Saturday, July 4, 2015

Captain America Strikes Back! Heroes Con 2015 Pics and Clicks!

Back again with more colossal cosplay action! This time, I proudly paraded as a "new" version of the ever-cuddly Captain America! Click images below to enlarge and enjoy!

Above: Getting suited up! Am I
working the "A" motif too much?

Above: Dressing in a parking garage?! Oh, the
indignity! You never saw this in the comics...

Above: Ready to go! New "Cap" jacket added, along
with new belt, gloves, and other accessories..

Above three images: Setting up for a dramatic shot! Is
this how Chris Evans started? Reb Brown? Dick Purcell?!

Above: The evil Winter Soldier sneaks up on a camera-smitten Cap!

Above two images: "The Hulk" walks among us! Now that's a lotta work...

Above: The Black Widow (Allyson Bigley) multi-tasks!

Above: What?! How many "Winter Soldiers" can there be here?!

Above: Dig all that fantastic phantasmagorical original comic art!

Above: An unusually dapper Wolverine (Jim Sherman) makes the con scene!

Above seven images: Outside into the heat, for a gargantuan group shot! 

Above: Super-heroing is thirsty work! Hey! I like the colors on that soda pop label!

Above: Victor Goldberg appears once again, as the Joker!

Above: "If he be worthy…"

Above: How many Harleys can ya stand?

Above: Hellcat (Hope Roten) appears!

Above: Allyson Bigley as the Black Widow...

Above: What could I do? He said he was a DC Comics fan…

Above two images: Always some nut trying to "photo-bomb" me!
Say! It's Shelton Drum, the organizer of Heroes Con!

Above: Your guess is as good as mine...

Above: "So, to wrap up my 4-hour lecture on pedestrian safety, let me just add…"

Above: "Say, you look like a lad who'd love to learn about pedestrian safety…"

Above: "I could swear I've seen you before someplace…"

Above two images: Both Winter Soldier and Harley attack! Just
when I was about to buy some cute little action figures!

Above: Sure, it's the end of the con, but does Wolverine (Jim Sherman)
have to smoke and drink like that around kids? SHAME!