Sunday, October 11, 2015

New "Mego" Batman and Robin Action Figures! Custom Packaging!

Dig these new offerings by the fine folks at Figures Toy Company! They've been faithfully reproducing the beloved Mego superhero action figures of the 70s, but also adding exciting never-before produced characters and variants to the lines, including these new "Golden Age" 1940s-era Batman figures! But, as usual, I was somewhat underwhelmed with the lackluster packaging offered, so I created my own custom backer cards! Click each image below to enlarge!

Above, left: The actual figure, as presented, and (right) my
custom packaging for the "removable cowl" Batman figure…
I added a classic cover image (BATMAN #89, from 1955), and
lightened up the background to highlight the scalloped cape...

Above, left: The "Golden Age" Batman figure, and
(right) with my custom packaging…Another added cover
image (BATMAN #53, from 1949), and lightened background...

Above, left: The "Golden Age" Robin figure, and (right) my version!
I added the cover representing Robin's first 1940 comics
appearance, and stuck in a blurb to take up the unused space...

Above, left: Another "Golden Age" Robin, and (left) my own custom presentation!
The cover to BATMAN #1 (1940) was added, as well as a blurb, and lightened back-
ground to highlight Robin's swell green cape!

BAT-BONUS! Click below to glance at more images of the above customized action figures!

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