Monday, July 1, 2019

The Making of the "Classic Spider-Man" Cosplay! Step-By-Step! Bronze-Age Madness!

One of the costumes on my "bucket list" has always been "Spider-Man done right!" I finally committed to tackling this project in late 2018, keeping the classic 60s and 70s Spidey comics (are there any other kind?) foremost in my mind! Click below to take a look into what went into making this snazzy, jazzy set of swingin' threads, frantic one!

Spidey, as drawn by "Jazzy" John Romita, Sr. has always been
the definitive version of the Web-Slinger to me, and I always wanted
to try assembling a cosplay that depicted this classic
Silver/Bronze Age icon, so...

Above: After months of studying so many Spidey costume designs,
I set into creating one that would best represent the 70s version
of the Wall-Crawler...A big learning curve (that took a few
attempts), but I was able to build the above design, and get it
off to the suit printers in plenty of time to get to work creating the
other elements needed...

Above two images: Let's start with a hard plastic faceshell
that lies beneath the mask. I carefully cut away the entire
lower half of mine to better facilitate breathing....

Above: Here is the finished printed costume, complete with commercially-made
SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING lenses in place. Not quite right...Too 

wide, not enough "black area," etc...And, the costume has too much
material at the neck...

Above five images: I just had to create my own custom lenses, and it 
took tons of time (and felt eye-pieces) to nail the exact look I was 
after for the lenses and outlines....But, at last....

Above: The right shape and form! Now to add the white buckram
material, and magnets carefully attached on the rear sides...

Above two images: The half-shell, with the
custom eye pieces magnetized in place!

Above two images: Suiting up! Sure looks weird without
the lenses in place!

Above: Almost there!

Above: My very helpful seamstress, Kalliste Cosplay!
She was able to nip and tuck the costume here and there,
add the much-needed eye-slits, and make and attach
the "web-cape!"

Above: Yep! Unless Spidey wanted to howl with pain
every time he stepped on a rock or twig, soles had
to be created and added to the feet of the

Above: After months of planning and work, Spidey debuts at last! A fun
day at the Heroes Con comics convention, in Charlotte,
North Carolina!

Even tho I aimed for a definite Romita feel, the costume
still has a bit of a Steve Ditko vibe...

My "Mary Jane" makes the scene! Perfectly portrayed by Kalliste Cosplay (center image), here
she is as first seen (drawn by John Romita, Sr.) in 1966, and (right) by Adam Hughes
in a special painting whipped up for the fine folks at Heroes Aren't Hard To Find!

Above two images: Spidey and MJ are joined by "Jolly"
Jonah Jameson, in the peeved person of Victor Goldberg!

Above: Cut and painted wooden dowel rods stood
in for the exposed portions of the famed

Pic by Jamie Earls.

Pic by Jamie Earls.

"But it's Aunt May who has a
heart attack every two days....!"

Above four images: Playing with the look of "mirrored lenses...."

BONUS! See (below) a sensational video that details
the many comic and media influences that went into
the making of this crazy comic-centric costume!

BONUS BONUS! Click below to see (and hear) Spidey read 
a wonderful children's book, as part of the Corona 
storytime project!