Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Making of the "1979 TV Captain America" Cosplay! Marvel Comics Madness!

Sure, I've created a loose version of this variant of Captain America before (click here), but I always wanted to make a fully representational cosplay of the famous (some would say infamous) 1979 CBS-TV movie Cap! So, come along with me as I detail the making of this star-spangled superhero suit! Click images to enlarge!

Above: The difficult part was finding appropriate 70s helmets!
Luckily, eBay came to the rescue, with these two road-worn

Above: The black helmet fit better, so I needed to
swap out the innards of the red one, to better 

replicate the TV helmet!

Above two images: Test-fitting the helmet!

Above: The painting begins!

Above two images: Working with various face masks,
balaclavas, etc..

Above: Cutting a clear snap-on visor, to make Cap's
own face-shield!

Above five images: Crafting the helmet wings and "A" from foam board!
All based on screen-grabs from the TV movies!

Above: The finished helmet, ready to go! 

Above seven images: Making custom leather gloves!
These were crafted for me specifically by master
seamstress Kalliste Cosplay! Note the wonderful
interior customizations!

Above: My custom-designed bodysuit pattern! I designed this in
Photoshop, then had it printed by an overseas firm!

Above: The finished cosplay! I already had the custom shield, so...
Pic by The Variant.

Above: I just had to re-create this cheeky photo-op!

Above: I also created a custom belt, made from foam board!

Above: I found the "buccaneer boots" on eBay, which required
quite a few coats of red vinyl spray paint!

Above two images: I wanted to revise the visor (heh), so I found
a face shield with the "teardrop" shape. Then, after a little
cutting and fitting...

Above: Much better!

Pic by Jamie Earls!

Above two images: I just had to do it! A re-creation of Jim Steranko's
famed cover for CAPTAIN AMERICA #111, from 1969! It took
three different pics (patched together) just to get Cap's pose to
correspond with the original! 

Above images: I decided to slightly revise the traditional outfit,
adding sleeve stripes, a different approach to the midriff bars, etc.
Lots of fun!

Above: Please don't judge.