Thursday, October 8, 2015

2015 Soda City Smack-Down! Crazy Cosplay Convention Concoctions!

Here are some pics from the recent Soda City Con, held in water-logged Columbia, South Carolina! A great time was had by all, at this new convention that hosted comics creators, fans, comic books, fantasy merch, toys, crafts, and, of course, cosplayers a-plenty! Click images below to enlarge!

On the road again...

Above two images: Who watches the Watchmen? Two
Rorschachs eyeballin' the passing crowds...

Me suited up as "Captain America!" "Look alive there, soldier!"

Above: Black Widow makes the scene!

"Say, this Jack Kirby kid ain't half bad…."

Above: Another Black Widow (in the fetching
form of Allyson Bigley) also makes the scene!

Above: None other than "rascally" Roy Thomas poses
with Cap! Do I really gotta tell you who Roy is…?

Above: A good friend hand-made these replica 1940s trading cards, just as seen
in the 2012 AVENGERS movie! Agent Coulson would be green with envy! 

Above two images: Concurrent to the colossal comic con was another
ongoing event, involving cheerleaders from around the world! 

Above: Ain't that a kick in the head? More cheerful cheerleaders!

Above: On the rain-slick streets of Columbia. Oh, the rain to come...

There can be only one….

Above: The world's cutest Supergirl!

Above: Eagle-eyed viewers will notice I
switched between two helmets...

Above: Another Black Widow?!

Will the real Cap please…not stand so close?

"You're DC right? Sigh. It'd never work...Hello?"

"You talkin' to me?!

Above two images: A great "Adam Warlock" cosplayer!

Above: At the Music Farm club, for the cacophonous costume contest!

"So, I hear your movie did well, too…"

"What? Time for the contest? You know I can't hear a thing in this rig….!"

Above: Cap scopes out those gorgeous gift bags!

"And remember, eat your veggies! Now, let's take the
next two hours to discuss your civic duty.."

"I saw that! Always cross at the green, not in between!"

The rains continue! The next day would see horrible flooding in the area, to an extent
 that would cause President Obama to declare Columbia a disaster area. Please take this
moment to donate to Red Cross disaster relief now (click here), won't you?

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