Monday, March 18, 2013

Dr. Strange! Custom Mego Action Figure! Marvel Comics!

Here is Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts! Made by me around 2005, this magical Marvel mainstay uses a Doc Mego-supplied FLASH GORDON head, as well as molded gloves (seen on Mego's "Fantastic Four" figures), plus custom hand-made cape, costume (simple sky-blue material for the tunic, tan for the belt, over a black body-suit) and display card! Lots of time, fabric markers, hot glue and patience helped, too!   Click images below to enlarge, and keep thy all-seeing amulet untarnished!  

Above: I created Doc's own custom
card, using art by John Romita, Sr.!

BONUS! Glance below to see Mego's original 1978 "Flash Gordon" figure, the source of Doc's custom-painted head, as seen above!

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