Friday, October 16, 2015

Muscle Car Madness! The Step-By-Step Customization of a 2012 Mustang! Mongoose? Monkeemobile?

Take a gander below at my own colossal custom ride! After years of driving rough-and-tumble pick-up trucks, I finally bought a nifty 2012 Ford Mustang! I've always loved muscle cars, and this cherry-red classic fit the bill perfectly! But, I've also always dug custom rods, so I just could not leave the car in its factory condition for long! Click below to see my customizations and add-ons! Click each pic to enlarge!

Above: My inspirations for my Mustang customizations! All those crazy
custom cars from the 60s and 70s, specifically the Monkeemobile, and the
famed red "Mongoose" funny car, complete with "Hot Wheels" logos!

Above: My fresh-from-the-factory 2012 Mustang, ready for additions!

Above: I added a custom silver hood air scoop, a "Monkees1" vanity license plate….

Above: Added classic chrome "bullitt" wheels, oversized rear tires...

Above: During a visit to the tinted window
folks, an ancestor appears! A classic beauty!

Above two images: At the Sunstoppers shop, dark 
tinted window treatments are applied!

Above: I wanted something to accent those marvelous curves and "hips" of the
car, and I went to work creating these mock-ups incorporating the famed "Hot Wheels"
logo…Closer and closer with each attempt and revision!

Above two images: Custom final "Hot Wheels" logos, designed by me,
are ready,  based on the car's exacting specs and color schemes!

Above two images: The wraps are printed (at the Sign Factory, in
Charlotte, North Carolina) and readied for application on my Mustang!

Above two images: The new wrap is carefully
applied, based on my designs and mock-ups...

Here she is! Added tints, psychedelic logos….ready to go!

Each side had to have a custom-designed logo…
No "flipping" of the same design! Each unique...

Above two images: Me with my wheels!