Sunday, August 31, 2014

Superlative Sunday SPIDER-MAN 70s Strips! Jimmy Carter Speaks! Marvel Mayhem!

Last time, we trembled with fear, as the evil Kraven announced his scheme to defeat Spider-Man! Now, after the mysterious jungle master sets the public against Spidey, the Webbed Wonder must face this new threat from publisher J.J. Jameson (in cahoots with Kraven) and the media (again)! Wow! Even then-President Jimmy Carter gets involved! Another 1979 Marvel masterpiece from Stan Lee and John Romita Sr.! Click below to enlarge!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sensational Superhero Shirt! Jack Kirby Strikes! 1966 Hulk-a-Mania! Marvel!

Since we're all celebrating what woulda been Jack "King" Kirby's 97th birthday, let's take a look at a titanic tee that spotlights Jack's work! Below, you can see me modeling a shirt that features Jack's own Hulk pose, one torn savagely from a colossal cover of a 1966 TALES TO ASTONISH issue! This has to be one of Kirby's most powerful (and deceptively simple) images, showing off the Hulk's sheer power, size, and attitude! Always a fave! Click below to enlarge!

Above, left: TALES TO ASTONISH #77, featuring a memorable cover by 
Kirby (with some amazing assists from John Romita, Sr.), and (right) the 
gargantuan garment that features clipped Hulk artwork from that 
same indelible image! Why am I holding a bundle of BRADY BUNCH
memorabilia? That's a question best left unasked, friend...

BONUS! Click below to glance at a pic of "the King" himself!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

FANTASTIC FOUR! The Rare 1972 "Bonus Pages!" John Buscema Art! MarvelMania!

This has to be one of the oddest pieces of Marvel minutiae! Frantic FANTASTIC FOUR fans were certainly surprised to pick up FF #128 in 1972, only to encounter a stupendous center-spread bonus feature (in addition to the magnificent main story) within! Not only was this extra attraction an unusual add-on that brought new readers up to date on the cast of colorful characters in the mag, but it was also printed on glossy "cover stock" paper! This was at a time when only the comic covers got such high-quailty treatment! A wonderful and rarely-seen treat! You can now peek inside, and enjoy this little-known blast from the past! Just click images below to enlarge, True Believers!

Above: The first of the four pages to this
amazing insert! Art by big John Buscema!

If purchasing this back-issue from a dealer at a comics convention, make
sure the book has the insert still attached! Many denuded copies are out there
that don't include this special section, as over-excited collectors often
removed this bonus feature!

Above: Some great art, tho one wonders if this was prepared to
appear elsewhere, as high-gloss bonus sections like this were a real rarity!
Maybe a newspaper promo ad for the line? For a kid's magazine feature? SMASH
and DYNAMITE mags were then spotlighting Marvel and DC superheroes, so….

BONUS! Click below to see the captivating '72 cover that fronted the above bombastic bonus materials!

BONUS BONUS! Does that above "Hulk" image seem familiar? It should! It was used to announce the infamous "Marvel Value Stamp" series soon after this FF issue was published!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Batman! 1939 "First Appearance" Custom "Mego" Action Figure! DC Comics!

Another Mego-style custom action figure? Yes! This is my latest, sort of a "first appearance" Batman, similar to how he was depicted during his debut, in that famed 1939 issue of DETECTIVE COMICS! Click below to enlarge each image!

Above: Select panels from the first appearance of the Caped Crusader,
from 1939's DETECTIVE COMICS #27! This primal version of the
crime-busting character was my inspiration for the figure pictured below!

Above three pics: This custom figure started with this nice "early Batman" head
sculpt, bought from a talented sculptor/customizer..The head on the right was
prepped at the same time, to be used with my "Golden Age Batman"
custom figure...

Above: The complete figure! Along with the custom head, I used a "Doc Mego" gray
bodysuit, along with a gold-painted Mego "Iron Man" belt...

Above: I customized some standard Mego boots to create the
sharply-pointed black footwear from the early days of the character!

Above: I hand-crafted the cape, using some stiff paper material...

Above: I added layers of the thick paper material to the
shoulders, to create a folded, "clasped at the neck" look..

Above: The chest insignia is hand-drawn on sticky-backed
paper, then carefully cut out, then applied to the chest...

Above: My latest Batman custom figure joins the
"Golden Age" Batman, next to a custom Mego Batcycle!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Spectacular Sunday SPIDER-MAN 70s Strips! Spidey-A Space Alien?! Marvel Comics!

Last time, we gasped in terror as we witnessed Kraven, the evil jungle hunter, announce his putrid plan to capture Spider-Man! Now, the ersatz Tarzan brings un-jolly J. Jonah Jameson into his sinister circle, and wants to also enlist the aid of--Peter Parker?! How can Spidey's alter ego help defeat the Web-Slinger? Will the newly-arrived Mary Jane help "Petey-Pie" forget his old flame, Carole? More incredible Marvel majesty from Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click below to enlarge!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Making of the 1966 MARVEL SUPERHEROES Cartoons! Peek Behind the Scenes! Jack Kirby!

Dig this fantastic feature article from a rare 1966 issue of THE WORLD OF COMIC ART! We go behind the scenes, as awesome animators go to work creating the '66 MARVEL SUPERHEROES cartoon show! This colossal cartoon spotlighted five of the mighty Marvel characters, and used actual art from the comics themselves, making these some of the most faithful (and fun) TV adaptations of the source material ever! Any info on the making of these much-loved shows is hard to come by, so click below, and enjoy, Marvelites!

BONUS! Glance below to find out which MSH episode these hard-working artists were toiling over in this panic-producing pictorial!

Above: That's right! The CAPTAIN AMERICA episode "If This Be Treason" was
being created when this article was whipped up! The studio is hard at work
creating a cel from the first panel of page six of TALES OF SUSPENSE #70! The
art from that original 1965 comics story was by Jack Kirby and George Tuska!

BONUS BONUS! Click below to glimpse the result of their labors, as it appeared on the actual sensational '66 show!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sensational Superhero Shirt! 60s SPIDER-MAN Tee! John Romita Sr. Art! Marvel!

Can it be? Yet another new superhero tee that rocks classic Silver Age artwork? It's true! Look below to take in a new pic of awe-inspiring apparel that shows off three keen pieces of swingin' Spidey art, all by John Romita, Sr.! Click below to enlarge!

Above: Dig the many snippets of 60s Silver Age art used on this titanic tee!
A delightful Doc Octopus from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #56, a grinning Green Goblin
from the inside of issue #47, and a main Spidey pose from the interior of
issue #74!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Smashing Sunday SPIDER-MAN Sunday Strips! To Snare a Jameson?! 1979 Marvel Mania!

Last time, we watched in terror, as the evil Kraven made plans to capture Spider-Man himself! But, how does joyless Jonah Jameson figure into all these menacing machinations? Now we see! With Kraven's skills, and Jameson's backing, Spidey may be in real danger this time! More mile-high Marvel magic, from Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click below to enlarge, Web-Walkers!

Above: Note how writer Stan Lee makes the reader somehow admire the
misguided Jameson, never quite making him a simple just-for-laughs caricature...

BONUS! Click below to see a fabulous 1978 image of Stan Lee, flanked by Jim Shooter, firmly planted in the mighty Marvel Bullpen, as they co-plot some SPIDER-MAN newspaper adventures!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sensational Superhero Shirt! I Do My Own THING! New Jack Kirby-Drawn Tee!

Dig this nifty new tee! It spotlights Marvel Comics' own main monster, the Thing! The image on this awesome apparel is based on Jack Kirby's captivating cover to FANTASTIC FOUR # 51, from 1966! That same issue is very well-regarded today, since it featured a soul-stirring story called, "This Man...This Monster!" See more kooky comic clothing here! Click below to enlarge!

Above: Me modeling the gorgeous garment, and (upper right) the
1966 comic cover from which such amazing art was cunningly culled!