Saturday, March 9, 2013

1974 Albert Bigley SPIDER-MAN Art! "Knock Your Head Off!" Marvel Comics?!

You win! Due to the thousands of e-mails and endless phone calls, I'm coming back with another artistic "masterpiece" from my paint-stained past! Here is a 1974 dramatic doodle of the ever-Amazing Spider-Man, slamming two of his greatest foes--the Green Goblin and (I think) Electro! Dig how I also threw in a bit of Spidey's whimsey and wise-cracking (as I interpreted it at age 9), in two threat-filled word balloons! Click below to enlarge!

Dig that depth (are the two foes under Spider-Man?)! The foreshortening (is
Spidey's left arm coming toward us, or away 
from us?)! The anatomy
(is the Goblin breaking at the waist?)! Or don't...

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