Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Spider-Man 2021 Action Figure! The Making of a Custom Card! Marvel!

 The kooky Kenner folks have produced a new (as of 2021) line of Marvel action figures, complete with colorful 70s-themed artwork! I got the idea to design new cards for certain figures in the line, but featuring my own cosplay images! First up: Spider-Man! Click below to follow along, and enlarge images!

Above: The actual card and figure, as 
seen on store shelves!

Above: My custom card, using images of myself as
Spider-Man (seen here)! Created in Photoshop, with extra graphics
and elements added!

Above: The card, with figure added!

Above: The Spidey figure also needed custom touches, such
as work on his eyes, and a deeper blue suit motif!

Monday, December 21, 2020

Robin! The 1966 Aurora Model Kit Re-Built! Batman! DC Comics!

Here's the super-fun 1999 re-issue of the famed Aurora "Robin" model kit! The original kit was released in 1966 (within a blast of other Bat-kits), at the dizzying heights of Batmania! This titanic toy captures Robin in a dramatic action pose, shutting down a devious death-trap! In the late-90s, the riotous rascals at Revell re-issued the kit, making many die-hard comics and kit fans quite happy! I had so much fun customizing this, and lovingly re-building and painting it! Click images below to enlarge!

This is actually a re-issue of the mid-70s
Robin kit from the "Comic Scenes" line, using
an updated "Teen Wonder" head sculpt!

I used a paint marker to add the
"tiles" on the floor! I added my
own custom stickers for many of the
gauges and computer read-outs!

I loved using both matte and high-gloss paints
and sealants on the model, creating a nice contrast!

By restricting the base largely to black and silver, I
was able to nicely contrast it against Robin's
bright costume colors, making the figure truly 
stand out!

You can see my heavily-customized Batman model
kit, the companion to this one, right here!

BONUS: Click below to see the original 1966 kit, including the original head sculpt!

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

More Custom Captain America Cosplay! New Designs!

Having fun with yet another new Captain America bodysuit, this one incorporating a sleek custom design that allows me to use my vinyl Cap helmet (as used here with another Cap cosplay) with a printed bodysuit! Lots of fun! Click images below to enlarge!

Above: My new custom bodysuit design, incorporating
different elements from many varied Cap
iterations from the past!

Above: I wanted to create a Lycra suit that could 
incorporate my existing Cap costume accessories, including
my vinyl helmet! That meant adding color schemes
that matched the deep navy of the helmet, in addition
to the lighter blue tones!

Above: Adding my existing gloves, belt, boots, and
shield from my "TV Cap" cosplay (seen here), the look
really came together!

Above: Since this new cosplay reminded me
of a sleek "super spy" version of Cap,
I just had to recreate this famed 1968
paperback novel cover! Tons of fun!

Monday, September 21, 2020

"1966 Screen-Test Batman!" The Making of a New Cosplay!

So, since I already owned all the Bat-accessories for my other '66 Batman" cosplays (click here), I decided to create a real rare one! Here is my take on the little-seen "screen-test TV Batman," wearing a costume similar to the makeshift outfit created for actor Adam West during his filmed try-outs for the "Batman" role! Click mage below to enlarge!

Above: Here are Burt Ward ("Robin") and Adam West ("Batman")
filming their '65 screen tests for their respective roles.
Of course, when filming officially began, the Batman
costume and cowl would be re-worked to its more
familiar look!

Above: My custom "screen-test" bodysuit design, incorporating
the unique bat-insignia seen in the screen-test footage!

Above: The bodysuit, combined with the
other suit accessories!

Above: I added custom ears to the cowl, to mimic
the longer ears seen in the screen-test footage!