Monday, October 10, 2016

Recalling Sub-Mariner's 1973 Costume! NEW "True Tales of a Young Comics Fan!" BACK ISSUE!

Here, fresh from its appearance in the panic-packed pages of BACK ISSUE magazine, comes my latest "True Tales of a Young Comics Fan" strip! This time, I tackle my take on the early-70s "disco duds" given to the once nearly-naked Sub-Mariner! I actually liked said sartorial swimwear, which made Subby look more like a swingin' 70s superhero, as opposed to a swimmer swaddled in solo sea-green swim trunks! Click below to enlarge and enjoy the laugh-loaded lunacy!

BONUS! Click below to peer at the cover of 2016's BACK ISSUE! #91 (order here), which contains the above sensational sea-soaked strip! Gee, it must be a coincidence that my work ran in the "all jerks" issue. Heh.