Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Batman vs. The Joker! 1975 Albert Bigley Art! "Go Robin!" DC Comics?!

Enough with the e-mails and calls! I give in! Here is yet another fabulous (?) blast from my past to your present (huh?)! Dig this bombastic 1975 illo by a 10-year-old me, depicting mucho mile-high mayhem! It's Batman and Robin, launching into furious action against the Joker and his multiple minions! But--Is Batman crashing thru that tiny window in the background? What is the Joker perched upon? Why are so many people missing their legs? Why is the foreground thug shooting at the bad guys? Click to enlarge, Bat-fans!

BONUS! Look below to see my inspiration for Batman's above pose! This is the bulky box that housed the 1974 Mego "Batcave" playset, a gift I received the previous Christmas, so...

BONUS BONUS! Or, was this (below) my inspiration? Here is a panel from 1968's WORLD'S FINEST COMICS #180, drawn by Ross Andru! I had this as a back-issue then, so...Or was this '68 pose the inspiration for the '74 Mego artist, which I saw, and...Yeah. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Dr. Strange! Custom Mego Action Figure! Marvel Comics!

Here is Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts! Made by me around 2005, this magical Marvel mainstay uses a Doc Mego-supplied FLASH GORDON head, as well as molded gloves (seen on Mego's "Fantastic Four" figures), plus custom hand-made cape, costume (simple sky-blue material for the tunic, tan for the belt, over a black body-suit) and display card! Lots of time, fabric markers, hot glue and patience helped, too!   Click images below to enlarge, and keep thy all-seeing amulet untarnished!  

Above: I created Doc's own custom
card, using art by John Romita, Sr.!

BONUS! Glance below to see Mego's original 1978 "Flash Gordon" figure, the source of Doc's custom-painted head, as seen above!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

1974 Albert Bigley SPIDER-MAN Art! "Knock Your Head Off!" Marvel Comics?!

You win! Due to the thousands of e-mails and endless phone calls, I'm coming back with another artistic "masterpiece" from my paint-stained past! Here is a 1974 dramatic doodle of the ever-Amazing Spider-Man, slamming two of his greatest foes--the Green Goblin and (I think) Electro! Dig how I also threw in a bit of Spidey's whimsey and wise-cracking (as I interpreted it at age 9), in two threat-filled word balloons! Click below to enlarge!

Dig that depth (are the two foes under Spider-Man?)! The foreshortening (is
Spidey's left arm coming toward us, or away 
from us?)! The anatomy
(is the Goblin breaking at the waist?)! Or don't...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Davy Jones! With Fans in 1966! With Al Bigley in 1998! Video! Monkees!

Observing one year since the passing of dynamic Davy Jones, here are even more rare images from his pandemonium-packed past! Click below to enlarge each!

Above: The Monkees romp it up on the set of the EVERYWHERE A SHEIK, SHEIK episode in 1967!

Above: Davy was always generous with his time and
efforts, not only in the 60s (as seen above), but
right up to his 2012 passing...

Above two pics: Davy on stage with the Monkees in 1968!

The Monkees reunite in 1989, to receive their "star" on the Hollywood Walk of
Fame! They flank Monkees producer Bert Schneider in this rare pic!

Above: Al Bigley (me!) meets Davy at a 1998 North Carolina event! 

BONUS! Click below to view this ultra-rare video of Davy meeting and greeting fans at a 1998 event in Greensboro, North Carolina! I shot this footage myself, and it displays Davy's love and devotion to his followers, as he made sure everyone (including me) received autographs, pictures, and a bit of his time! Note also how Davy (always the entertainer) played to my camera at times!