts of
unadorned areas behind the figure, to
bring further emphasis to it!

Above: Once the figure and blister were
removed from the original card, it was
carefully glued down onto the new
backing, ready for display!

Above: The custom card itself, before adding the figure!

Above: The toy as seen on store shelves, with original dull packaging.