Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Batboat! 1967 Aurora Model Re-Issue! Batman! DC Comics!

Wow! Here is my bulit-up version of the 2003 re-release of the fabulous original 1967 Aurora BATBOAT model kit! Click below to enlarge each image!

The gloss effect on the body of the craft was created using 
a spray gloss over the basic black/blue body! It was a real effort 
to precisely paint the red and chrome piping and the white side oval shapes!

Where's Batman? I used his figure in another Bat-vehicle, saving Robin to pilot 
this right-hand-side steered craft solo! I created new custom stickers 
for the rear fins and base! I also added plastic "flames" swiped from a Lego set!

The TV Batboat made its debut in the 1966 BATMAN theatrical film, but
wouldn't appear as an Aurora model kit until the following year!

A very fun (but challenging) model to build, one I was too young for (but always
wanted) when it debuted in the 60s!  I was very grateful for the recent re-release!

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