Saturday, May 12, 2012

1973 Albert Bigley BATMAN Original Comic Art! "I've Found The Uderworld!" DC Comics?!

Hoo boy. Another attempt by young me, age 8, to create my own huge (over 11 by 17) custom 1973 BATMAN cover! Complete with text, price, and word balloons, here is the Caped Crusader about to enter blindly into yet another deadly trap set by the unctuous underworld! You could tell I had a certain composition in mind (obviously based on the "real" BATMAN #249, and Dick Giordano's amazing art), but then things start to rapidly fall apart! At least I added that swell bear trap, tho! Those "uderworld" types are dangerous! Click to enlarge!

Why my old address scribbled on this masterwork? Your guess is as good as mine! I think I may have wanted to send this to DC Comics for some reason, but, as they had no such fan art contests then...

BONUS: Peek below to peer at the inspiration for my awesome artistic endeavor! BATMAN # 249!

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