Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Daredevil vs. Captain America! The Making of a Marvel Cosplay Comics Cover! Video!

 I had to do it!

Using my own cosplay design for Daredevil and Captain America, I just had to recreate this eye-catching colossal cover from 1968!

The Jack Kirby-drawn cover scene to DAREDEVIL #43 is one of the most iconic, most dynamic images ever, and it was fairly easy to replicate, using these two cosplays!

Click below to enlarge the image, and to check out the accompanying video, to see just how I did it!

Wanna look into the process of how the above sensational scene was created? Just glom onto this short and sweet video!

Thursday, October 27, 2022

The Vision! The Making of a Sensational 70s Cosplay! Avengers!

 I had to tackle yet another iconic 60s-70s big and bold comics superstar, this time the original Vision! As based on the famed Avenger (created by Roy Thomas), here is the sensational synthezoid as he was meant to look! Click images below to enlarge and enjoy!

Above: The finished cosplay! Read along below to see how I
assembled this colossal comics costume!

Above six images: Using a basic red "blank face"
plastic mask, I then detailed it with various "techno"
motifs, evoking curcuit boards and wiring. I then
added some flexible rubber liner in the eye
areas...Added a plastic yellow "gem..."

Above two images: Using a template for creating a heat-formed,
foam-made neck appliance, I figured out the final neck collar look
by adding a modified dress shirt collar to the neck
structure...Then came the tons of fabric stiffener and 
gold spray paint (and spray gloss sealants)..

Above three images: The assembled collar carefully
placed and velcro-ed to the bodysuit!

Above two images: I found the diaphanous cape online, and
liked the fact that it came with an attached hood (enabling
me to give the Vision a "hooded wraith" kinda vibe)!
After much trial-and-error, I was able to get the cape
to work with the collar...

Above: Finding the perfect gloves, I continued the 
"circuitry tech" to portions of the palms and reverse side...

Above: My design for the bodysuit, again using the repeating
circuitry pattern, combined with the traditional comics
look for the character!

Above: The full look! Adding boots and belt (and a thick 
neck chain), the overall vibe really works!

Pic by Fablegraph

Pic byFablegraph

Pic by Fablegraph

The best part of any cosplay: Getting out of the *#$% thing!

BONUS! Click below to see a fun special effects-laden video spotlighting
the the making of this captivatin' cosplay! 

BONUS BONUS: Peek below to see see a fun video
from Heroes Con '23, taken by Greg Anderson Elysee!