Monday, February 28, 2011

Even MORE Rare 1966 BATMAN TV Pics! Adam West! Burt Ward! Julie Newmar! DC Comics!

That's right! more fabulous pics and oddities from the fantastic 1966 BATMAN ABC-TV show! Adam West Cuts up on set! Behind-the-scenes shots! Flash forward a bit to Adam and Burt Ward ("Robin") attending conventions and shows in the mid-70s, as they meet millions of thrilled Bat-fans! Wow! Click images to enlarge! 

Thanks to Paul Novak 
for the above pic!

Paul Novak graciously
provided the above pic!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

CAPTAIN AMERICA 140! Original 1971 Cover Art by John Romita Sr.! Falcon vs Grey Gargoyle! Marvel Comics!

Another biggie, BigGlee-boosters! This is the cover art to CAPTAIN AMERICA #140! Cap and the high-flying Falcon are seen in a last-minute life-and-death scramble against the sinister Grey Gargoyle! Impeccably drawn (dig that composition, shading, and texture) by John Romita Sr., this image fronts one of the handful of memorable CAP comics he drew in the early 70s! Romita would soon be too busy with poster and style guide art, as well as handling the art chores on the daily AMAZING SPIDER-MAN newspaper strip, to do much more interior book art! Click to enlarge and enjoy!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

POWER MAN # 48! 1977 Marvel Comics Original Cover Art! Iron Fist! Gil Kane!

A fantastic cover image from comic art master Gil Kane! This time, it's the action-soaked front of POWER MAN #48! Created just before the book becomes POWER MAN AND IRON FIST (absorbing the Fist's cancelled book and plotlines), this is emblematic of the kind of exciting covers readers were treated to during the sensational 70s! Inked by longtime FANTASTIC FOUR embellisher, Joe Sinnott, to boot! Click to enlarge!

Friday, February 25, 2011

1971 SPIDER-MAN Iron-On T-Shirt Transfer! Steve Ditko! Roach! Marvel Comics!

Those long-time comic fans out there will instantly recognize this ad and images! Appearing in the early 70s, this comics advertisement from Roach Designs displayed three fabulous Marvel Comics-oriented images, one of them being a terrific Spider-Man pose drawn by his own co-creator, Steve Ditko! Printed in typical 70s day-glo colors (think electric pink in place of red), here is the Spidey design, as seen on the actual transfer AND on a tank-top modeled by a young and spiffy Al Bigley (circa 1972), also! Wouldn't it be great to have this image on a shirt today? Click images to enlarge!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

SPIDEY SUPER STORIES! 1977 John Romita Sr. Art! Ms. Marvel Comes on Strong! Marvel Comics!

How long could I stay away from my over-flowing trove of John Romita Sr. treasures? Here is the pulse-poundingly perfect cover art for the kid-centric SPIDEY SUPER STORIES #22! The then-new (in 1977) character Ms. Marvel is prominently featured (dig her feathered Farrah-like hair), as she was the newest superhero being pushed (later stabs at a successful Marvel she-hero would include Spider-Woman and She-Hulk)! And, oh yeah, check out that perfect rendering of ol' Spidey himself! Click to enlarge!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rare 1973 SUPERBOY DC Comics Cover Art by Nick Cardy! DC Comics!

Wow! A great cover by DC Comics mainstay Nick Cardy! Nick was DC's go-to cover artist in the 70s, bringing a sense of realism, excitement, and solid illustration values to every scene he drew! This cover was done during DC's "Super Spectacular" years of issuing oversized 100-page comic packages, so Nick would create not only main cover images, but also the smaller vignettes that advertised the many features within, and sometimes even bonus "posters" for the back covers (since these early SS issues bore no ads)! Be sure to search my blog for many other pieces of Cardy coolness! Click to enlarge!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Incredible Hulk Transforms! 1978 Albert Bigley Original Comic Art! Marvel Comics?!

Another big one from my past! This time it's a finely-shaded and sensitive pencilled portrayal of the ever-incredible Hulk! Drawn by me in 1978 (age 13), during the red-hot run of the Hulk's CBS TV show, here are both ol' Green Genes and Doc Banner caught in mind-blasting transformation! Go ahead and click the image to enlarge, already.

Monday, February 21, 2011

SPIDEY SUPER STORIES #5! Original 1974 John Romita Sr. Cover Art! Spider-Man! Marvel Comics!

Back to our "John Romita Sr. appreciation" celebration! Here is the original cover art to SPIDEY SUPER STORIES #5! Even tho this comics series (a joint effort between Marvel and CTW's educational ELECTRIC COMPANY) was aimed at the very youngest set, JRSR's SPIDEY covers brought just as much excitement, drama, and quality as his art for the "regular" Marvel Comics he drew for! Note also the caricatures of much of the ELECTRIC COMPANY cast, a usual hallmark of John's SSS covers! Click here to see the original pencil rough sketch design for this cover image! Click all images to enlarge!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Super 70s SPIDER-MAN Strip! The Peril of the Prowler! Marvel Comics!

The evil and mysterious Prowler makes his move against Spider-Man in this 1979 newspaper strip installment! All is on the line as a desperate and injured Spidey faces what could be his final battle! Even Mayor Ed Koch chimes in ! Yet another Stan Lee/John Romita Sr. masterwork! Click to enlarge!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Batman 1966 TV Show! 1995 Articles and Pics! Burt Ward: "I Made Love to Thousands of Women!" ZOWIE!

Incredible! Burt Ward, TVs "Robin," from the 1966 ABC series, in feuds with Adam West and 90s "Robin," Chris O'Donnell?! Say it ain't so! Yep, the last articles here, from the far-famed NATIONAL ENQUIRER, tell of the 90s run-ins Burt has had with both his former BATMAN co-star, and "thousands of women!" That first clipping details the thousands of dollars Burt claims to have made in the glam decade! Wow! Some eye-opening blasts from the Bat-past! Click images to enlarge and enlighten!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Rare John Romita Sr. Kingpin Trading Card Art! Marvel Comics!

What? Another great and rare John Romita Sr. original art find?! You betcha! Here we see the finely-shaded original art for a Kingpin trading card from the 90s! Here is Spider-man's long-time corpulent and crooked foe, in a rarely-seen pensive mood, planning his next destructive move against law and order! Another reason why JRSR is so great! His mastery of mood, shading, drama, weight, mystery, and texture is certainly on full display here! His inked version (note removed cigarette) is just as terrific! Click to enlarge, web-snappers!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

SPIDER-MAN #101! Morbius Attacks! 1971 Original Marvel Comic Art by John Romita Sr.!

Continuing our week-long (sorta) appreciation of the great John Romita Sr., here is the original 1971 cover art to the sensational AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #101! With powerful pencils by Gil Kane, and inks by our man John (a rarity), this is just one incredible example of why Spidey pulled ahead in the early 70s to become the best-selling comic of the era! Excitement, danger, terror, and just plain great drawing abound in this wonderfully-composed scene! Click to enlarge, web-heads!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1975 Original John Romita Sr. CAPTAIN AMERICA Art! Aurora "Comic Scenes!" Marvel Comics!

Found at last! Here is the cover for the famed 1975 CAPTAIN AMERICA comic booklet that came packaged with the Aurora model kit re-issue! Drawn by powerhouse artist John Romita Sr., this image is possibly one of the most iconic and powerful of all comic art from the 70s! Note the stated replacement head on the original art, possibly to change the face from a "shouting" Cap (as seen on the kit itself), to a more heroic, stoic expression. Of course, this same art was used on the colorful box that housed the model kit! Also! A lost JRSR page from the comic booklet! Click here to see so much more art from the kit and comic! Click on images to enlarge!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DAREDEVIL # 17 Re-creation Cover! Gene Colan Strikes at John Romita Sr.! Marvel Madness!

Here's a fantastic fan commission drawn by "Gentleman" Gene Colan! Gene re-creates an early Marvel cover, from DAREDEVIL #17! The original 1966 cover scene was drawn by "Jazzy" John Romita Sr., during his brief run on DD, and this re-creation allows Gene to envision how he'd tackle the famous image! Gene, of course, would soon become the next artist on DD, a stint that would stretch well into the 70s! Romita would soon take the artistic helm on SPIDER-MAN (who is seen in this issue as a guest-star)! Click image to enlarge!

Monday, February 14, 2011

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA! Original 1977 Albert Bigley Art! DC Comics?! Batman?!

Here we go again! Take a look at this --er--interesting take on the long-standing superhero group, the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA! Drawn by me in early 1977 (age 11), here are all your favorite characters, seen as never before (ain't that the truth)! Also-don't miss my little note, to you, the wonderful viewer! Click to enlarge, JLAers!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super Sunday SPIDER-MAN Seventies Strip! Who is--The Prowler? Marvel Comics!

Another fantabulous SPIDER-MAN Syndicated newspaper strip from '79, by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr.! Spidey accepts the sinister challenge of the Prowler! But, will his temporary handicap cause his ultimate downfall? Click image to enlarge, web-heads!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Neal Adams Convention Sketches! Batman! Deadman! DC Comics!

Capping off "Neal Adams week," here are two convention sketches of his most well-known characters, Batman and Deadman! Even these quick sketches show off Neal's feel for shading, drama, and exciting figure posing! Click each to enlarge!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Neal Adams 1978 SUPERMAN VS MUHAMMAD ALI Cover Roughs! O.J. Simpson?! DC Comics!

Again with the Adams! Here are some rare pencil roughs for the incredible cover to the artistically groundbreaking SUPERMAN VS MUHAMMAD ALI! Here we see Neal working out a few of his many celebrity caricatures, all filling the ringside seats to this great Bronze Age event! Looks Like Elton John! Cher! Marlon Brando! Wolfman Jack! And--O.J. Simpson?! Keep in mind many celebs had to be re-drawn and replaced, due to a lack of rights clearances, before the final cover was printed! Click image to enlarge!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

GREEN LANTERN 87! The "New" GL?! Neal Adams Original 1971 Cover Art! DC Comics!

More Neal Adams, on one of the most famous covers in comics history--GREEN LANTERN #87! Bursting onto the scene during the groundbreaking run by writer Denny O'Neil and artist Neal Adams, this issue certainly shook up the status quo by introducing a NEW Green lantern, in the form of African-American John Stewart, a character still very important in the GL books today! This shocking 1971 cover by Adams almost dares the potential reader to NOT buy it! Wow! Click image to enlarge!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SHAZAM! Neal Adams 1976 Original Calendar Art! DC Comics!

What? Another great piece of art by Neal Adams? Is there any other kind? Here is his fabulous 1976 illo of SHAZAM's Captain Marvel, and his young alter ego, Billy Batson! This exciting piece was used originally used in the 1976 DC SUPER  CALENDAR, but also ended up being used on stamps, on shirts, and pajamas in the mid-70s! A powerful piece by a comic art form master! Click to enlarge!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The SPECTRE Interviews--Neal Adams?! 1967 DC Comics Silver Age Gold!

You hear right! Here's a fun page from a 1967 issue of THE SPECTRE, where the Astral Avenger interviews his new artist--Neal Adams! As a rare(at the time) glimpse into one of the creators of comic books, this must have been a real surprise to superhero and Adams fans! We also get a custom piece of artwork as the masthead of this text page (included, like letters pages, so that comics could get certain low-cost mailing rates for subscriptions)! Adams would very soon be known as the artist who re-vitalized Batman, returning him (with writer Denny O'Neil) to his darker, original roots! Click to enlarge!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rare 1980 Jim Steranko INCREDIBLE HULK Art! Marvel Comics!

Wow! Here's a terrific Jim Steranko original art piece from 1980! Drawn for an advertisement (a series of 3-D "holographic" medallions) in Jim's own MEDIASCENE news fanzine, this is a rare glimpse at Steranko depicting a famous Marvel character in the 80s, as most of his comics work was done in the 60s! As always, his work is exciting, crisp, and full of drama! Click to enlarge!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super SPIDER-MAN Sunday 70s Strip! Mary Jane Makes the Scene! Pants Optional!

Another power-packed SPIDER-MAN strip from '79! Sweet Mary Jane Watson offers a needed break in the action and tension as she lightens Peter's mood and spirits! But--once again, deadly danger looms in Spidey's future! Another Mighty Marvel masterpiece by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr.! Click to enlarge!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

CAPTAIN AMERICA #118! The Gene Colan Re-Creation! The Falcon Fights Back! Marvel Comics!

What can be said about this gem? Here is a great pencilled cover recreation by the artist who drew the original-"Gentleman" Gene Colan! One of the greatest pencilers of the Silver Age (and up to today) comes back for a new take on his famous cover scene that helped introduce the world to the Captain's new partner- the Falcon! A superb job all the way around! Click to  enlarge!

Friday, February 4, 2011

1974 MARVEL SUPERHEROES Topps Cards Production Art! Falcon! Medusa!

Wow! Another rare find, for the real frantic fans! Color proofs and production art and notes for the creation of the 1974 MARVEL SUPERHEROES sticker sets! These well-remembered cards paired great "stand-alone" character art ( years before such fanboy-friendly publications as the MARVEL HANDBOOK), with "funny" slogans and word balloon bleats! Plus-dig that gorgeous John Romita Sr. Falcon artwork! These little gems ended up all over my notebooks and lunchboxes back then, and the stickers were successful enough to spawn a sequel set in '76! Click to enlarge images and enjoy!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Monkees! Davy Jones vs Peter Tork in 2001?! Hear "All About Peter Tork" in Rare 1967 Audio!

Can it be true? From this 2001 story from the ENQUIRER, we learn that the level of tension between band-mates Davy Jones and Peter Tork was so high that it caused them to abandon their successful reunion tour! It's common for this kinda friction to occur in younger bands, but can't these guys (first formed in 1965) ever get along?! ALSO: Recall happier times as you hear the rare 1967 Gary Stevens-helmed "all about Peter Tork" flexi-disc record that came packaged with the Peter "Show-Biz Babies" doll from Hasbro! Hear the "Mike Nesmith" flexi-disc here! Click images below to enlarge, and audio link to hear!