Sunday, December 31, 2017

1974 Clark Kent Wonder Bread Trading Card! Original Comic Art! Superman!

I've already revealed most of the super-rare comic art from the '74 Wonder Bread trading cards (here and here), but dig this wonderful image of Clark Kent, done for the same set! This bit of Bronze Age goodness is a wonderful inked image of Kent flashing his famous costume, ready to go into action! Now again, the prickly question of who created this indelible image pop up! I still think it looks a lot like the work of legendary Lee Elias, or possibly Pat Gabriele! But what's your take? Click image below to enlarge!

Thanks to the wonderful Douggary Grant for passing along this piece of powerful pictorial pen-work!

Friday, December 1, 2017

The Monkees/Comic Book Connection! All-New 2017 Al Bigley Documentary Comic!

At last! Here is my 2-page comic strip commentary (done for the wonderful BACK ISSUE! magazine), all about the many vast connections between those madcap Monkees and your favorite comic strips and characters! Sure, I've mentioned such link-ups before (here and here), but click below to enlarge this concise and clear comic confab that lays it all out and tells it like it is! Dig?

BONUS! Look below to see the colossal cover that housed the above fantastic feature!

Want to order this fantastic issue (which also features
great articles on THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY, McCartney,
KISS, and tons more) for you own? Just click

Monday, November 27, 2017

Neal Adams JUSTICE LEAGUE 1976 Pencils! Hear the '66 JLA Song! Wonder Woman!

Take a look at these very rare power-packed pencils, by nefarious Neal Adams! They were produced as part of the famed Hall of Justice action figure playset, for the primo provider of pulp-procured products of the 70s, Mego! The Justice League never looked better! These amazing scenes were used to surround the exterior of the playset, and even include Green Lantern, a figure Mego never even produced! You'll also see Neal's roughs for the '76 Wonder Woman "Collapsing Tower" playset, part of the infamous "Comic Action Heroes" line! Click below to enlarge!

Above: Neal's roughs for the Hall of Justice and Wonder Woman
playsets from the mid-70s. Note how Neal was instructed to add
Supergirl over an existing SHAZAM! figure. See it here!

BONUS: Click below to hear the rare 1966 JUSTICE LEAGUE SONG, from Tifton Records!
Wait 'till you hear the voice of Batman...Yikes!

Above: The cover art for the '66 Tifton SONGS AND STORIES ABOUT THE JUSTICE LEAGUE LP.
Note the hyping of Plastic Man and Metamorpho, slated to get their own Filmation
cartoons that never were!

Above: Tifton re-released the LP in 1976, this time under the "Power Records" banner!
The same LP of tunes and tales, but with the Aquaman, Flash, and Wonder
Woman songs excised! Don't worry! You can hear them all on this very blog! 
Hit that search window!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Rare Spanish Marvel Painted Stickers! Lopez Espi Strikes Back! X-Men! Avengers!

Take a look at this beautiful blast of rare overseas stickers! Each one painted by the amazing Lopez Epsi, who re-imagined tons of classic Marvel covers (click here to view), these 1980 cards are wonderful realistic depictions of a ton of famed Marvel superheroes! Quite a selection of characters in one big 30-card set! Click images below to enlarge, ogle, and enjoy!

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Monkees! Rare Behind-the-Scenes Pics! 1967 to 2017! "Davy Jones Told Me to Kill!" Solo Years! "The Monkies?!"

Back with more fabulous and rare Monkees clippings, pics, news reports, candids, interviews, sounds, and more! Click images below to enlarge and enjoy!

Above thirteen images: From an under-the-radar eBay auction, here are some 
very rare pics from the set of the MONKEES show, their concert tours,
and more! A few of the shots seen in these contact sheets were used
for fan mag covers, and interior pin-ups and articles! Were they taken 
by Henry Diltz?

Above five images: Now you see what some of those photo sessions
led to! Mag covers, candid pics, and more!

Above: A great 1967 recount of the madcap pace that came with
shooting each MONKEES episode! Coco Dolenz did what
with what?!

Above: It's photographer Henry Diltz again! This time in 1967 on
the set of "Monkees Race Again," and with the band's Summer '67

Above: In this undated newspaper clip, we read about one
poor soul who says that the voice of Davy Jones told her
to kill! The guys had (and have) a lot of influence over
so many, but...

Above three images: Here is a rare 1982 Peter Tork GOLDMINE magazine
interview! Note Peter's thoughts on a possible Monkees reunion at the time!

Above two images: Super fan John Winchester talks about
 meeting Peter in 1983: "He didn’t give many interviews in the 80’s. 
I tried when he was in London for a 1983 show at the Change of Pace 
Cafe, while freelancing for The Western News. Got turned down, but he 
signed my Monkees album and posed for a photo at Sam the Record
 Man (top image). That was pretty cool."

Above: Dig this 1985 letter to me! I wrote to a small local station
about continuing their 1985 MONKEES re-runs, and they wrote
back, discussing this very weighty matter! Note their spelling of
"Monkees," however....

Above three images: A 1987 GOLDMINE interview with Davy Jones!
Davy was wrapping up the 2nd year of the highly successful
reunion tour, and (despite his comments here) would do so for
two more years! Sadly, his relationships with Alan Green
and MTV would both be short-lived..

Above: Speaking of Henry Diltz, here he is in 1968 (above pic), and
in 1987 (lower pic), shooting Davy Jones and the Monkees, decades apart!

Above seven images: It's Micky Dolenz at home in 2017!
An excerpted article from LIFE AFTER 50 magazine!

BONUS! Click below to hear a rare 2006 clip from 40 YEARS OF MONKEE BUSINESS, a great UK radio show special! The guys talk about the madcap making of their 1968 movie, HEAD, and more!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

POW! 1966 BATMAN TV Series Opening Credits! The Rare Sketches and Paintings! Holy Pre-Production!

ZAP! Everyone is familiar with the fabulous animated opening credits to the famed 1966  BATMAN TV series (you're singing "Na-Na-Na-Na Batman!" already, aren't you?) that ran before the live-action excitement of each episode, but have you ever seen these polychromatic pre-production sketches and cel paintings produced for that sensational scene? Click below to view these super-rare images created solely for the memorable 60s segment!

Above five images: Our heroes are set upon by heinous super-villains!
Note the inclusion of longtime Batman foe, Clayface!

Above: Only to be bopped ("zokked?") by Batman!

Above two images: The foes disposed of, the duo turn to shake hands....

Above three images: Before the final credits run, more
freaky foes (including a brutalized Joker) go a-flyin'!

Above images: The riotous wrap-up, with Batgirl blazing across
 the screen (during seaso
n three) on her (early version) Batgirl-cycle!
Bat-thanks to James Guthrie for bringing these awesome images to light!

Above: Dig this fantastic custom banner whipped up by artist Patrick Owsley!
A terrific homage to the opening BATMAN cartoon credits!

BONUS: Click below to view this amazing opening animated intro!