Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Look for Robin!

Don't want you to think I'm picking on poor old Robin these days, but here is a 1975 drawing I did for DC Comics!

Well, sorta.

Anybody recall DC's mid-70s "New Look for Robin" reader contests back then? They'd run fan's drawings of new costume ideas for the former Boy Wonder in the pages of their late, great, content-stuffed  BATMAN SUPER SPECTACULAR issues. I think future pros like Norm Breyfogle even got his drawing published then.

Anyway, this was my entry. Don't think I ever sent it in. 

That might be a good thing.

Although I loved the classic Robin get-up, and agreed the short pants wouldn't go in the real world, I saw this as a chance to get my name and work in print.

Dig that angular left shoulder. I was doing the "Bruce Timm" thing 20 years early!

I also love the repeating "Rs" on Robin's gloves. Years before the "love"and "hate" hand tattoos...Do they leave the insignia embedded on his foe's chins?

I'm sure I saw the "Earth 2 Robin" outfit by then. This seems to be very much based on that costume in many ways.

But, red and blue together?