Monday, August 31, 2009

Wacky Packages! Duxie!

What 70s kid WASN'T into WACKY PACKAGES back in the day? I was there for the first 3 series of sarcastic stickers, exploding onto the kid scene when I was in 3rd grade. I sorta rediscovered them a few years later, when WPs where up to series 11 or so....Here is my 1976 attempt to create my own WP "poster" from that later set. I don't recall to many attempts to make my OWN Wackies, but....

I apparently had yet to hear of such drafting tool as french curves, rulers, and circle ellipses...

Batman For President!

Marvel Superheroes UK Coloring Book!

Great painted cover on this United Kingdom coloring book!

1969 Merry Marvel Marching Society! Spidey Live! John Buscema, Not So Much!

Get a load of these little gems from 1969 issues of MARVELMANIA, the late 60s Marvel Comics fan club. Big John Buscema confuses Yellowjacket with Hawkeye! Spidey on campus live! More you could want?! Click on images to enlarge!

BONUS! Glance below to see the very same power-packed poster that Spidey is molesting in that top pic!

1966 BATMAN Bat-Putty! Butty?

I love the simple and dynamic graphics on this 1966 Bat-item. Great Silver Age art by Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

'Nuff Said!

FOOM #17! Stan Lee Sells--Razors?!

Cool slices of FOOM #17, from 1977. I saw this Stan Lee Persona blades TV ad once, at a pal's house during a weekend sports broadcast! It was odd and rare to see comics creators on TV in those days, so...

Stan also appeared (with Mel Blanc, no less) on ABC's GOOD MORNING AMERICA the previous year, and, once the Marvel heroes invaded CBS prime time in another year or so, he would pop up on such shows as KIDS ARE PEOPLE, TOO....

FOOM Number 2!

Excerpts from the super-rare FOOM magazine 2. From the early 70s days when jaunty Jim Steranko helmed the fan mag, from his SuperGraphics HQ...

Incredibly Well-Drawn Comics! Nick Cardy! Curt Swan!

From 1972's SUPERBOY 185, dig that beautiful NICK CARDY wrap-around cover.A thing of joy.

Below? An early CURT SWAN Superboy splash page. Wonderful.

MarvelCon 1975! The Panels! inFOOMation!

Pics from the 1975 MarvelCon comics convention! From FOOM magazine...

MarvelCon 1976! You are There! Face Front!

Some random images from the MIGHTY MARVEL MARVELCON '76 convention book! Also, some scans from a concurrent FOOM fan magazine, spotlighting the guests and panels!

Friday, August 28, 2009

More Rare Neal Adams! STAR TREK!

Some rare little seen Neal Adams STAR TREK art for the Power Records LPs of the mid 70s.

This one seems to be an early run for the PASSAGE TO MOAUV book and record cover....

Thor Stamp! Neal Adams!

A rare 1976 Neal Adams ink illo of THE MIGHTY THOR from the MARVEL COMICS SUPER HERO STAMP ALBUM! Some of this book (and the DC Comics version as well) came thru the Continuity Studios, so Neal and Dick Giordano got to draw some little-seen artwork therein.

Also, see my 1977 attempt to capture the same impact in my OWN swiped THOR art. I was using croquill pens, and trying for Neal's impeccable "thick and thin" linework, but...


More rare Marvel Stamp Book art soon!

Six Mill!

A fantastic 1977 pencil drawing of Steve Austin, the SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN. Thanks to tons of exposure to Lee Majors caricatures by CRACKED and MAD artists such as John Severin and Mort Drucker, I had cracked the code to capturing a successful Steve Austin likeness on paper.
The raised left eyebrow.

Now you know.

Superboy Safety! DOT Approved?

So, uh, the folk of Smallville celebrate Traffic Safety by constructing a huge Superboy statue, complete with bizarre blinking red and green eyes to regulate traffic flow?

And, incoming out-of-towners are supposed to know this, and stop for the red flashing lights, and...?!


From SUPERBOY 156.

Back to School '76!

Here are some images from the back-to-school Mead Marvel 1976 comics products. Covers of the day were splattered all over portfolios, loose-leaf paper assortments, notebooks, etc! Each item came not only with a cover reproduction, but with interior comics panels on the insides and back! Terrific art by John Romita sr, George Perez, Jack Kirby, Herb Trimpe, Rich Buckler, and John Buscema throughout.I had a few of these, but the best of them all was the "trapper keeper." A three-paneled monster with tons of comic interior art from the Marvel mags, and images of all 6 covers as seen on the rest of the line! It had all that, plus folders, pockets, paper clasps, pencil holders....I was so ready for 6th grade at Washington Park Middle!

Above: Dig the Herb Trimpe HULK iron-on image on this early ad for the products.
Later replaced by the standard "running Hulk" Trimpe drawing.

Above: The now very hard-to-find "trapper keeper!" Here is its exterior,
folded out for full viewing! And this was just the outside!

BONUS! Click below to see me, in 2013, modeling the captivating Captain America tee!

BONUS! Click here to glance at some of the rarest Mead Marvel products from this line!