Thursday, December 31, 2009

Albert Bigley Spider-Man Family Original Comic Art! 1975! Marvel!

Based on the fabulous art of John Romita sr., here is my 1975 NOT-so-fabulous attempt to depict the supporting cast of the SPIDER-MAN comics of the day. Could this possibly BE any creepier?
Click to enlarge. Go on.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Superman's Photo Album 1976! Super DC Con Booklet Exclusive!

That first image is a real gem! Click to enlarge! Read and see more about the SUPER DC CON booklet here!

eBay FANTASTIC FOUR "Error Card!" Reed? Rex? Richards? Wrong!

Ah, ya gotta love eBay and the people who sell on the auction website. Dig this FANTASTIC FOUR sketchcard I created, featuring Reed Richards. Some lucky soul found this in his FF trading card packs, and, of course, sticks it right onto eBay, advertised as "REX Reed." 

And he wonders why there are no bids, I'm sure.

More Spider-Man Sunday Seventies Strips! Stan Lee! John Romita sr.!

Click to enlarge!

'76 WONDER WOMAN DC Comics Stamp Set! Batman! Superman!

The DC Comics WONDER WOMAN '76 stamp set, with custom art by Dick Giordano, Curt Swan, and other artistic greats of the day! Click to enlarge!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Check out this link for some great re-mastered comic book covers from the past, such as my "animated" take on the cover to DC Comics' JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1! Lots of great images at this very cool site!

1976 Captain America Stamp Set! Bicentennial Fun! Avengers! Marvel Comics!

Lots of re-drawn art here (is that Neal Adams on Spidey vs the Surfer?), including Ben Grimm smoking away on a choice "cee-gar" (let's see THAT today)! I imagine most art was re-worked to fit the stamp sizes, as each set had to include 10 stamps framed within a fixed frame size... Very nice work! Click to enlarge!

Christmas Tree Shopping-Right on TARGET!

Seen at Target last week (no, not Wal Mart)! This happy shopper is tooling around with a fully assembled Christmas tree in cart (price tag firmly affixed), ready to buy, only days before the big day! All while pursued by an elderly gentleman in a "mart cart!" Click to enlarge!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shazam '76 Superhero Stamps! Captain Marvel! Billy Batson!

Another beautiful set, with Golden and Bronze Age art by Neal Adams, Kurt Schaffenberger, Mac Raboy, and so many others! Click to enlarge!

1979 Albert Bigley INCREDIBLE HULK Painted Original Comic Art!

Done by me as a cover for my own 30-page comic based on 60s Hulk TALES TO ASTONISH tales (as recorded from the afternoon MARVEL SUPERHEROES cartoon reruns). Not bad for a 14-year old using ink and watercolors. I was inspired by the painted covers of the 70s RAMPAGING HULK magazines, with paintings by Ken Barr, Earl Norem, and Bob Larkin. Click to enlarge.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1970 PRO! Magazine! Marvel Comics Invades the NFL! Spidey! Hulk! Buscema!

In one of the oddest (and earliest) examples of Marvel Comics cross-promotions, here is a 1970 PRO! souvenir magazine program book, featuring the Marvel Superheroes doubling for then-famous football stars! Click to enlarge!


It's also interesting to note that this is a rare art job of the
era NOT done by John Romita Sr.! Instead, Big John Buscema stepped in (helped by wordsmith Stan Lee), to superbly handle the spot illo chores on this custom job!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monkees 2006 UK Article! Davy Jones: "My Fans Think I'm Dead!"

Invincible IRON MAN '76 Superhero Stamps! Gene Colan Art!

Once more with the 1976 high-quality Superhero stamp sets! Here is the IRON MAN set, complete with folder (front and back), as well as a really nice gold foil stamp! Click to enlarge, and see recent posts for more superhero stamp madness!

I liked that above right Iron Man image so much, I created my own custom Mego card (below) with it!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Super Sunday SPIDER-MAN Seventies Strips! Marvel Comics!

Click to enlarge!

Spider-Man Sunday! 1972 Steve Ditko SPIDEY T-Shirt Iron-On!

Below is the 1973 comic book ad for a number of iron-on designs. Note the fabulous Steve Ditko-drawn SPIDER-MAN image, as well as a great Kirby Captain America, and a Herb Trimpe custom HULK job.

BONUS! Below: me in 1973, with my own SPIDEY iron-on! Gotta love those fluore-
scent colors!

BONUS BONUS! Look below for another young fan in the psychedelic shirt, meeting the main man himself!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Mad and Mod Monkees Images! 1969!

Some more cool Monkees images, including a 1967 poster shot, and the guys rehearsing for the 1969 33 1/3 REVOLUTIONS PER MONKEE TV special...Click to enlarge!

Strange "Hill Monster" Sighted in NC! Alien? Ghost? Hoax?

Spotted in a Weddington, NC neighborhood. This appears to be a dirt mound some kids have drawn a face on, NOT any unearthly being. Not the second face on the right of the hill.

1976 FLASH Superhero Stamp Set! Batman! Wonder Woman! DC Comics!

Click to enlarge! See previous posts for more info on these stamp sets!