Monday, August 25, 2014

Batman! 1939 "First Appearance" Custom "Mego" Action Figure! DC Comics!

Another Mego-style custom action figure? Yes! This is my latest, sort of a "first appearance" Batman, similar to how he was depicted during his debut, in that famed 1939 issue of DETECTIVE COMICS! Click below to enlarge each image!

Above: Select panels from the first appearance of the Caped Crusader,
from 1939's DETECTIVE COMICS #27! This primal version of the
crime-busting character was my inspiration for the figure pictured below!

Above three pics: This custom figure started with this nice "early Batman" head
sculpt, bought from a talented sculptor/customizer..The head on the right was
prepped at the same time, to be used with my "Golden Age Batman"
custom figure...

Above: The complete figure! Along with the custom head, I used a "Doc Mego" gray
bodysuit, along with a gold-painted Mego "Iron Man" belt...

Above: I customized some standard Mego boots to create the
sharply-pointed black footwear from the early days of the character!

Above: I hand-crafted the cape, using some stiff paper material...

Above: I added layers of the thick paper material to the
shoulders, to create a folded, "clasped at the neck" look..

Above: The chest insignia is hand-drawn on sticky-backed
paper, then carefully cut out, then applied to the chest...

Above: My latest Batman custom figure joins the
"Golden Age" Batman, next to a custom Mego Batcycle!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Spider-Man vs. The Lizard! 1974 Albert Bigley Art! "Your Done For!" Marvel Comics?!

Time to re-open the awesome art vault, and unearth yet another "treasure" from my pulpy-page packed past! This time, we come up with a faux cover for a Bronze Age SPIDER-MAN issue that never was! It's Spidey vs. the lethal Lizard, as envisioned by a 9-year old me in 1974! Spurred on by my acquiring of the then-new Mego action figure of the repulsive reptile-man, I just had to create a captivating cover scene involving these two cavorting characters! Looks like I also sorta used AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #134 as an inspiration for this sensational scribble! Click below to enlarge!

Above: Tho it makes me cringe to view it now, the above drawing does
demonstrate a fairly advanced understanding of anatomy, foreshortening,
depth, and composition! Not bad for a nine-year-old! Now,the spelling
is another matter...

BONUS! Click below to view the nifty 1974 Lizard action figure, produced by the mighty Mego folks!