Tuesday, June 21, 2016

X-Con 2016! Costumes! Characters! Cut-Ups! Captain America Computer-Created Carvings!? Plus-Batman!

Dig these panic-packed pics from the fabulous X-CON, a comics and pop culture convention held this year (May 20-22, 2016) in magnificent Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! Click images below to enlarge!

Above: Once again, I'm back in the Captain America cosplay outfit, promoting
the local charity group, Carolina Action Figures! Here I am with another delightfully
decked-out Cap, and an equally star-spangled Wonder Woman!

Above: Have you ever seen a cuter Harley and--uhm--Joker/Spidey/Venom?

Above: "So you say she's called 'Wonder Woman?' And she
has the nerve to wear my colors?!"

Above: Who knows how to accessorize? "The Shadow knows…."

Above two images: Another Wonder Woman (what is this--the
4th of July?!), and her very creative table of home-made wonder-wares!

Above two images: It's CIVIL WAR all over again! Captain America (me) is
locked in mortal combat with Iron Man (Rocky Melvin), as captured by the
photographing folks at Indulge Images!

Above two images: I got scanned! Thats right, the big new thing at shows
are on-site 3-D scanning services that can create your very own statue or
bust! Why not?

Above: The scanned images are sent to me for my approval!

Above three images: It's here! The very well done (and kinda
eerie) statue of yours truly has arrived!

Above four images: The likeness is very sharp, and uncanny!
They even captured my bald spot! How dare they?!?

Above: Charity cosplayer (and all-around great guy) John Tompkins is
struck silent by the sheer awe and majesty of the "Al-statue!" Can
ya blame him?

Above: ALvengers assemble! Taking my place among other legends of our day!
Hey, it was either this, or next to the "Precious Moments" hummels...

Above: Back to the convention! Day two, and it's time to break out
the "Batman '66" rompers! Who needs fake muscles and body
armor? Bat-wimps! That's who!

Above: I thought I was a material-minded fan of Silver Age Marvel Comics? 

Above: The local news team came out to cover the captivatin' con, and, somehow, I
ended up aligned with coverage for the on-site religious services offered! Holy
communion wafer, Batman!

Above: When's the last time you saw a "Spy vs. Spy" cosplay?

Above two images: Trying to perfect the 
famed "Adam West sly smile" look. And failing. 

Above three images: Recreating the famed "Batman meets
Scooby Doo" epic Saturday morning cartoon event! Sorta.

Above: The last word on "Batman at the beach," from
MAD magazine's own Sergio Aragones!