Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Comical Action Heroes!

This line of all-plastic, small (around 4 inches tall) super hero action figures were produced by Mego in 1976. Best known for their-uh-unfortunate poses, these toys represented the nadir of a once-great toy firm... I once saw a store clerk actually do a double-take at the Wonder Woman figure for sale. She belted out a shrill bleat of "Gawd! She's hideous!"
Anyway, take a look at my customized Fortress of Solitude playset. I got this Christmas 1976, and quickly set about decorating the place with new posters, console images, etc....Had my Dad fasten the thing to a thick piece of plywood, so I could have a parking lot for the Batmobile outside..
In the 90s, I used it as a backdrop for some SUPER POWERS figures (one of the few toys I managed to hang onto for those years..Got the comics, but few toys from the 70s), before selling it around 2003 or so. I needed the room!

How odd they used that image of the Avengers (with Superman subbing for Captain America) on that main console...

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