Thursday, May 31, 2012

WONDER WOMAN! 1978 Rich Buckler Original Comic Art! DC Comics! Power Records!

Just for you! A gorgeous 1978 original art piece, one that spotlights the Amazing Amazon herself, Wonder Woman! This stunning action illo was pencilled by the versatile Rich Buckler, with slick and sexy inks by Dick Giordano! Created for the then-waning line of kid's "book-and-record" sets produced in the mid-to-late 70s (by the Peter Pan/Power Records folks), this bit of merch was also part of a wall-sized wave of wonderful Wonder Woman stuff that blanketed store shelves, due to her popular live-action CBS series! Don't be quick to dismiss these little audio treasures, tho, since many of DC's top talents wrote and drew many of the offerings, such as Elliot Maggin, Jose Garicia Lopez, Neal Adams, and Ross Andru! Click to enlarge!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Me-OW! Catwoman Throughout the Years! Batman! DC Comics Special Feature!

Another special feature from a 1976 "Secret Origins of Super Villains" giant-sized comic book edition! Here, we see the many (and quite odd) mutations that the cute (but not-so-cuddly) Catwoman character has gone through since her Golden Age debut in the 1940s! From her odd tabby-headed "Cat Burglar" image, to her famed "skirt and cape" feline fashion facade, the "TV-inspired" duds ( thanks to Julie Newmar), and right back to her classy and classic "green and purple" look! Has Batman's sometimes-lover had any more outfit and appearance changes since this spotlight was published during the Bronze Age? Sure, but none as striking and memorable as the ones pictured here! Click to enlarge!

BONUS! That second-to-last outfit (as seen above) was used by the Mego Toys folks when they made their own "Catwoman" action figure in 1974, as part of their mega-popular "World's Greatest Super-Heroes" line! See the figure (and her Frank Robbins art-ladden box) below!

BONUS BONUS! Catwoman's most famous outfit has also been immortalized in recent action figure lines! See below!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Return of the 1978 HULK Newspaper Strips! MarvelMania Strikes Again!

Wrapping up my overview of the INCREDIBLE HULK newspaper comic strips (at least the ones in my collection), here is another look at Greenskin's rare rampaging run through the funny pages! This time we see more TV-inspired (right down to calling Jade Jaw's alter-ego "David Banner") Hulk adventures, with what looks like an art assist by Vince Colletta! This short-lived venture was an exciting comic strip that moved like a bullet train, thanks to Stan Lee's deft writing! Let's not forget the able art by his own brother, "leaping'" Larry Lieber! Click here to see previous power-packed installments! Click to enlarge!

Stan even adds an attractive love interest for Dr. Banner, as was the habit of the  CBS TV show!

Taking another cue from the TV show, added emphasis is trained on Banner's "white eyes" as he begins his metamorphosis!

BONUS! Look below to see a regional newspaper teaser for the coming of the HULK strip! This ad uses an existing image of the Hulk (by artist Ernie Chan) taken from a 1977 issue of his comic book!

BONUS BONUS! Click below to see an original Marvel ad, hyping the new strip, from an issue of the HULK! color magazine! This time, an existing Hulk drawing by Ron Wilson is used!

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Monkees and MIKEY Dolenz?! 1977 Albert Bigley Original Art!

Ouch! Here is my own lovingly-rendered 1977 portrait of the Monkees' own dynamic drummer, Micky Dolenz! Of course, I somehow re-named him "Mikey" Dolenz, but I was 12, and my spelling skills weren't quite up to snuff, so cut me some slack! Taken from the cover of the RCA "Laurie House" Monkees 2-LP set that was offered the previous year (great set, but a dreadful and cheap cover), I managed to make Micky look like a distorted version of Chuck Woolery! Click here to see some of his bandmates from the same frenzied drawing session! Click image below to enlarge!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sensational 70s SPIDER-MAN Daily Strips! The Girl or the Bomb? Marvel Comics!

Here again with an entire sleeve of some of Spider-Man's most superior 70s daily newspaper strips! After meeting a great new gorgeous gal (who needs Mary Jane?), Peter Parker thinks his bad luck has turned for the best! But, our harried hero now has to wonder why this feminine fellow student gets so stunned and shaken when reading about bomb threats to the Big Apple! Can Spidey quell her fears? Who is the man in the shadows? Another artistic triumph from Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click here to read the following spectacular Sunday color installment! Click images below to enlarge!

Again, note how Peter's first thought is for his love life and new girlfriend, not saving the world! A then-revolutionary and realistic touch from writer Stan Lee!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Hefty Ho-Down With The HULK! All the Facts and Figures! 1975 DYNAMITE Magazine Action!

From a very early issue of DYNAMITE magazine, here is a comprehensive fact feature on the ever-incredible Hulk! Once again, the hard-pressed editors and writers at the kindly kid's mag are charged with boiling down and distilling 13 years (!) of Greenskin history into a few cohesive and fun factoids! Dig that great re-colored excerpt (with art by Jack Kirby, natch) from 1962's HULK # 1! Learn about the Hulk's life, loves, enemies, and (at last) why he always picks purple pants! Click to enlarge!

500 pounds? Looks like ol' Jade Jaws started out as a lightweight! In a few years, he'd weigh in at an even half ton!

True! Stan Lee made an early goof in the strip, calling Bruce Banner, "Bob!" In typical fashion, he sassily side-stepped the issue by re-christening the good doctor "Robert Bruce Banner!" And, yes, purple is a complimentary color to green!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Super Secret Origins of Super Villains! Penguin! Two-Face! Brainiac! 1976 DC Comics!

Clipped from a fabulous (and gigantic) 1976 DC Comics tabloid, here is a big double-page spread that spills the secrets of all the daring and devious DC Super-Villains! Cleverly designed as mini "wanted posters," these factoids let you dig the inside scoops on some of the greatest Silver and Bronze Age evil-doers! The Shark! Bizarro! Penguin! Of course, who knows if all these fiendish facts still apply, after the many universe-altering story lines DC has had since, but these concise histories are still the way to go! And, glom that terrific art by Dick Giordano, Murphy Anderson, Curt Swan, and other artistic luminaries! FUN FACT: in 1976, I photocopied many of these images, and used them as "wanted posters" on the back of my "Fortress of Solitude" playset, made for Mego's COMIC ACTION HEROES line! Click to enlarge!

BONUS! Look below for the star-studded cover of the magnificent magazine this feature originally appeared in!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MARVEL TEAM UP! 1976 Original Cover Art! Gil Kane! Scarlet Witch!

Another great cover to keep you captivated and contented! Gaze lovingly upon the cataclysmic cover art to the memorable MARVEL TEAM-UP #41! It's 1976, and Spidey is blitzed by the Avengers' own Scarlet Witch! This blockbustin' scene was scribbled by Gil Kane, with "Dandy" Dan Adkins providing indelible inks! Gil had quite a way with action-oriented figures, giving them the power of Jack Kirby, but imbuing them with his own sense of grace and athleticism! No wonder Gil was the go-to artist for most of Marvel's mind-bending covers throughout the 70s! Click to enlarge!

Take note that the Spider-Man figure above was pasted into the original art! Why? Was the figure re-worked? Enlarged? Reduced to fit? Flipped?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Batman! "Comedy Cover Capers" Robin! Neal Adams! Dick Giordano! DC Comics!

Wanna see some of the most famous (and best) BATMAN covers of all time, but with a knee-slapping new twist? Turn your eager eyes to the images below, and look and laugh! From an over-sized 1975 BATMAN "Super Spectacular" edition, here are some reworked covers, with new humorous dialogue added! Better than the originals (also included for your perusal)? You be the judge! At least we get to drool over some fantastic art from Neal Adams and
Dick Giordano! Click to enlarge!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spectacular 70s SPIDER-MAN Strip! Peter Parker Publically Unmasks?! 1978 Marvel Mayhem!

It's New Year's eve, and as our somewhat sanguine superhero readies to usher in 1978, he finds his spirits lifted as a new gal-pal enters the scene! But, has Peter Parker let his guard down too soon, going unmasked in front of so many strangers? And, how does this new femme friend tie into the party-pulverizing explosion? Who is that man in the shadows? And--why don't gals dress up like a hot Uncle Sam today? More sensational SPIDER-MAN color newspaper strips from "Smilin'" Stan Lee and John "Ring-a-Ding" Romita Sr.! Click to enlarge!

Writer Stan Lee allowed the "newspaper strip" version of Spidey to be more outgoing and forward, in contrast to his comic book counterpart, who endlessly worried over lost loves, his friends, etc...Stan also gave Peter a larger variety of girlfriends, and a burgeoning social life, in this long-running newspaper strip!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

How To Draw The FLASH! 1976 Carmine Infantino Greatness! DC Comics!

Wow! Here we have all the inside dope on drawing the fastest man alive, the Flash! Who is supplying said schooling on scribbling the Sultan of Speed? None other than charmin' Carmine Infantino, the main "modern" FLASH artist for years! Not only did Carm re-invent the previous Golden Age (1940s) speedster for a panting Silver Age (1960s) audience, but he was also the able artist behind the bold visuals for the mid-60s "New Look" Batman revival! Carmine continued applying his impressive skills to so many comics and covers afterwards, for both DC and rival Marvel, and even became DC's line publisher for a long spell in the 70s, replaced later by Jenette Kahn, former head honcho behind long-running DYNAMITE magazine! This feature was culled from a great 1976 tabloid reprint volume, and even an 11-year-old me tried his hand at using CI's tips! Click below to enlarge, and get busy drawing!

Below: Neal Adams' famous early-70s portrait of Carmine Infantino!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Watch Me Review the Rare HULK Pop-Up Book! Jack Kirby! Gil Kane! All in 3-D! Marvel!

Just for you! As a generous gift to the millions of daily BIG GLEE! followers and fans, here is a soul-stirring and life-affirming video, featuring yours truly, reviewing and showing the rare (due to low sales on the previous editions?) 2008 INCREDIBLE HULK pop-up book! Take a glorious gander at the awesome art of Jack Kirby, John Buscema, Herb Trimpe, Gil Kane, and Steve Ditko, as it comes to life in thrilling 3-D action! This will be the first of an entire sensational series spotlighting live reviews of books and products, so be ready! Now, dry those flowing tears of gratitude and love, face front proudly, and click below to play!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Get Your HULK On! Sport SHAZAM! Bear Batman! 1976 Superhero Shirts Article! DYNAMITE!

Dig it! A sensational essay on the then-current sartorial superhero scene of '76! How many of you True Believers proudly paraded while wearing these power-packed pajamas, shirts, and sweats? Sure, we all saw these pieces of awe-inspiring apparel in the many comics ads and catalogs back then, but here they are in full color and big as life! It was great to see your favorite character slapped simply on a shirt, with none of today's "ironic" distressing, fading, and captioning! Thanks again to the dandy DYNAMITE magazine folks for this fantastic feature! Click to enlarge!

I actually knew a guy (in 6th grade) who wore that Superman/Batman/Robin shirt! 
It was mostly custom art, with a few "stock" images of the Super-Foes peppered about!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1978 Marie Severin Original Comic Art! Hulk in Hollywood! Marvel Comics!

Another big one! Here is a wonderful 1978 original comic art piece by versatile and "mirthful" Marie Severin! It's the ever-loving' Hulk, right at the memorable moment he invaded Hollywood (with his own prime-time CBS TV show), strutting his stuff and becoming quite the "diva!" This peace-pulverizing art ran in THE HULK! magazine #10, the first color (after nine B/W offerings) issue, and headed an awesome article on Jade Jaws, and his spreading influence, not only in the realm of TV, but in toys, advertising, books, and other adventurous venues! Click to enlarge!

This memorable issue of THE HULK! was chock-full of not only new comics stories, but pin-ups of the Hulk's greatest foes, a 4-page prose story, a Bill ("David Banner") Bixby interview, and more! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Foreign Painted Marvel Covers! DAREDEVIL! INHUMANS! BLACK WIDOW! 70s Marvel Madness!

Can you believe your wondering eyes? Yes! Here are even more pleasurably-painted covers from Marvel Comics' overseas publishers! These swingin' 70s covers were fabulous re-imaginings (by master artist Jean Frisano) of their 60s counterparts, spotlighting the greatest moments from SPIDER-MAN, INHUMANS, DAREDEVIL, IRON MAN, and even the western comics line (anybody recognize the pre-motorcycle version of GHOST RIDER in that last cover?) gets a shot! Always a treat to see these crazy crusaders depicted in a panic-producing painted form! Click to enlarge!

Monday, May 14, 2012

CBS SPIDER-MAN! Nick Hammond Recalls Days as Peter Parker! 1979 MarvelMania!

With all this talk and tintinnabulation about the AVENGERS, and the upcoming big-screen SPIDER-MAN movie re-boot, let's look back to the late 70s, when Marvel Comics ruled the small screen! Here, from a kid-friendly tiny tome called "TV '79," actor Nick Hammond (who portrayed both Peter Parker and Spidey, natch) talks about his days as a young thespian, his background, and his role as the wondrous Web-Spinner! Although the SPIDER-MAN prime-time CBS series only lasted a handul of episodes (led by a very well-done 90-minute pilot film), it's still well-recalled by fans far and wide! Click to enlarge!

BONUS! Click below for two power-packed 1978 TV GUIDE features! First up: The sensational SPIDER-MAN stuntman Fred Waugh is profiled, as he prepares to peddle up the preeminent Empire State Building for a pandemonium-producing wall-crawling performance! And, an actual ad for the SPIDER-MAN "Captive Tower" episode of the CBS show!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spectacular Seventies SPIDER-MAN Sunday Strip! Spidey is Santa Claus?! '77 Marvel Comics!

Last week, we saw a worried Web-Slinger wonder what a newly-spotted villain was up to, and now he knows! But, things go down an unexpected path, as Spidey gets an early holiday gift as he's given the opportunity to give a valuable lesson as to how a hero behaves, in this fabulous Christmas '77 installment! More great newspaper strip sensations, from writer Stan Lee and artist John Romita Sr.! Click to enlarge, True Believers!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

1973 Albert Bigley BATMAN Original Comic Art! "I've Found The Uderworld!" DC Comics?!

Hoo boy. Another attempt by young me, age 8, to create my own huge (over 11 by 17) custom 1973 BATMAN cover! Complete with text, price, and word balloons, here is the Caped Crusader about to enter blindly into yet another deadly trap set by the unctuous underworld! You could tell I had a certain composition in mind (obviously based on the "real" BATMAN #249, and Dick Giordano's amazing art), but then things start to rapidly fall apart! At least I added that swell bear trap, tho! Those "uderworld" types are dangerous! Click to enlarge!
Why my old address scribbled on this masterwork? Your guess is as good as mine! I think I may have wanted to send this to DC Comics for some reason, but, as they had no such fan art contests then...

BONUS: Peek below to peer at the inspiration for my awesome artistic endeavor! BATMAN # 249!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Daredevil vs. The Owl! 1975 DYNAMITE Marvel Madness! Black Widow! Bob Brown!

Once again dipping into more delightful DYNAMITE magazine documents, here is a dynamic dossier on Daredevil, and his (then) number-one super-foe, the ominous Owl! Though never reaching the stellar heights of some other famed DD baddies (such as Kingpin, Killgrave, and Bullseye), ol' Owly did serve as a constant thorn in the blind hero's life, as seen in this Bronze Age excerpt below, culled from DAREDEVIL #117! Dig that great 1975 art by Bob Brown and Vince Colletta! Don't blink, or you'll miss the guest appearances from Black Widow (then a co-star in the book), and Ka-Zar's main squeeze, Shanna! Click to enlarge!

The DYNAMITE writers had their hands full trying to encapsulate 11 years
of DAREDEVIL history into a few succinct and easy-to-read summaries!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Rare INCREDIBLE HULK Newspaper Comic Strips! Larry Lieber! Marvel Comics!

You demanded it! I listened! Back by overwhelming demand, here are even more rare and wonderful INCREDIBLE HULK newspaper strips! As seen last time, this initial blast of strips ran in 1978, on the heels of the tremendous popularity of the live-action CBS HULK TV show, and were created by Stan Lee, his artist brother Larry Lieber, and even "earnest" Ernie Chan! Notice the Jack Kirby "homages" Larry drew in certain panels, all ripped from the early 1960s HULK comic issues! I included a few excerpts from the actual original comics below, but an you identify them all? Note the strip's very strict adherence to the feel of the CBS TV show, right down to the plots and direction! Click to enlarge!

That 2nd panel, in the last strip above, is an homage to a Kirby-drawn panel in INCREDIBLE HULK #1, from 1962! See below!

Does that last panel, in the 2nd strip above, look familiar? Look below!