Saturday, December 13, 2014

Another Look (Up in The Sky) at the 1966 SUPERMAN Broadway Musical! DC Comics!

Dig this nice recent magazine feature on the little-known 1966 musical, IT'S A BIRD, IT'S A PLANE, IT'S SUPERMAN! Altho this plucky play is still being revived here and there, it's best known from its mid-60s run, when it rode the wave of the colorful pop art craze, and the dizzying heights of "Batmania!" Click below to enlarge, and click here to peruse past posts covering this manic musical!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"1966 Batman" Returns! To the 2014 NC Comicon! Special Guest Stars: Neal Adams! Zatanna! "TV's Frank?!"

Just back from Durham's notorious NC Comicon, with plenty of cosplay-centric pics and surprises! Click each below to enlarge!

Above: Once again, I broke out the "'66 Batman" duds, but this
time it features an all-new cape and other awesome updates!

Above: Batman stalks the aisles! This was one of the few
times the area wasn't cramped with frenzied, frantic fans!

Above: Batman looks out over Gotham--er--I mean Durham!

Above three images: This has to be the greatest bit
of cosplay at the show! Galactus lives! Sorta.

Above: Just a glimpse at what goes on under that cowl!

Above: One congenial cosplayer came completely costumed as "Dr. Forrester," from 
the famed and much-missed MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Can "TV's Frank"
be far behind?!

Above: Speak of the devil! It's me with talented actor/writer Frank Conniff!

Above: It's my own lovely wife, Allyson, making an appearance with the Tardis!

Above: Hawkeye and Thor appear, sporting very detailed costumes and accessories!

Above: "Who's this poser?!"

Above: Doc Zaius from PLANET OF THE APES!

Above: The original "kitten with a whip," Catwoman!

Above: How many times can I put this guy in the slammer? The
Penguin returns! Above three images are courtesy!

Above: Time-trippin' with baby Kang!

Above two images: "I'm the (baby) Juggernaut, %^@#$*!!"

Above: The evil Mr. Freeze looks for trouble!

Above: I'm joined by Allyson Bigley as "Robin!"

Above: Artist Neal Adams, cornered and angry!

Above: A magical moment with Zatanna and Batman! 
Hey, who's that other guy on the left? Photo-bomber!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

ZAP! Custom "1966 TV Batman" Mego Packaging! DC Comics! Adam West!

You've seen the others, and here (at last) is my custom packaging for the new "1966 BATMAN TV series" Mego-style action figure! Click below to enlarge!

Above: The great new action figure of the "1966 TV Batman," but
delivered on not-so-great packaging….Time to fix that...

Above: Using some alternate pics from Adam West's famed 1966 photo
shoot for TV GUIDE, cobbled together this dynamic design, with an eye
toward keeping it graphically inked to the other three custom
pop-art packages I whomped up...

Above: The custom card within the "clamshell" package...

Above: The figure added to his own custom packagingMuch better!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Billy Batson Says--"SHAZAM!" 1974 Albert Bigley Original Comic Art! DC Comics?!

Back with another one from the over-stuffed vaults! Dig this 1974 pencil artwork, created by a 9-year-old me, featuring none other than (a somewhat shrimpy) Captain Marvel and his youthful alter ego, Billy Batson, caught in mid-transformation! I'm sure I drew this in response to the then-new SHAZAM! Saturday morning series, which sparked a fresh interest in these Golden Age characters, not only for me, but also for many other young comics fans then! Click below to enlarge!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Batman! 1939 "First Appearance" Custom "Mego" Action Figure! DC Comics!

Another Mego-style custom action figure? Yes! This is my latest, sort of a "first appearance" Batman, similar to how he was depicted during his debut, in that famed 1939 issue of DETECTIVE COMICS! Click below to enlarge each image!

Above: Select panels from the first appearance of the Caped Crusader,
from 1939's DETECTIVE COMICS #27! This primal version of the
crime-busting character was my inspiration for the figure pictured below!

Above three pics: This custom figure started with this nice "early Batman" head
sculpt, bought from a talented sculptor/customizer..The head on the right was
prepped at the same time, to be used with my "Golden Age Batman"
custom figure...

Above: The complete figure! Along with the custom head, I used a "Doc Mego" gray
bodysuit, along with a gold-painted Mego "Iron Man" belt...

Above: I customized some standard Mego boots to create the
sharply-pointed black footwear from the early days of the character!

Above: I hand-crafted the cape, using some stiff paper material...

Above: I added layers of the thick paper material to the
shoulders, to create a folded, "clasped at the neck" look..

Above: The chest insignia is hand-drawn on sticky-backed
paper, then carefully cut out, then applied to the chest...

Above: My latest Batman custom figure joins the
"Golden Age" Batman, next to a custom Mego Batcycle!