Friday, July 17, 2009

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Saturday, July 4, 2009


Again, an attempt to create my own "Marvel handbook," circa 1976.

I picked a then-new Spidey villain, the Mirage, to begin my project. Of course, this is as far as I got, one I saw that real work was involved, and a HAPPY DAYS rerun was on TV...

Gotta love that great capsule summary of the contents of SPIDER-MAN 156, huh? See that little vignette of Spidey atop the chandelier?

LOVE that Romita Sr cover. They don't get no better..

Comic "Action" Heroes!

From around 1976, here is my attempt at a new front display piece for the Mego action figure carrying case. Love that Joker!

I discovered you could slit the plastic front and remove the old image board, and insert any new one, so I made my own, but this time, it's for the diminutive Comic Action Figures! You know, the sad little, poorly-crafted Mego plastic figures that look as if they're--uh--pleasuring themselves...heh...

This plan was soon abandoned once I realized the Mego case was the perfect size for pacing in around 20 comic books...Off to school with them I went!


Like most kids, I was sweep up briefly in Fonzie-mania around 1976.

Gaze upon my portrait of Henry Winkler now, and try to get it out of your mind.


Marvel Handbook 1976! Villains, Too!!

One of my many projects from back then. My own "portfolio" of the Marvel Characters, years before the MARVEL HANDBOOK or such kinda thing.

As usual, I only got as far as cover pencils, and half a contents page...Sigh...

Notice my note to replace that odd head with Conan, and the wobbly "radar sense" effect around Daredevil's noggin. Too much coffee?

Cap sure looks peeved, with Spidey ramming his nether regions in his face...

I also love the "hair helmets" on the men...

Also, check my feeble attempt to portray Doc Banner's metamorphosis on that Hulk head on the content's page...

Paper Batman

Around 1977, I went thru a period using colored paper to create some "art."

The idea was to cut out only the shape you needed in THAT color, paste it together like an overlapping mosaic, and away you go.

Fun and frightening.

"No Less..."

Another old drawing by me, circa 1977.

Has a strong John Byrne flavor, so maybe I was digging his then-current MARVEL TEAM-UP run.

Spidey sure is agile, huh?

You can barely make out the "Spidey--no less" inscription..