Thursday, October 13, 2016

BATMAN '66 Returns! 1995 Interview! Rare Pics and Facts! Plus: Batman--Sans Trunks?!

The Bat-spotlight once again shines on the 1966 BATMAN TV series! This time, you're served a wonderful 1995 interview with Batman himself, Adam West (complete with some very rare pics), and a look at the pulpy painted BATMAN trading cards, by nifty Norm Saunders! Just click each below to enlarge, citizen!

Above: Can it be? Batman without his briefs?! Shot during a break in
filming, Adam West waits for the rest of his gear to be delivered, in this
rare pic! But, it's not the first time the Caped Crusader has been caught
without his accessories! Click here to see!

Above: Yep! It's something you never thought you'd see!
 It's 68 year-old Adam, back in the Bat-rompers
again, in this 1996 portrait!

Above: Take a peek at the original art for some of the well-remembered '66
BATMAN trading cards, painted by the incredible Norm Saunders! The cards
were but one small part of the wave of Bat-merch that swept the world
when the ABC series was thrilling a generation! See more of Norm's
incredible artwork here! Thanks to Ray Ferry and his FREAKY MONSTERS
magazine for bringing us all of the above Bat-bounty!

Above seven images: More pieces of original Saunders
pre-production artwork for the BATMAN '66 cards!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Recalling Sub-Mariner's 1973 Costume! NEW "True Tales of a Young Comics Fan!" BACK ISSUE!

Here, fresh from its appearance in the panic-packed pages of BACK ISSUE magazine, comes my latest "True Tales of a Young Comics Fan" strip! This time, I tackle my take on the early-70s "disco duds" given to the once nearly-naked Sub-Mariner! I actually liked said sartorial swimwear, which made Subby look more like a swingin' 70s superhero, as opposed to a swimmer swaddled in solo sea-green swim trunks! Click below to enlarge and enjoy the laugh-loaded lunacy!

Wanna see more of those jazzy John Romita Subby swimwear
designs? Sure ya do! Just click here

BONUS! Click below to peer at the cover of 2016's BACK ISSUE! #91 (order here), which contains the above sensational sea-soaked strip! Gee, it must be a coincidence that my work ran in the "all jerks" issue. Heh.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Batman! Robin! Aquaman! Nick Cardy Original '74 Cover Art!

One of the most prolific and exciting artists of the 60s and 70s had to be nifty Nick Cardy! Nick drew tons of DC comics in the 60s, such as TEEN TITANS and AQUAMAN, but, once the idiosyncratic 70s started, Nick's awesome art graced many a comic cover, regardless of who drew the interiors! Here is the original cover art to the fabulously fine front of SECRET ORIGINS #7, from '74! SO was an all-reprint book that allowed newer readers to peruse older (and sometimes quite obscure) comics origin tales, bestowing instant "playground cred" upon said newly-knowledgeable reader! Click below to enlarge and appreciate!

BONUS! Recognize that unique "Robin" logo on the above cover? It was also used on the famed Robin Mego action figure packaging (below), at about the same time!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Dr. Doom Gets SMASHed! The Fabulous Fable of the Fantastic Four Foe! Kirby Art!

Back with another sensational 70s kids mag that featured comics as part of their monthly magazine menagerie! This time, we look inside the pulpy pages of a 1975 SMASH magazine, to peer at their own take on Marvel's frantic Fantastic Four, and their most fearsome and freakish foes! All this, and amazing Jack Kirby art, too? Just click all below to enlarge!

The two female Frightful Four members, who later "defected" to Fantastic
Four membership? Medusa and Thundra!  Wanna see where SMASH
nicked the above super-foe file from? Click here!