Wednesday, February 10, 2016

1966 INCREDIBLE HULK Aurora Model Kit--Revisited! Marvel Comics Molded Madness!

Here is a real blast from the past! This is the re-issue of the famed 1966 Incredible Hulk model kit, from the folks at Polar Lights! Offered to a panting public in 2003, these fabulous re-released kits not only included the Jade Giant, but also Spider-Man, and the star-spangled superhero himself, Captain America! All three kits were re-crafted in a larger scale (1/8) size from their original 1966 counterparts! Click images below to enlarge!

After assembling the kit, and sanding away seams, I went to work
on the paints, using lots of dry-brushing and over and under-
sprays to get a great shading effect!

I wanted Hulk's "desert floor" base to look a bit more like city
 rubble, so I used lots of over-sprays and dry-brushing to get the
desired effect! I even added real sand and gravel to portions
of the base!

I added some gloss to Hulk's hair, eyes, teeth and lips, keeping
his clothing to a dull, matte look...

I also added a bit of cloth to represent a torn shirt! The final
touches involved some fine linework on the eyes,
teeth gaps, nose, ears, and hands!

The kit, which originally appeared in 1966 and 1974 (as part of
the "Comic Scenes" line) from Aurora, is a fine representation of
the Silver Age Hulk, as drawn by Jack Kirby and others!

Above: The colossal kit, now residing at the center of
my own "Hulk collection!"

Above: The 2003 trade advertisement that heralded
the re-release of these two captivatin' kits!

BONUS! Click below to view the actual box art for the model kit's original 1966 release!
Art by Neal Adams!