Monday, June 22, 2020

1966 SPIDER-MAN Aurora Model Kit Re-Issue! Re-Built and Crazily Customized!

Here's another fun model kit re-issue that was a blast to re-build! It's the Polar Lights re-offering of the famed 1966 Spider-Man model kit from Aurora! I added lots of fun features when assembling this larger-scale re-issue, so follow along below! Click images to enlarge!

Above: I carefully detailed Spidey's suit webbing, with a very fine artist's pen!
Also note his reflective metallic eye-pieces!

Above: I wanted to add a more realistic and "organic" web-line, so
I used some fine mesh fabric for the job!

Above: I had a ball detailing Kraven, using not only enamel
paints, but paint pens, artist's pens, marker...

Above: I added a colorful gradated background to the transparent "web-wall" behind the kit!

Above: I also added some grit to the floor, along with using dry-brushing
techniques to add textures and darker areas...

Above: So, where did the Aurora firm get the idea for this particular scene?
The above panels come from AMZING SPIDER-MAN # 34, from
early 1966!

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Monday, June 15, 2020

"1939 Batman!" The Making of a Bat-astic Classic Cosplay!

A few years ago, I decided to create  a cosplay that you just never see...A "1939 Batman" cosplay! Click below to follow my progress! Click images below to enlarge!

Above images: It's Batman, in his first 1939 comic book appearance, by creators
Bob Kane and Bill Finger! This raw and startling look was what
I wanted to create in a cosplay!

Above two images: I wanted to craft a mask that resembled the original
first appearance of Batman, but also something that looked like
it was a more primitive appliance, made with what would have
been available in 1939! I used a black balaclava hood, with a pre-made
Batwoman mask, tricked out with long ears and added white mesh for the eyes!

Above two images: I wanted a unique early utility belt, one that
looked sorta primitive and retro, with a bit of an Art Deco feel.
This was made using foam strips and cut shapes, along with plastic liquid
storage tubes. Many coats of gold spray paint followed!

Above: The almost-final suit, using a painted military belt! Not quite...

Above: The finished suit, complete with custom belt! I designed the
bodysuit, and had it printed and sewn. Add custom-made trunks, and
two-sided cape (both made by a talented local seamstress), and "1939 Batman"
was ready to go!

Above: Sure, this early Batman wore purple short-gloves in the
comics, but I liked the black glove appearance! Note the purple highlights
on the gloves, as a nod to that early coloring!

Above: The black boots are the same ones I use with this Batman cosplay!

Above: I created my own retro-looking ray-gun, using
a water gun and added foam decoration!

Above: Note the added belt loop for carrying the Bat ray-gun!

Above three images: I added these odd scalloped-edge gloves, to give
the costume and even odder, more bizarre feel. Note the long finger-claws!