Monday, January 12, 2015

POW! Robin and His "Choke Hold!" Batman! 1973 Albert Bigley Art! DC Comics?!

Another journey into the vast vaults that house my childhood (child-ish?) drawings! This time, I come out with this 1973 masterpiece, whipped up by an 8-year-old me, featuring Batman's own teen sidekick, Robin! Callously cribbed from a re-issued 1967 BATMAN coloring book, here is Robin administering a very savage choke hold (while busting a few fingers in the process) to some felon or super-foe helper! Click below to enlarge, if ya must!

Above: So, the wretched robber is being apprehended in front of a rope-festooned
trap? In front of the very bank he was robbing (or is that a bank sign)? All for that
tiny bag of change he's dropping? And--Is that blood on the crooks' shirt!?

Above: The coloring book page that inspired me to craft such timeless art!

Above: Yet another inspiration for the above superhero sketch! I was so crazed
with the Aurora Robin model kit that I had to include its
chemical-splattered platform in my drawing!